Best Cannabis for Meditation

Best Cannabis for Meditation

Several parts of the world practice various forms of meditation. The earliest form dates back as early as 3000 BCE, and it is believed to have started in India. Researchers have studied this practice to try and make sense of it and to see how it scientifically affects the body. Here’s some feedback from science so far;

Meditation Sharpens Attention: Since it helps one dwell more on the present, it could make it possible for people to solve problems more efficiently as they focus more on their surroundings. If one undergoes mindfulness training, the effects are likely to last up to five years if they stop taking this training.

Increases Resilience to Stress: By increasing the connection between the prefrontal cortex and amygdala, the brain is able to control how it reacts to stressors. This enables one to handle stress way better than a person who has not practiced mindfulness. Now, this benefit comes after practicing meditation for a long time.

Studies have shown mindfulness to have a positive effect on romantic relationships as well as how parents relate with their kids. In one study, people who meditated were able to bring their cortisol levels down faster and calm down faster than those who didn’t. Because they also had lower levels of stress and anxiety, they related better to their kids. So, even science shows the benefits of mindfulness quite clearly. If you want to take your experience a notch higher, you could try weed meditation with the right strains.

The Right Cannabis Strains for Meditation

It’s easy to see why cannabis and meditation make such a good combo. As you will see below, some strains are designed to relax the mind, which is precisely what you need to achieve that Zen state.

Here are some strains that will put your soul at ease and make it possible to focus on the present.

White Buffalo

This Sativa strain, also known as “Tatanka,” is a cross between Romulan, Blackberry Kush, and Bay 11. Its most prominent terpenes are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene that are peppery, herbal, and citrusy. It is known for its diesel aromas that are similar to those of cloves and cinnamon. Thanks to the terpenes present, a session on White Buffalo will leave you relaxed, anxiety-free, and some people report bursts of energy. This strain has a THC level ranging between 15% and 25% and 0.1% for CBD. Because of its contents, users are advised to go easy or be left in a higher high than they may have intended. While it’s still ideal for newbies, it is more suitable for experienced users.

Blue Dream

This strain is quite popular in dispensaries because of its varied effects. From euphoria to relaxation, energy bursts, and motivation, Blue Dream appeals to a wide range of users who would rather benefit from its many effects. Its taste has an even better appeal – especially to newbie users – since it leaves one with the impression of blueberries. It’s a hybrid because of its 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetic makeup with a THC content ranging between 17 and 25%. The CBD levels are in the 0.1-0.2% mark, balancing it perfectly for medicinal and recreational use. The most reported effects of this strain are; euphoria, relation, and mood uplift. Medically, it treats depression, anxiety, and extreme fatigue.

Purple Urkle

The earthy and grapey notes on this strain make many users associate its taste with grape soda. If you are struggling with stress, muscle spasms, and anxiety, this is the go-to shot. Being 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, Purple Urkle is the ideal hybrid with an 18% to 21% THC level range. This makes it suitable for newbie users since they will not risk a total mind-lock after a few puffs. Users report a euphoric feeling that is ideal for shutting the world out and focusing on the present. The cerebral high that comes after consumption doesn’t give you bursts of energy; instead, calmness and joy that most users associate with contentment.

SoCal Master Kush

This Indica is also known as High Rise, Grandmaster Kush. Its THC levels, 18-21%, make it just strong enough to be handled by seasoned and newbie users. It gives off hints of incense, subtly earthy, and citrus, and the taste is more citrusy than any other flavor. You get a good high that leaves you relaxed, without the mind-numbing effects of more potent strains. Most users say they feel happy, relaxed, and sleepy after a dose of the Grandmaster Kush.


This hybrid strain tastes like pine and leaves one quite sedated. The terpenes in this strain are; Myrcene, which is herbal and quite similar to what we have in thyme and lemongrass; Pinene – which is earthy; and Caryophyllene – peppery. The first sniff and smoke of this strain leave an earthy, peppery aroma and taste that ranges from mildly chill to sedative when smoked.

Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread or “Lamb’s Breath” is known for its medical use to relieve chronic stress and depression symptoms. It is a Sativa strain with a THC level of 17% and just 1% of CBD. Being at just the proper range for the average user, this strain makes the perfect evening companion after a long day. Users report feeling happy, uplifted, and relaxed after a few puffs. If you are a fan of Bob Marley’, this strain that has its roots in Jamaica is said to have been one of his favorites.

Granddaddy Purple

Thanks to its genetic makeup – a cross between Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan – this Indica strain packs a punch in aroma and taste. Its berry, grapes, and earthy notes make it a hit with seasoned users seeking relaxation and cerebral euphoria. Medically, it is used to combat pain, insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, and appetite loss. At THC 17%, it is recommended that users pace themselves as too much is likely to leave them totally zoned out. The first few minutes after consumption could deceptively have you going for seconds, but it would be wise to hold out first. The cerebral high that comes with the Granddaddy Purple strain is felt after a while, and it is glorious.

Royal Cookies

Cross Girl Scout Cookies and come up with this hard-to-find hybrid. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain packs a punch, and so you want to go easy even when it feels like the effects are a little hard to come. It is buttery, nutty, with vanilla undertones, a taste that makes it a favorite of many users. Its long-lasting effects are probably the reason it is so hard to find. You can expect to feel relaxed, blissful, and even a little tingly after partaking, but you want to pace yourself because the effects take a little longer to hit.

Northern Lights

This Indica strain, a cross of Afghani and Thai, is used medically and recreationally for reasons associated with mental health. For recreation, it leaves the user relaxed and euphoric. Medically, you want to use it to counter depression, stress, muscle pain, and insomnia. Do not let its 16% level make you think of taking a few more hits after the first three because you could find yourself in the most blissful coach-lock.

Laughing Buddha

This Sativa strain is so good that it won an award in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup. Barney’s Farm has crossed Thai and Jamaican strains to produce this product with a spicy, fruity, and sweet smell felt in the taste. Users say they are left feeling happy, upbeat, and giggly, even at things that aren’t very funny. This strain is ideal when you need to lift your mood or hang out with people as it makes you upbeat and simply happy to be alive. Thanks to the 20% THC levels in this baby, you want to take it slow.

How to Clear your Mind with Cannabis

The first step in meditating while high is getting the right strain as not each one on the market is ideal for this practice. Once you know what works for you, clear your schedule for meditation. Usually, depending on the choice of strain, you may feel a little too relaxed to do anything else, so you want to have your chores out of the way first. You will then use your preferred method of marijuana consumption – smoking a joint, vaping, topicals, or edibles, to get it in your system. Now, relax and let the weed bring you to a relaxed state where you can practice mindfulness. This works if you are in a spot with little noise and interruptions.

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