UK’s “The Big Bong Theory” Reality TV Show Begins Production

BIg Bong TheoryUK’s most infamous newspaper The Sun so eloquently titled are recent article about an upcoming marijuana-based British reality show, “The Big Bong Theory”.  Those Brits—so damn cheeky at coming up with clever and apropos headlines.

Anyhow the controversial new reality show will see a group of ageing celebrities come to the States so they can smoke and experience marijuana. And it just began production in the UK. It will air on ITV—the self titled “most loved and biggest commercial broadcaster” in the nation apparently.

As it is now marijuana is not legal in the UK and people are more than interested in what is going on across the pond. The show will look at whether our Class B drug should be made legal in the UK. The mature UK celebs will go around meeting and greeting people who have experienced the medical benefits and downsides of marijuana. And, then the celebs will imbibe themselves and give what I am sure will be their candid and comical feedback.

The producers of the show won’t reveal the identities of the chosen celebs due to fears of visas being revoked. But they did reveal the name and premise. Sue Murphy, ITV’s head of factual entertainment, revealed at the Edinburgh TV festival this week, “We’ve got a cool new entertainment reality show called Gone To Pot, where a bunch of ageing national treasures have to vape, munch and smoke their way across the States”.

Should be interesting to see who will be smoking on what kind of joint in which legalized state. What do you think will their accents intensify when they get stoned? Will you be watching? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below?

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