Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits by Ed Rosenthal Review

Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits by Ed RosenthalBig Book of Buds Greatest Hits Review

Like weed porn? Then you’ll love Ed Rosenthal’s latest release, Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits: Marijuana Varieties from the World’s Best Breeders. Like the rest of his series of popular bud books this one features wise words about weed plus some of the most stunning close-up photographs of pot plants you’ve ever seen—so vivid and lush they put you right in the garden. But this time the Guru of Ganja raises the bar. This new installment is full of only the very best buds from his previous four volumes—we’re talking the cream of more than 400 crops, dude. The results are a beautiful and informative picture book filled with 95 different varieties from 26 different marijuana seed companies. The greatest hits range from true Kushes to Skunks, Diesels, Citrus and Sour selections—the quintessential strains that laid the foundation for a new era of legal marijuana.

Rosenthal, element #100 on the PERIODIC TABLE OF STUFF STONERS LIKE, is probably one of the best-known marijuana growing experts ever. Since the 80s he’s taught hundreds of thousands how to grow weed. He’s authored more than a dozen books, has sold more than 2 million copies of those books and has appeared in the NY and LA Times as well as the San Francisco Chronicle. You might remember him from his long-running “Ask Ed” column in High Times magazine or his time teaching at Oaksterdam University.

Rosenthal’s also a local Oakland resident who has had us over to his home a few times. So epic. Anyhow not only is the Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits filled with drool-inducing photos it’s also the perfect resources for choosing or identifying the strains that work best for different tastes and growing situations. That’s because Rosenthal details information about the sensory qualities, the aroma and the high of each strain as well as the cultivation preferences, yield and genetic parentage of each and every strain. Talk about a rockin’ resource, eh?

Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits by Ed Rosenthal“Marijuana is an amazing plant,” says Rosenthal. “It’s the proverbial outlaw that is now gaining respectability. It has been outlawed, condemned and eradicated many times and despite these hardships it comes back to chance society.” So no wonder the Guru has devoted more than 40 years of his life to promoting pot. Anyhow if you’re looking for the low-down on varieties like Headband, Northern Lights, White Widow and The Purps or just want to stare at strains grab a copy of Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits by Ed Rosenthal. And stay tuned for a chance to win an autographed copy of the new book from Rosenthal himself.

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