Blue Magoo Strain Review

Blue Magoo StrainBlue Magoo Strain Review
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Grow at: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 4/28/15
Sativa vs Indica: 15% Sativa 85% Indica
Content: THC 18.8% | CBD .5%
Genetics: Dj Short’s Blueberry X Major League Bud

Blue Magoo Strain
Blue Magoo is one of those early 90s Oregon clones that internet forum legend is made of

This is one of those early 90s Oregon clones that internet forum legend is made of. The real stuff is a cross of Dj Short’s Blueberry, and the Major League Bud, which is also known as William’s Wonder F2. But of course, there’s a ton of different phenotypes of this Blue Magoo weed floating around, so unless you know what to look for, you would never realize. Not that it matters, because whether you get the Blue Magoo, the Blue Goo, or some Boo Hoo, it’s all good buds. Well the Boo Hoo probably isn’t, because I made it up. Although a quick internet search found a strain called Betty Boo.
Appearance: Semi dense buds covered in snow with dark purple tints here and there and nice orange hairs. I definitely wish I would have gotten more than a gram, these buds are sexy. From what I’ve read, the Blue Magoo is quite easily confused with the Blue Goo, as they come from similar ancestors.

Blue Magoo weed
The Blue Magoo strain is a cross of Dj Short’s Blueberry, and the Major League Bud aka William’s Wonder F2

Smell: Slight spicy undertones with a fantastically sweet berry highlight that tickles the nose.
Flavor: Exceptionally tasty with a prevalent sweet berry taste followed by a slight hint of spice. The smoke is smooth and round. I’m definitely a fan.

Blue Magoo Strain
The Blue Magoo Strain is Most Definitely STUFF STONERS LIKE

High: A nice mellow head change accompanies the first bong hit, followed by a wave of relaxation. It probably helps that I’m smoking while sitting on the couch typing this review up on my Chromebook while watching the latest Game of Thrones episode. I know, weiner party, it’s still dragons and zombies, so get off me. There is a pretty stellar zone out aspect to this bud, or maybe it’s me with this bud in my system. Highs are always so variable, so always understand these ramblings are one perspective in a very relative universe.
Overall:  This is definitely some relaxing couch sitting bud. Did I mention how tasty it is? So tasty. If you happen to come across Blue Magoo in your travels, I highly recommend it. Especially if it’s the real thing. I should also mention that the shop I purchased this at, Growers Outlet, has been open since April 20th 2015, so if you are in the area definitely stop in and say high! They are one of the few recreational shops that has a large selection of glass, at an affordable price.

Blue Magoo Strain
Blue Magoo is definitely some relaxing couch sitting bud

I know that sounds like a commercial they are paying me to say, but it’s not, and trust me, no one pays me anything for any of this. I actually spend money to do these weed reviews. I do them because I’m passionate about weed. I also like to let people know when I find a good deal, and out of all the shops that sell glass, even the ones that aren’t selling cannabis as well, Growers Outlet has some great prices. Everything they carry is stuff we like, and when I say we, I mean stoners.

I also had a chance to try out some edibles they will be carrying soon. I’m not a huge fan of white chocolate, but these things were so good. They were made by Magic Kitchen and they are called Koko Gemz. 10 mg per piece, 6 pieces per bag. I ate all but two, which my girlfriend managed to eat before I got to them. If you have a chance to eat some Koko Gemz, DO IT! Stop by Growers Outlet and tell them Mat sent you. You can find them at 613 Montana Avenue #2, in South Bend Washington.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. G21

    I agree. I have 16 grams and just smoked my first one. Very very Nice

  2. G21

    Very nice

  3. Kendo

    If you need any help wit the remaining grams, I’m available for an even more in depth review. Magoo is among my favs…

  4. Truesmoker

    Smoking my blunt of blue .magoo VERY NICE

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