Blue Magoo Weed Review

Blue Magoo Weed Marijuana Strain Name: Blue Magoo
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 7/23/15
Type: 15 / 85 (Indica)
Content: THC 19.5% | CBD .5%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: Dj Short’s Blueberry X Major League Bud
I go a little more in depth on the internet lore genetics of the Blue Magoo from Forbidden Farms here a couple months ago.

Blue Magoo from Forbidden Farms
Blue Magoo from Growers Outlet, grown by Forbidden Farms

I feel like as these farms are really getting their strains dialed in. That’s why it’s good to go back and revisit them. Although it seems that they had this one on point from the get go—I gave it an 8.

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As you already saw it’s keeping the 8. Why? It’s hard honestly, but when I can’t decide, I Google image search the strain and look at how the rest of the world got theirs to look. In doing that I’ve seen some nicer looking Blue Magoo online but as far as actually smoking it and shooting the pictures myself—this one is a borderline 9. I’m sure Forbidden Farm’s next go round with this strain will yield a full 9. But for right now, I’m confident this Blue Magoo is a high 8.

Blue Magoo from Forbidden Farms
Blue Magoo is a cross of Dj Short’s Blueberry and Major League Bud

Appearance and Feel: This harvest seems just as thick and dense as the last go round. It might be a little less dry, which is nice. As the harvest date suggests it’s still pretty fresh. This camera is really picking up beautiful trichome patterns. You can see that the Blue Magoo doesn’t disappoint.

Always looking quite stunning with those purple backgrounds washed over with a lovely light green carpet, getting marched upon by the legions of trichome soldiers yelling out FIRE INA HOLE!

Blue Magoo Marijuana
The Blue Magoo doesn’t disappoint

Smell: So sweet and full of blueberry. The berry’s more prominent than anything right when you crack open the jar. Crack the bud open and you get the full onslaught of different berry scents mixed with that sweet, borderline piney aroma. I feel like this bud has more of the berry notes than the first time I reviewed Blue Magoo weed.

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But that could just be due to the sample size being 3.5 grams here, as opposed to the one gram sample from back in April. More grams equals more terpenes!

Blue Magoo Weed
Blue Magoo is Stuff Stoners Like

Flavor: Just as tasty as I remember it being,  perhaps a little more, but again I’m just going to chalk that up to the larger sample size, and the fact this batch came in a glass jar, rather than plastic packaging, which definitely keeps the good stuff in.

Sweet, sweet berry with a hint of pine is what I’m tasting on the inhale, with the pine being a little more prevalent on the exhale. Forbidden Farms is definitely on point with their Blue Magoo. Hell, I think even DJ Short himself might approve.

Actually, I have no idea if that’s true or not, I’ve never actually met the guy. We do follow each other’s accounts on Instagram though, so that’s cool. You should also follow me! I’ll follow you, then one of us can follow the other off this huge cliff we’re wandering toward.

Blue Magoo Weed
Look at that crystal formation on this Blue Magoo weed

High: If you didn’t notice from my hopefully now edited rambling, this is some damn good as weed. Bonghits got me immediately hammering away at this review with a renewed sense of motivation and creativity.

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Which is pretty spectacular since it’s now like 10:30 pm and I had a fairly long day off at the beach. I’m going to leave this off here so I can smoke some more in the morning and get a really good idea of how the high is.

Blue Magoo Strain
Blue Magoo: Smell it, taste it, let it positively affect your being

Overall: Of course I loved it. I mean have you even been looking at these pictures? How can you not want to smoke this. Smell it, taste it, let it positively affect your being with a sweet berry bong load of head numbing goodness.

This is definitely some stuff stoners like. The Blue Magoo is on my list of strains I would like to keep in stock for myself. It’s just one of those strains.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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