Blue Sugar Cookies Strain Review

blue sugar cookies strain reviewReview by: Mat Lee
Marijuana Stain Name:
Blue Sugar Cookies
Score: 6/10
From: Mr Doobees. Address is 2870 Ocean Avenue, Building #4 Raymond, WA. Highway 101 – between Raymond & South Bend. Phone: 360-875-8016
Farm: Green America
Harvest Date: 3/1/15
Indica v Sativa: Indica Hybrid
Content on Label: THCA 24.6% | THC .47% | CBD .12%
Lab Results: THCA 16.30% | THC .99% | CBGA .54% | CBC .16%
I sent a sample of the Blue Sugar Cookies strain to get analyzed by the Werc Shop analytical lab in Bellevue Washington. Click here for the PDF of the results.

It’s always interesting to see how much variance there is in samples tested and what ends up on the recreational shelves. For more information on labeling issues and testing, check out this JAMA study. A ten percent difference between samples is one thing, the variations they found in this study are way more than that, plus they were looking at the medical market, which should be held to higher standards as far as what patients are ingesting. We had a small discussion about this towards the end of episode 158 of the Hot Box.

blue sugar cookies strain review 3
The Blue Sugar Cookies strain is probably Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie

Genetics: Probably Girl Scout Cookies X Cherry Pie but that’s just internet speculation. There’s scant information on this strain from what I could find. If you have any insight, drop a line in the comments. This stuff seems related to Blue Cookies, a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies.
Appearance: Looks like some Cenex I had once upon a time back in Montana. Some of the most wintery buds I’ve come across in a while. Unlike the Cenex, these buds are popcorn size and dense. The trichome growth is really something though. I just wish it had a better scent.
Smell: Musty like an old house. It reminds me of mycological experiments gone wrong. It’s that whiff of contamination you get when you first open a tub. But for some reason, this shit smokes like a dream. I did notice on the package it says they used Gnatrol during the growing season. The smell definitely reminds me of moldy dirt.

Terpene information is all over the internet. I dig this informational post about terpenes on Icmag, and that’s where a lot of this information comes from. All terpenes are listed as mg / g. I’m not going to go into detail on what these terpenes are. If you’ve been following along with my writing, you’ve probably already been educated. We talked about terpenes in the Red Dragon, Querkle, Aliens on Moonshine, and Elephant weed reviews.

β-Caryophyllene – 2.04 mg / g

Limonene – 2.28 mg / g

α-Bisabolol – .51 mg / g

Caryophyllene Oxide – .21 mg / g

α-Humulene – .06 mg / g

Linalool – .90 mg / g

Myrcene – .72 mg / g

α-Pinene – .23 mg / g

β-Pinene – .35 mg / g

Terpinolene – .06 mg / g

Total Terpenes – 7.36 mg / g

blue sugar cookies strain review
Blue Sugar Cookies smokes smooth and deliver instant sugar cookie head change goodness

Flavor: The taste is a whole other story. It smokes smooth, and the bong pull was instant sugar cookie head change goodness. If the moldy smell would have carried on into the taste, I definitely wouldn’t have given the Blue Sugar Cookies the score I did. It’s low because I believe smell is a large part of the overall bud presentation, I know I don’t have to justify my scores, I just feel like I should in this particular case. You have a strain that looks amazing, has decent test results, but then smells like moldy towels. I understand the samples Mr Doobees probably received didn’t have that smell, and I hope they aren’t all like that, but when I smell a bud and the first thing I think of is mold, a 6 is all I have for it. Then again who knows, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to smell. I assume it’s not since the bag says something about sweet vanilla.

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blue sugar cookies strain
Holy tunnel vision day-dream space-case Batman!

High: Holy tunnel vision day dream space case Batman! This stuff just had me staring at a blank spot on my laptop for literally four straight minutes. I don’t know about you or your ADD / ADHD, but mine doesn’t usually let me sit still for any longer than two. The high is good stuff. Stuff Stoners Like all the way, especially stoners with ADD.

blue sugar cookies strain
Blue Sugar Cookies are hella Stuff Stoners Like

Overall: I really had high hopes for this strain, but I just can’t seem to get passed that smell. The taste was decent and the buds looked great, but for me, I guess the association in my brain is too much to overcome. You might have better luck than I did with Blue Sugar Cookies. From the look of it, and after seeing it’s terpene profile, I know there is greatness in this strain. This batch just wasn’t it. I would put them back in the oven personally.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.
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  1. Corey

    I had a conversation with in house genetics which is I think Seattle based breeder, anyways the blue sugar cookies is basically a different pheno of platinum girl scout cookies.

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