Blueberry Strain Review

blueberry marijuana strain Name: Blueberry Strain Review
Score: 7/10
From: Grower’s Outlet
Farm: This particular batch was grown by Kush Farms Raymond Washington.
Type:  80/20 Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: Afghani X Purple Thai
Appearance: This particular Blueberry batch had long brownish orange hairs over forest green frosty leaves.
blueberry marijuana strainSmell: I found this blueberry weed to smell a bit earthy, with slight berry undertones. The batch was a month old, so the berry fruity was much less noticeable. A little more berry is prevalent if you grind it up for a joint or spliff. I know, we need to get way fresher stuff.
Flavor: Earthy like a kush with slight berry fruity citrusy aftertaste. That’s what I taste when I tried pure Blueberry. When rolled some Blueberry weed in a spliff for some reason the tobacco or grinding it really brought out it’s sweeter side. The berry was far more noticeable smoking it this way, rather than through the two glass bongs.

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High: Blueberry delivers a calming and clear headed high. Slap silly with waves of minor seriousness. A bit talkative, but of course this always depends on your set and setting. It’s a nice chill herb to puff with friends.
blueberry marijuana strainBuzz Length: 2 – 4 hours depending on your system.
Overall: Blueberry delivers a nice gentle fun buzz, definitely one to share amongst friends.

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blueberry marijuana strain

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