Bob Marley’s Daughter Pleads Guilty to Growing Weed

You know the WEED game’s getting really tough all over, man, when Bob Marley’s kid has to plead GUILTY to growing the HEALING OF THE NATION!

Shit man, the Marley name is synonymous with Roots, Rock, Reggae, and REEFER! So, if anyone should be allowed to grow herb…it ought to be Bob Marley’s youngest, daughter Makeda Jahnesta Marley who got popped back in 2008 with nearly a dozen large marijuana plants growing in her house in Caln, Pennsylvania. Growing herb should be Makeda’s Jah-given birthright!

Well, today Makeda Marley, one of Bob’s 13 kiddos, had to plead guilty to those marijuana charges in a Philadelphia court this morning. At a hearing earlier this year in February, Makeda Marley, sadly born just three weeks after her father died, told the court she had exhausted a trust fund she received from her pop’s estate when she turned 18. Sentencing is scheduled for October, sigh. ONE LOVE Makeda Marley…we support you.

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    Forgot what I was gonna type…………………..

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    hellow where ur weed

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