Stuff Stoners Like to Appear at 1st High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in SF

Yeah, so we’ll be getting super stoned at the upcoming first ever High Times Medical Cannabis Cup over in San Francisco, June 19-20, 2010. We think it’s awesome the Cup is returning to its landrace! Originally, the Cannabis Cup, which happens each November all the way over in Amsterdam, was founded in 1987 by activist, writer, film-maker and High Times editor Steven Hagar, the dude who nixed all the nasty drugs like Coke and Heroin from the mag. Well, he patterned the Cup after all the cool-ass Harvest Festivals from back in the 70’s that happened in California to judge each year’s most outstanding herb.

Well, what sets SF’s Medical Cannabis Cup apart from the Amster-D event, aside from thousands of miles of Atlantic Ocean, is unlike in the the marijuana-decriminalized Netherlands…there isn’t that unique opportunity to buy your way into judging the herb yourself. That’s right, the Cannabis Cup is determined by stoners from all over the world! In fact, High Times said in ’08, something like 2,300 people forked over between $199 and $250 to judge some of the best bud outside California.

So the winners of this 1st ever Medical Cannabis cup will be chosen by a panel of independent experts, lead by Marijuana Horticulture author Jorge Cervantes, and based on extensive sampling in a blind tasting. And, anyone who buys a ticket will get a list of California dispensaries participating in the Cup so any patient can visit those dispensaries and sample it’s entered strain.

Also on the bill for the two-day event will be cultivation seminars with Jorge Cervantes, Danny Danko and Nico Escondido, activism sessions with leaders of the medical marijuana movement and major weed celebs, an all-star awards ceremony, a pot party with some surprise musical guests and lots and lots of medicating.

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