CA Gov. Schwarzenegger: “No One Cares If You Smoke a Joint”

Last night on the Jay Leno show California’s current governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, uttered one of the most fantastic things a politician has ever said on national television; “No One Cares If You Smoke A Joint or Not.”

And, it was music to our ears, man. Sure, maybe WEED still isn’t legal in California, no thanks to voters who shot down CA’s prop 19, but marijuana definitely is not ILLEGAL! Well, in California anyhow. Make that…in California anyhow if the Federal Government doesn’t decide to uphold federal law and come and bust everyone. Wait…maybe someone does care whether you smoke a joint or not?

If you don’t know already, CA’s governor decriminalized marijuana right before the November 2nd vote making possession of up to a full ounce of weed only an infraction similar to a speeding ticket. Cool, eh? So, when Gov. Schwarzenegger goes on television and straight up tells the world “No one Cares if you smoke a joint” it almost feels like an invitation, doesn’t it? Or at the very least…a consolation to non-legalization. But don’t go excusing yourself to light that spliff just yet, stoners.

Prison companies, law enforcement, big alcohol, big tobacco, religious zealots, the US DEA, every single DEA administrator in the history of our country, the US Justice Department, all the former drug czars all still care if you smoke a joint, however. In fact, the current US drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske as well as US Attorney General Eric Holder and the entire Obama administration all still care if you smoke a joint. Remember they promised to hold up the Controlled Substance Act and enforce the law against smoking joints if California passed the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana.

Hrm…seems like more mixed messages, eh? Anyhow, watch for yourself below.

5 Responses to “CA Gov. Schwarzenegger: “No One Cares If You Smoke a Joint””

  1. Mike Gebus

    go ahead. get caught. added state revenue! is the msg i got.

  2. admin

    Hrm…you know…that might actually be the correct message, man.

  3. possom

    how much longer wii it be befor American’s take a stand–the federal goverment is suppose to OVER-LOOK all of the states and says NOTHING about they run everything–i thought it was we the PEOPLE–I guess thats a different country!!!wake up beffor u have no rights–who is it BIG-BROTHER????I think i’ll puff,puff&pass it too anyone who’s not scared!!(~};}

  4. robert

    hell yea i say no one show be scared of geting caught with weed its our right to do i know when i smoke im not killing anyone nor am i hurting any one i like it the smell,the look, the taste,and the the way it feels to be in my lungs. it think if they want to lock me up for doing something i love then do and make sure to keep my name on the list (ROOL UP)

  5. young

    it really is wild how far Arnold has come, all this has me thinking of moving out there; as far as the fed is concerned i think the voice of the people has to just be louder, there still is no consensus or collective thought regrading the matter of reefer or hemp’s place in our country. would do a wonders for american economy and energy

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