New California Marijuana Legalization Initiative Announced

California Marijuana Legalization InitiativeCalifornia may become the fifth state to legalize pot for pleasure. That is if a new marijuana legalization coalition, ReformCA, is successful in it’s aim to legalize marijuana for adults in California.

The coalition just announced a ballot initiative to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in 2016. After the group files its initiative with the Attorney General’s office it can begin gathering the tens of thousands of signatures required to reach the ballot—something coalition chairwoman and executive director Oaksterdam University’s Dale Sky Jones says she’s confident they’ll pull off.  “We have been working on the plan to make a strong run at the ballot box,” she said.

According to the San Jose Mercury news the group intends to create a framework for controlling, taxing and regulating recreational marijuana. The initiative will also include language to regulate California’s medical marijuana industry.

Along with Sky Jones several other major names are a part of the ReformCA supergroup—including director of California National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Dale Gieringer, California congressman Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Huntington Beach), Alice Huffman, President of the NAACP and Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson.

CA Marijuana Legalization Initiative
California may become the fifth state to legalize pot for pleasure if a new marijuana legalization coalition, ReformCA, is successful

Sure there are other legalization ballots currently running throughout CA, but with such huge names attached to ReformCA—this is the one organization that’s said to have the best chance of passing. And we hear that Veteran political consultant Joe Trippi, the guy who ran Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign, will lead the group’s political strategy.

“Too often, people wait too long to build their digital army,” said Trippi, speaking about the list of supporters he plans to solicit for small donations. “Our legalization effort will be a well thought out, disciplined campaign.”

All across the country, but especially here in California, Americans are saying loud and clear that trying to control what people personally consume is an utter waste of limited law enforcement resources, Rohrabacher says on ReformCA’s website. “We the people, can control our own lives, thank you.”

Next steps? The group now plans to gather signatures before presenting their draft for legalization in the next few weeks.

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  1. Douglas

    I have m.s., permanent nerve damage and bad arthritis in my back. I have a pain pump which helps me alot. While its hard to sleep I tend to rely on marijuana to relax and help me sleep at night. But tests me on occasion what can I do to continue to manage my own life. Without throwing up a flag?

  2. Every American Ishurtbyjimcrowlaws

    In fact, now is a time to be optimistic and assertive. Now more than ever the fictitious nature of the tabloid – style slanders of the cannabis plant and those of us relating to it are being recognized as weak will based misuses of verbal communication. The world is more and more united by effective use of verbal communication as time progresses and thus profound dishonesties like those which have been told about the cannabis plant are being recognized as the crimes against Humanity and the Earth which they truly are.

    There is no logical justification for any regulation of the cannabis plant whatsoever. Awol beaurocrats who would divert tax resources to protect their distribution profits from higher uses such as protecting their very well being are self deafeating. The hurdles to hemp are gone. The lies have been exposed. Anyone who can read this text or likely even a translation of it is a part of the culture which others are trying to divide and conquer through use of cannabis regulation and prohibition. I do not hear a lot of calls for excessive regulation of caffeine and alcohol, which are physically addictive substances whose users rarely go a week without using and experience measurable decreases in health and higher death rates than exclusive cannabis users. Any regulation of cannabis whatsoever needs to be recognized at this point as misinformation based price gauging of mostly underprivelaged consumers and a diversion of tax resources from more important uses such as insuring adequate food supplies, energy and national security. Contrary to what cannabis prohibitionists and cannabis regulators would have you believe, the concept of government is not inherantly corrupt. Only when government becomes bloated with needless inherently corrupt misinformation based justice diversions would this be somewhat true. A government collects taxes to give those taxes back to the taxpayers in a way which taxpayers in a democracy have the ability to be a part of, thereby insuring a relatively efficient use of the tax resources as compared to their expediture in non democratic societies. The people want good roads so the shelves on the grocery store can stay stocked. The people want some level of national security. The people want to have wildljfe habitats to keep their air breathable and water drinkable, as well as for hunting fishing and other inspirational and recreational uses. Only a minute portion of our society actually benefits from regulation of cannabis, and they themselves wil ultimately have their basic human freedoms sacrificed in exchange for their cannabalistic greed. Dollars spend regulating cannabis are theft from the dinner plates of the children of underprivelaged families. Dollars spent on cannbis regulation and punishment of the violators is theft from the wallets of those who need to buy fuel to arrive at work consistently. Any cannabis regulations will be violated by some, and the choice of who to enforce upon has been proven highly corruptable. Cohesion of free cultures which have any modern human abilities of compassion whatsoever is dependant largely on avoiding needless regulations.

    Many who are currently part of the movement to rid our country of the unconstitutional prohibition of the benign plant cannabis “marijuana” and its tremendously useful cousin “cannabis hemp” (same genus but very different varieties), were originally drawn into the movement because of hemp’s potential to help humanity the earth and the United States economy and/ or because of a desire to not see people (sometimes including oneselves) being price gauged for an easy to grow plant. Along the way, some opportunistic devils have hitched a ride to try and milk some people who experience pain or glaucoma of their personal property. Another phenomenon is that some of the people who joined the movement for good reasons have been led into a corrupt alliance with the likes of cowardly prison guards who would rather parasitize the collective tax revenues to babysit (often in an abusive way) people who failed a pee test for thc while on probation for some petty offense that they may not even have been guilty of. Yes, the corruption which was brought into our society by the prohibition of ethanol transportation fuels and alcoholoc drinks and then switched to an unconstitutional ban on industrial hemp and medicinal/ recreational cannabis has spread like a disease into avenues of our society one may have not predicted it to spread. Thus today misinformed people who may be opposed to high food prices and needless consumption of fuels to transport commodities which could be easily produced locally or even at the very point of consumption are seen advocating for a continued unconstitutional prohibition of hemp and recreational/ medicinal cannabis. Our currency has fallen while other nations sell us hemp products and trillions of dollars have been spent inprisoning Americans only to strengthen the foreign cartels and damage the credibility of our criminal justice system. Much convolution and confusion surrounds the issue today with new trends recognizing that alcohol use is far more dangerous for a society than cannabis use and breakthroughs in the fields of horticulture and science in general. More honest ideas based on a mathematical view of processing anthropological data has made it clear to anti – Americans that we are far from inbred and inferior, which may help to change some of the thoughts of those from without of the United States who have been the real benefitters of the corrupt system of cannabis prohibition in the United States. Cellolosic ethanol production breakthroughs have insured a steady and very logical demand for wood pulp resources which have been traditionally perceived as conflictory with industrial hemp undistries in the United States. Oil interests have more universally accepted the idea that they themselves can profit for renewable energy sources like hemp biofuel or cellolosic ethanol from wood chips which used to be pointed to as justification for banning hemp to bolster demand for a glut of wood pulp standing inventory. Horticulturalists have proven effective barriers to pollen movement to further develope segregated breeds of herbs with predictable effects. Many have accepted today the truth of plenty and the truth of how technology can raise everyone’s standard of living simultaneaously while affording for more quality habitat for wildlife as well. In truth this is a time to be tremendously optimistic. The thrid world need not to drag down economies of the United States and other nations with corrupt prohibition of cannabis politics that are just using the jealous third world cartels to really benefit a class of people so secure financially that some of them are just pitting us against eachother for reasons of racism alone. While I am optimistic and advocate for an assertive approach in light of all these new developments surrounding the issue, many in the cannabis legal reform movement have been beaten and misinformed into a state of infighting and pessimistic and passive – even self effacing approaches to ridding the earth of the immoral restriction of the cannabis plant. Even some who have made a living being vocal and diplomatic now seem as though they are posessions of the cartels and are going to greater lengths to compromise than to look out for their own values and ultimate self interest. There is no explaination for those who claim to be in control of Washington D. C. today to not be completely striking down any official government endorsement of cannabis regulation or prohibition. They have tried to steal freedoms with executive orders, why could they not expand freedoms at least once in a while? Restoring freedoms would not be an over reach of the executive branch. Government endorsed monopolies are already illegal in the United States, but we need to be making this point as redundant as possible apparently. I am not one who is completely opposed to immigration, but those new to this land need to stop practicing their monopoly based anti – free market behaviors lest they turn the United States into the hellish situation from which they said they were coming here to escape, while ruining things for all of us trusting Americans in the process and wantonly destroying our habitat that we call Earth by inefficiently using resources in their corrupt economies. Communism in practice is corrupt. The regulation or prohibition of cannabis is anti – free market activity. A free market does not equate to corrupting the local enforcement and setting up a rigged market. A rigged market is the opposite of the free market. The government has better things to do than protecting the monopolies of cannabis cartels. Such is a distraction from the government supporting vital endeavours such as supporting renewable energy research, which has proven to be tax payer investment with huge potential returns. Those who have grown hateful of the government either for anti – war reasons or for anti corruption reasons should bear in mind that intentionally trying to damage one’s own government through setting up cannabis regulations and prohibitions is incredibly self defeating and would only exacerbate the very aspects of government which they claim oppostion to. Our tax dollars could be building ethanol and biodeasel facilities and desalinization plants and even long range irrigation systems. Technology has provided the possibility of humans making the earth a much greener place by moving water long distances in mucb the same way that oil has been piped for years now. Cannabis regulation, probibition being truely the epitomy of regulation, is making our species less good stewards of eachother and our own habitat. To put it concisely, only suicidal people would advocate for government and tax resources to be distracted by the regulation of cannabis. The government stepping in to break up anti – free market cartel or monopoly activity is needed, but that is not regulation. I do not see Americans moving to Russia or Cuba in droves, yet some bave been tricked into advocating for a soviet style of corrupt economics. Recall that is the soviet union a vast nation with a tremendous glut of natural resources experienced very high rates of underfed citizens and eventually proved to be such an ineffective system of governance that the country literslly fell apart. People were without food and gas in large swaths of what we today call Russia because of the same philosophy of corrupt politics that those who advocate for cannabis prohibition or cannabis regulation are advocating for today. The only way out of this is to recognize every citizen of Earth’s right to self provide whichever variety of this plant that they chose to grow in an unbridled way. Contrary to what your soviet – style local cannabis cartel who wants to enslave you slinging bags for then says with a forked tongue, there will always be genetics of high thc varieties and those who are eager to distribute those genetics. I personally prioritize food production and including a crop which is vital to soil health in the rotation because I love humanity amd our planet, but I know the dynamics of this issue. In truth, there has been so much dishonesty surrounding the issue that just speaking and writing freely on the issue is needed. People need to be communicating in a candid way about cannabis. The first ammendment may well have been the first for a reason, as direct honest communication is largely what defines us as humans.

    We need to be assertive in the fact that our real choices are between freedom and cannabis regulation/ prohibition. Regulation and prohibition are very much the same choice. Limits on self provision of industrial hemp in a small vegetable garden to feed oneself or recreational/ medicinal cannabis growth to save money are based on ideas relating to imposing artificial scarcity while continuing to disperse misinformation to justify home grow limits.

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