Can You Eat Weed Raw and Still Get High?

Can You Eat WeedCan you get high from eating weed?

Can you eat weed and get high? Yes. Of course you can eat weed without cooking it and still get high, dude. If you’re a caveman or some shit. But not only will you get high by eating weed—you’ll probably get sick. Plus eating weed is really inefficient. You spent your hard-earned cash on some good weed, right? it’s cool if you want to make some marijuana brownies. Because eating weed is awesome. The high is totally different than when you smoke weedt. But why not be efficient when you eat your weed? We’ll tell you the best and most efficient way to eat weed, but first we’ll let us tell you why eating marijuana raw is a bad idea.

Like we said eating marijuana all by itself without cooking it will get you high. But it’s also the worst way to ingest marijuana. Sure smoking weed is crude but it’s not going to make you sick like eating weed without cooking it. That’s because raw weed is covered in sticky trichomes and spiky hairs that’ll irritate your stomach. Plus you’ll have to eat a ton of marijuana (at least an eight of weed) to feel the same effects as if you cooked with it, vaporized it or smoked it. You’re better off smoking your eighth of weed and using a small portion to make some tasty weed butter to use in recipes or just spread on toast.

Eating weed 101

We spoke with cannabis culinary expert Elise McDonough of High Times magazine about the best ways to get cannabis into food. And believe us none of her suggestions included eating weed completely raw. “The easiest way to add cannabis to your diet is to simmer it with your chosen fat, most commonly butter, and then strain it away and use that butter or oil as directed in recipes,” McDonough tells us in our exclusive interview.

The main reason that eating raw marijuana is such a waste of weed is because it’s full of THCA or Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid. THCA is not the psychoactive stuff that gets you high. That cannabinoid is called THC. You see as marijuana dries or is heated the THCA slowly converts to THC. Decarboxylation, or the process of applying heat, expedites this conversion of THCA to THC. This process happens when weed is smoked, vaporized in a vape pen or even heated in the oven. Decarbing weed is the best way to get it into things like cannabutter or edibles like marijuana brownies or even a marijuana tincture. THC bonds with fat or alcohol making it much easier for your body to process it and allow you to get the full effects that THC has to offer. So when you’re just eating weed raw you’re missing out on all those potential effects of THC.

weed butter
Can you eat weed and get high? Of course, but why would you want to?

Transforming raw weed into tasty treats

One way to turn your raw weed into weed that’ll get your high if you eat it is to decarboxylate it. In fact you can sprinke decarboxylated kief right on top of already cooked food. Anyhow to decarboxylate weed grab a weed grinder or a coffee grinder and get your herb to a fine powder consistency. Preheat your oven to 310 degrees. Then simply spread the weed out on a baking sheet or in a pie plate. Cover it really well with foil by crimping it along the edge of the plate. Next place it in the oven and bake it for 10 to 18 minutes. Use less time for older drier marijuana and more for fresher weed. Once you are done with the decarboxylation remove the weed and let it cool before you open the foil so all the weed vapors can reabsorb back into the weed.

So can you eat marijuana? Sure you can. Eating raw weed will get you high. But it’s a waste, tastes terrible and will probably irritate your stomach. So why not smoke some of your weed and give decarboxylation a try so you can then make some weed butter or weed oil? You could even use shake or already vaped bud (AVB) to make the stuff. Anyhow even though you can get high from eating weed there’s really no reason that you should, man.

Have you ever tried eating raw cannabis? Like just taking a few buds and popping them in your mouth like they’re popcorn? That’s crazy. So if you’ve ever done something like that let us know in the comments below…

4 Responses to “Can You Eat Weed Raw and Still Get High?”

  1. Rocky

    LOL! You won’t get sick from eating raw cannabis, no more than eating a bowl of broccoli, and that has to do with the “fiber/roughage part of it. If you have a “fast food’ diet, then yes of course, suddenly introducing plant fibers to your diet, will cause you grief!
    Can you get high from eating weed? This depends on if it’s an “edible” made with cannabis, or if it’s some wild hemp plant you found growing in the ditch along the road, and added it to your salad.
    If you are fortunate enough to live in a U.S. state where cannabis is legal, just simply visit the local dispensary near you, and the “bud-tenders” will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have about cannabis!

  2. chewy

    and you probly need a pound of weed to make a PAT of cannabutter,

  3. MariguanaGuy

    yeh i eat and do mariganas all da tiem liek and get drunks dis is totaly fun dude

  4. Marko

    In 1969, When I was in Vietnam there was this African American dude who was fat and everybody call him “Heavy”… I thought it was because he was big… but the real reason was, one day he had about a kilo of marijuana and he cooked it with three packets of lerps and ate it…for the next three days all he could do was walk around and say heavy, man, heavy…he was so stoned.

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