CBD Skunk Haze Strain Review

CBD Skunk HazeMarijuana Strain: CBD Skunk Haze
Review By: Mat Lee
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Forbidden Farms
Harvest Date: 3/23/15
Sativa vs Indica: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Content: THC 8.3% | CBD 11.1%
Genetics: Skunk X Haze
CBD Skunk HazeBased on the levels of CBD and THC listed on the packaging, I’m going to assume this is some sort of phenotype of the CBD Skunk Haze that was developed by a group called the CBD Crew. I emailed Forbidden Farms, and if they give me an update on the strain genetics, I’ll leave it in the comments.

Legend has it, in 2012, Dutch Passion and the CBD Crew started putting in work together to produce a variety of feminized seeds for high CBD phenotypes. They say on the site anything over 4% CBD is considered rich in the cannabinoid. What we have here almost three years later is a Skunk Haze that has more CBD than THC in it, at just a hair over 11%. Let’s hear it for science!
CBD Skunk HazeAppearance: These buds are definitely stuff stoners like. Dense and spongy with a mild frost of short trichomes. They have a nice sticky feeling to them when you break the Skunk Haze apart. Lightish green bud with darker green leaves.
Smell: A very subtle sweet smell, almost like candy but not quite. There’s a hint of something skunky in there too, and possibly a little spice, but it’s almost non existent. You have to get to the middle of the buds before those aromas make themselves known. I’m still going back and forth trying to decide if I’m smelling something spicy or not.

CBD Skunk HazeIt’s probably put in my head from all the reading I’ve been doing. A lot of sites say the Skunk Haze has a spicy smell to it. Not sure if that carries over as much to the CBD version. Without getting it analyzed by a lab for a terpene profile, there’s no way to tell how much caryophyllene in it. Out of the two grams I would say about half of it has this nano-hint of spice to it, and the other half just smells like good skunky herb.
Flavor: Definitely more skunky than sweet, with a full body smoke that comes out in clouds. I’m also detecting slight undertones of earthy goodness. Smoked out of a joint you get more of the sweet subtleties, and damn, the end of this doob got so sticky. This is some seriously resinous smoke.
CBD Skunk HazeHigh: Bong hits pack a lovely relaxing calm body feeling. Nice and relaxed, the way a day off should be. Easy like a Sunday morning status. Except that it’s noon on a Wednesday. If there were any aches and pains in my body from all these long years living life, they are gone now. It’s almost like the pain relief of the Blue Dream I recently reviewed, without the sedating dick in the dirt couch lock some people experience. Especially those with lighter tolerances.
CBD Skunk HazeOverall: I highly recommend the CBD Skunk Haze grown by Forbidden Farms and sold by Growers Outlet right here in Washington. It’s always good to have a high CBD strain for it’s medical properties, without needing the heavy stoney haze that comes with smoking a decent amount of THC. I gave my girlfriend a few puffs off the joint and she said she felt it, but not like with other herb I’ve reviewed. So if you have a light tolerance, this would definitely be a good starter bud, as it’s lower in THC than CBD.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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  1. Matthew Lee Strothers

    I really like this strain, but 550 / 1oz. is pretty damn pricey! But, wtf are you going do? This stuff is deffly without a doubt what a smoker likes. Well-balanced hybrid with no crush!
    Email: Zippybud1@safe-mail.net

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