Chocolate Chunk Strain Review

chocolate chunk weedMarijuana Strain Name: Chocolate Chunk
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet located at 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington (360) 875-8189
Farm: Urban Farms
Harvest Date: 1/21/15
Type: Indica
Content on Label: THCA 23.21% | THC .35%
chocolate chunkLab Results: THCA 20.22% | THC .86% | CBGA 1.91% | CBC .24%
I sent a sample of the Chocolate Chunk to get analyzed by the Werc Shop analytical lab in Bellevue Washington. Click here for the PDF of the results.

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From the lab results, it’s interesting to see a strain that has both CBC and CBGA in it. These are Cannabichromene and Cannabigerolic Acid, both of which have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Granted the levels aren’t very much, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be, especially when in conjunction with a nice terpene profile like this.
Genetics: Hindu Kush from Afghanistan/Pakistan
chocolate marijuanaAppearance: The first thing I noticed besides how frosty the Chocolate Chunk is, was the hairs on it. They were extra long and stiff looking, almost like they were standing wire shaped to look like dank ass weed hairs. They have a nice burnt orange look to them with a nice light green bud background.
Smell: First I’ll describe what I smell from the weed itself, then I’ll list the different terpenes the lab test found. The Chocolate Chunk has a gentle piney smell at first, then once you get into the middle of a bud, it’s pungent earthy aroma reveals itself. I’m also getting somewhat of a spicy type aroma, but it’s quite subtle.

chocolate weed strainTerpene information can be found all over the net. Personally, I enjoy this informational post about terpenes on Icmag, and that’s where I’m getting a lot of this information from if you were curious. All Terpenes are listed as mg / g. I’m not going to go into detail on what these terpenes are. If you’ve been following along with my writing, you’ve probably already been educated. We talked about terpenes in the Red Dragon, Querkle, Aliens on Moonshine, and Elephant weed reviews.

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chocolate weed strainβ-Caryophyllene – 1.96 mg / g
Myrcene – 2.90 mg / g
α-Bisabolol – .12 mg / g
Caryophyllene Oxide – .22 mg / g
α-Humulene – .34 mg / g
Limonene – .05 mg / g
Linalool – .17 mg / g
α-Pinene – .23 mg / g
Total Terpenes – 6.09 mg / g
The smoke is a full draw of creamy puffy goodness with a very mild chocolate aftertaste. It wasn’t like Hershey, but a more subtle cocoa type of taste. Quite earthy, but the pine keeps coming back to keep it in check. There’s definitely an earthy piney taste that lingers in the back of the throat.
chocolate chunk weedHigh: If the joint brought on a nice slow almost creeper-esque buzz, the bonghits made me want to look for the couch to plant my shit down. Not in the, “I need a spot to sit because I’m so messed up I’m falling over” sense. But in the, “I really feel extra relaxed, so I think sitting and relaxing on a comfy couch, maybe even snuggling with someone cute would be a good thing to do” sense. It’s got a nice happy mellow buzz for sure. I like.
Overall: It’s always good to have fun strains like this on the top shelf for when friends come over. I find it more of a novelty than anything when my weed doesn’t taste like weed, but more like a chocolate candy bar. The chocolate chunk is definitely stuff stoners like, and if you can find some, I highly recommend it.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.
chocolate chunk

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