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Clean Roots PlatformWhen it comes to growing marijuana, dirty water ain’t your friend, man. Dirty, stagnant water leads to nothing but problems, dude, problems easily avoided by using Clean Roots. This brilliant little platform is specially designed for plants grown indoor. It’ll work with soil or hydro setups and is ridiculously simple to use, drop your runoff tray on the ground, drop this thing in the tray and it’ll do exactly what it’s supposed to do—elevate your plants above all that spent runoff left in your tray. Plus you don’t want your plant container sitting on a cold floor anyhow.

Plants can start to reabsorb that runoff water, filled with toxic salts, after sitting in it. And that can lead to some serious issues, man. Many times these stagnant water issues go misdiagnosed, causing even more problems. Plus if you think about it, the more stress on the plant, the less bud you’re gonna get in the end. It’ll be of lesser quality too. So why not increase your chance for success?

“This simple platform does wonders for your roots,” says J. L., co-owner of Clean Roots LLC and a medical marijuana provider in Rhode Island who runs Eastcoasterdam—a private caregiver program that supplies medicine for quadriplegics and epilepsy patients among others. “For years I was constructing my own ‘platforms’ to keep my plants out of the run off water. I spent hours online looking for a product because I got sick of making my own platforms. Then I got together with my garden mentor, Uncle Cola, explained the idea for the Clean Roots platform and he immediately recognized the need for the product. So in that moment Clean Roots LLC was born.”

Clean Roots PlatformNot only does the Clean Roots platform keep your plant’s root system away from the runoff water, because it’s elevated it also helps increase drainage and aeration. The better the drainage and airflow, the better your plant’s ability to take in oxygen. Thanks to Clean Roots, gravity works for you, pulling the water through the platform.

Clean Roots is available in a 15″ size to accommodate a wide range of plants and growing arrangements. And apparently the thing can hold more than 200 pounds. It’s also dishwasher safe. Had a run in with mites? No problem—those fuckers can’t survive Cascade, dude.

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