Closet Grow Room Building 101

Closet Grow Room
Here’s a cute little closet grow room

How to Build a Closet Grow Room

Today our buds from UptownGrowLab are going to show you how to prepare and build a small closet grow room.

The space we have chosen for our  closet grow room is small. The area for the closet grow is about 24 inches by 24 inches by about 36 inches high. We lined the floor of the closet grow with some plastic bags to protect the floor from excess water or moisture. You can be more elaborate with plastic trays or saucers but this is the simplest protection.

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This particular closet grow room has a power cord for the light, in the back, which is plugged into an outlet several feet away. The light’s power cord will ultimately have a digital timer on it.

We will be using a small LED grow light for our closet grow room. The LED light weighs about five or six pounds. We’ll need something strong enough to support it in the grow room. Home Depot has 3/4 inch thick PVC piping that, with a small hacksaw, is easy to cut to size. The PVC, hacksaw, joints and couplings along with some heavy duty picture frame wire, cost me less than US $20.

Closet Grow Room Setup

To construct the closet grow room we cut the PVC into seven pieces. Four 13 inch pieces were used for the feet. Two 36 inch pieces were used for vertical support. And we used one 26 inch piece for the horizontal support.

First we’ll connect all the pieces and check to see if it fits in the closet grow room space. You can see where I used the elbow and t-couplings to connect it all together. I may have to cut a few inches off the vertical supports but we’ll try it and see if it can fit. If not we will take a few inches off the PVC. Yes it was too big. After removing a few extra inches of piping the support structure fit the closet grow room perfectly.

LED Lights
LED lights produce pretty amazing results we hear

Installing LED Lights

Next we install the light. We are using an XtremeLED grow light. I read about these in Ed Rosenthal’s ‘Marijuana Grower’s Handbook’ several years back. I haven’t used them recently and pulled them from storage for this closet grow room.

We chose LED lights instead of a T5 or CFL fixture because we had it on hand and didn’t have to spend more money. A bonus is that this LED light produces much less heat than fluorescent bulbs or CFLs plus it has a built-in cooling fan. Keeping heat down is essential in a small closet grow room. You don’t want to over heat your plants. If you’re keeping the closet open when the lights are on, you should be good with either light source, LED or fluorescent. I hung the light with heavy duty picture frame wire which needs to be adjusted a wee bit in the closet grow room to even out the fixture.

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We put in eight clones and 10 seeds in peat pucks. The first set of clones didn’t manage the trip from cloner to closet very well. The new clones were planted in dirt before being moved to the closet location and seem to be in better shape.

There is also a period of adjustment for the clones which, with the LED, is a bit harder for them as they were under CFLs and HPS lights in the cloners.

All of our love from The Kitchen! Stay lifted, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

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