Clover Voyage Monster Zong Bong Review

Zong Bong from Vape4Ever

Our buds from sent along a really cool glass bong made by Clover for us to test out. We used to really dig going into head shops to pick out a new piece back in the day. But it’s a lot easier to choose a piece online and then have it show up at your door, right? Anyhow these dudes also carry a bunch of other stuff stoners like including vaporizers, dab rigs, CBD products and a bunch of other cannabis accessories that they’ll deliver to you.

So what did they send to us for a test drive? The Clover Glass The Voyage Monster Zong Bong 19 Inches. It’s pretty fantastic-looking—especially the “ZONG” portion of the glass as you can see. And it’s also pretty big. You know what they say about big bongs, don’t you? Bigger hits!

Yep size matters when it comes to a few things, especially bongs. You can go the small and stealthy bong route with a piece that’s easy to hide or take with you. Or you can go with something large and radical that delivers big hits. This monster retails for $119 which isn’t too pricey for a bong this size, thickness and quality.

Zong Bong ZONG shape

Not only is this thing really tall it’s also really thick and heavy. We dig thick ass glass when it comes to our smoking accessories because they seem to be a lot less fragile than flimsy glass pieces.

We’re rough on our smoking tools because well, they’re tools. Sure we can appreciate that beautiful boutique glass that’s hand-crafted by experts. But when it comes to taking bong hits we don’t really want to be careful—we just want to be stoned. So thick ass glass that’s relatively inexpensive is our favorite because we can be clumsy when high and the garage floor beats glass bong every time.

This particular piece doesn’t have any fancy perks when it comes to the down stem action. Sure perks may make for a smoother hit, but they also make for a bigger headache when it comes time to clean your bong. No matter how cool your bong may be—heady glass or scientific—if it’s dirty it’s a no-go. So the less fancy shit the easier to clean, ya know.

Zong Bong Bowl

Our only small complaint is the bowl. It’s 14 mm and like the rest of the piece, built with premium borosilicate glass. It looks cool and functions fine. We also dig the logo being on it, but it’s a little underwhelming-looking. It’s also a little on the thin side. The bong itself is pretty flashy. So it would be cool if this thing came with a bowl that was a little flashier and maybe a little thicker and deeper. It’s by no means a deal-breaker and of course you can buy a different bowl to use with it. But, if the design complimented the “M” shape in the glass somehow it would take this thing to the next level. It’s functional—which is the most important thing when it comes to bowls.

All in all though, we’re really stoked on this new MONSTER ZONG BONG. It feels solid and sturdy. The mouthpiece is fat and comfortable. It looks super cool. It seems easy to clean and most of all it hits hella hard. Stuff Stoners Like indeed.

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