Do employers test for CBD?

Do Employers Test for CBD

We’ve gotten this question seemingly more often as of late. “If I’m on CBD will my employer be testing me for that as well?” In short, the answer is no, but we wanted to take it a step further to explain some of the background to this situation to avoid further confusion. It’s good to know some of the specifics regarding this too, to avoid problems down the road.

No employer that we know of, nor any lab testing center that we know of, has a process defined for how to test a urine drug sample specifically for CBD alone – referring to the compound cannabidiol in this context. Really why should they? The components of CBD are non-psychoactive anyway, so they won’t get you high. Further it is perfectly legal, and easily obtainable. Now, having said that it’s important to know your CBD brand and to buy it from a trusted source.

Why is source so important?

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So hopefully that about sums it up and helps you understand some of the background of THC drug tests. If you need help trying to detox THC check us out:

Because if you’re worried about a drug test there’s a good chance they absolutely will be testing you for THC. For CBD products to be sold legally in the USA the whole hemp or cannabis final product for sale after processing cannot have a THC content of over 0.3%. To be clear that is far too low to ever realistically get high from, additionally it is far too little to have appreciable quantities that would flag on a urine THC drug test. However, regulations across the industry are lax because there is so little enforcement of policies. Further, there are products – CBD, workout aides, sleep aides, weight loss etc that are sold in the USA but not made in the USA. These products may at time times have unlisted ingredients or quantities over or under the amount quoted on the label – some of which are controlled substances in the United States and are covered by a basic 5 panel urine drug test composing of: THC, opiates, amphetamines, PCP, and cocaine.

Uncommonly employers can add to this too, there are 7 panels that add in benzodiazepines and barbiturates all the way up to extremely exotic 12 panel tests that cover just about any illicit drug you can think of including most synthetics. Not to get far off topic but the point of all this is know and trust your CBD source. A drug test is a bad time to be surprised that the product you were using was laced with an ingredient not known to you at the time.

Luckily the odds of this with American made products is extremely low – given controlled substances are difficult to obtain in commercial quantities. However even with American made CBD products it’s a poorly kept secret that some brands have “juiced” the recipe a bit, going far over the THC limit to increase the effectiveness of the product and give the user a euphoric state. Which if well over the limit amount may be enough to fail a drug test. 

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