Does Cranberry Juice Clean Your System Enough To Beat A Drug Test

Cranberry juice might be able to help you pass a drug test

Does cranberry juice clean your system enough to pass a urine drug test? Like many things in life the answer is a little yes and a little no.

To answer the questions, first let’s talk about what drug testers are looking for in your urine. They’re not actually looking for THC in your pee—hey that rhymes.

What they’re looking for are called metabolites or chemicals created by your body after you smoke, vape or eat pot. Now your body stores those metabolites in fat. As anyone he’s tried to diet or exercise to lose weight fat takes time to eliminate. So that’s why marijuana metabolites take up to a month or more to burn off. So when it comes to passing a piss test stoners are at a disadvantage compared to users of other drugs which aren’t stored in fat and burn off rather quickly.

Suffice to say time is your friend. Actually time spent not smoking weed is your friend. The longer you can hold off taking that drug test and not smoking weed the better your chances are of passing that test.

We want to quickly note that masking your pee isn’t going to work. We don’t recommend it, man. There are urban legends floating around that say you can put a little laundry detergent under your fingernail and piss on your finger and that’ll throw off the test and somehow make you pass. Some say you can add bleach or eye drops as well. Adulterants are never going to help you pass a piss test. They just tip off the tester that your sample is suspect.

Because you’re basically in a situation where you want everything to appear normal. Testers are just going to quickly screen your pee to make sure it’s got creatine in it and it’s the right temperature. Creatine and urea the types of things that are found in human piss are also contained in fake urine. So you’re fine if you use it. Just make sure your fake urine is warm—cold pee is a dead giveaway that you cheated. Your body doesn’t produce cold pee. So don’t be that person who fails because they handed in some cold piss.

Dilution may work

Wait did we ever address the urban legend? So does cranberry juice clean your system enough to help you pass a drug test. Well the cool thing is that there’s a shred of truth to most urban legends. Cranberry juice does help. It’s part of the dilution process. It is possible to dilute your urine just enough so that your sample passes. (it takes time, however, see below) As long as you can dilute your urine enough so that the marijuana metabolites drug testers are looking for are below 50 ng./ml you’ll pass.

So cranberry juice is what’s known as a diuretic. According to your 7th grade teacher A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis, that is, the increased production of urine. So it basically makes your pee a lot. Does it clean your system? Of course it does. Can it burn the THC out of your body? Of course not. So it doesn’t really matter how much of it that you drink. It’s not going to clean your your system of THC enough to pass a drug test, unfortunately.

Basically it has some detoxing and cleansing properties but when it comes to using it to pass a drug test the way to use it is to promote peeing which will help promote the release of toxins in your body—aka the stuff drug testers are looking for. Cranberry juice doesn’t contain some special ingredient that will automagically cleanse your system clean of THC. Cranberry juice might be good for things like preventing kidney stones, scurvy and tooth decay but it alone is not going to cleanse your system enough where you’re going to pass a weed drug test. What’s most important is how it’s used. And that application is the dilution technique.

Of course drug testers are looking for the dilution technique. So your piss just can’t look like tap water and it needs to contain creatine. There are pills that will turn your piss yellowish and pills to increase your creatinine levels. Timing is everything. So we’ll break everything down for you below.

However we’re going to warn you that the dilution method is risky, man and it takes time. Most likely at least three days. (see below for step-by-step-instructions) If you don’t smoke much weed at all then you probably don’t have much THC in your fat cells and chances are you might pass without even trying.

One good way to know for sure it to get yourself a home drug test kit, pee on it and determine if you’ll pass or not. You could also try out our dilution method below and then test yourself to see if you’ll pass your drug test or not. It’s always a good idea to practice.

Dilution method step-by-step

  1. Score creatine. Get yourself some creatine pills from Amazon or the drug store or whatever. And start taking them. You might need to do this at least two to three days prior to your test. You’re going to need to build up your levels because you’re going to be diluting the shit out of them by drinking a lot of water and something natural that’ll help flush out your system.
  2. Get detoxing. Cranberry juice could be a good choice. Get the pure stuff like 100% Cranberry Juice Concentrate You could also try lemon juice and water. You could drink some detox drinks, maybe a cranberry detox drink or find a detox tea recipe. Basically you want to find whatever you can that’ll help detox your body.
  3. Get drinking. Now comes the dilution part. You’re going to drink a quart of water about an hour before your test. Don’t over do it. Again your trying to pass a drug test not kill yourself so be careful. But first take some B vitamins to make sure your pee is actually yellow. You can score this stuff at any grocery store or get some vitamin B if you have time. All you need is 50 to 100 mg of something like vitamin B2 or B12 or B-complex. Also pee a few times before you get to the test place. Oh and make sure to take your sample midstream. First pee in the toilet and then piss in the cup for a bit and then back in the toilet.
Green Gone Detox

If you’re faced with a drug test to secure your freedom, keep your job, of find a new one and don’t have the time to do a proper cranberry juice detox or for the dilution tek—we recommend Green Gone. According to them they’ll help you pass a marijuana drug test naturally and were not only designed by pharmacists, but actually recommended by them too.

Their products will temporarily clean out your system or at least make it appear to the drug test lab that your system is clean. They’re also a good idea to keep on hand if you might be subject to a random drug test. Keep one in your desk, purse, pocket, stash box, wherever. Pop that pill and you’ll be good to go.

Have any cranberry juice drug test tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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