5 Urine Drug Test Facts That Can Help You Beat A Drug Test

urine drug test factsTop 5 urine drug test facts

These urine drug test facts are great tips on how to pass a piss test. As you know the best way to pass a drug test is to use synthetic urine. Why? Well for a couple reason. Most importantly you don’t have to give up smoking marijuana to pass a piss test. Secondly it’s basically fool-proof as long as you buy a quality product and follow the directions. If you’re facing a weed piss test we recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine. You’ll see why below.

We also recommend ordering a home drug test kit from Amazon or your local drug store and testing yourself or your fake urine of choice before your test for some piece of mind. And of course this article about urine drug test facts is also a great resource.

Best way to pass a drug test

Like we said above using fake pee is the best way to beat a urine drug test. But you have to make sure the urine is warm before you hand it over. Pee doesn’t come out of your body cold or at room temperature. So make sure your drug test urine is at least 98 degrees before you hand it over. We recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine because it comes with a warming powder that you sprinkle right in. Plus we know the manufacturers and there are tons of customer testimonials on our site saying that SubSolution worked for them to pass a drug test.

Now that you know what works, fake pee, to pass a thc test let us give you some facts to help you understand what you’ll be up against when you get to the lab. Understanding the situation and practicing for it can definitely help you pass. Anyhow here are 5 urine drug test facts that’ll help you pass.

Five helpful urine drug test facts

1. Drug test urine can expire
Fake pee, whether it’s in powder form or liquid,  will go bad over time. So make sure to use it before the expiration date. Better yet make sure that the fake piss is still good before you purchase it. If you’re at a brick and mortar store you can just take a look at the box, however if you’re buying something like Quick Fix or Quick Fix Plus from an online headshop you’re kinda gambling. We’ve heard horror-stories of people buying these products online, sometimes form Amazon.com and they’ve expired. The result? A failed drug test.

2. Synthetic urine is used to test drug test equipment
Ask anybody how to beat a drug test and they mention clean or faux piss. That’s because this stuff is used to test and calibrate the test facilities ultra-sensitive equipment. You didn’t think some maintenance worker in overall was going to whip it out, whizz in a cup and use his own hot piss to test whether or not the machine is up to snuff, right? No dude they use fake pee for that stuff.

3. It’s illegal to sell fake pee to pass a test
This seems like the most obvious of our five urine drug test facts. Why? Because selling anything used to break the law seems illegal, right? As a matter of fact it’s already illegal in New Hampshire to sell fake pee to pass a piss test. With the passage of of Senate Bill 361 back in January 01, 2017 anyone caught using or selling synthetic is subject to a $500. In fact the makers of the Whizzinator fake penis that expels fake urine went to jail for this stuff.

That’s why fake piss is marketed as a novelty. Savvy fake urine manufacturers say that their faux pee is to be used for legitimate purposes stuff like kinky sex, or pranks or repelling animals and not for fooling a thc test.

4. Drug testers do not check for gender
When it comes to how to beat a drug test with fake pee so far drug testers do not look to match someone’s gender with their urine specimen. They also don’t look at the genetic data or your health status. That would be costly and an invasion since this is just a drug test not a health screening. They also ignore prescription medications other than the ones someone might abuse like amphetamines or opioids to name a couple.

They will look at the temperature as well as levels of pH, creatine, uric acid, nitrates and urea among other things like specific gravity and stuff.

5.  Drug test urine is not a guarantee
Of all our urine drug test facts this one’s kind of a downer so prepare yourself. If you buy a reputable product, follow the directions and don’t hand over cold pee, or leave your Quick Fix urine box in the test room, or don’t forget to actually urinate in the toilet—you’ll most like pass a thc test. However, we hear there is a company that is creating an inexpensive mouth swab (not to be confused with a mouth swab drug test) that will be given along with the urine screen so as to match DNA.

If the DNA on the swab matches the DNA of the urine that you’re good. If this is true drug testers have found a pretty aggressive way to determine whether or not someone’s urine sample is indeed their own. This could prove fatal to the fake pee industry.

Have we left out any important urine drug test facts or tips on how to beat a drug test that could really help a fellow stoner? Better yet just give us your advice on the best way to pass a drug test in the comment section below.

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