Double Dream Strain Review

Double Dream StrainDouble Dream Strain Review
Double Dream
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Two Heads
Harvest Date: 10/4/16
Double Dream StrainType: The Double Dream strain in a Sativa dominant. It’s related to the popular blue dream leafly
Content: THC 17.81% | THCV .02% | CBD .08% | CBG .26% | CBC .22% | CBN .09%
Sample Size: 4 grams
Genetics: Blue Dream X Dream Star
Double Dream StrainAppearance and Feels: The Double Dream (sometimes called Double Blue Dream) is double sticky, and looks like some good ass weed for sure. The sample I scooped has a nice covering of trichomes, dark orange pistils, and an occasional purple bit here and there. The calyx is darker green and the trim job is nice.
Double Dream StrainSmell: Double Dream strain smells of some heavy berry with notes of spice and sweet, sweet heaven. I’m definitely more a fan of berry leaning strains. I blame those damn crunch berries. Seriously though, Two Heads has a few new strains out on the I-502 market, and so far, they are on point. I’ve been running this stuff through the Chewy Grinder I reviewed here, and I probably look like a damn weirdo, but I smell the grinder every time I’m done rolling a spliff. It smells so damn good. Double Dream yo!
Double Dream StrainFlavor: The Double Dream has a fantastic blend of both sweet berry and spicy, with a borderline foxy smell when you break it open and take a sniff. It’s got one of those terpene profiles that once you find, you always search out. At least for me, and my nose, and my endocannabinoid system. Of course, you’re experience may vary, but if you’ve agreed with me on the majority of what I’ve written about these strains I’ve reviewed, then you’ll definitely like this one.
Double Dream StrainHigh: My experience with the Two Heads CO. Double Dream was extremely satisfying. The buzz is relaxing and comfortable with a good head high that you should feel right after exhaling the first hit. Just because the THC numbers aren’t over 20%, doesn’t mean this herb won’t put your dick in the dirt. We know that the experience isn’t solely dependant on the THC percentage. Especially here in Washington, where you routinely see packaging that proudly displays testing numbers over 30%.

As I’ve said before, anything over 25 should make us all skeptical. To be perfectly honest with you, I’m skeptical whenever I see numbers over 20%. But having had previous access to a third party lab to get numbers verified, I always see the most variance in strains over 25%. Sitting at 17% with this Double Dream is both highly respectable and most likely, close to the actual numbers.
Double Dream StrainOverall: There’s a reason I keep going back for more Double Dream. And I’m not even a big fan of the Blue Dream strain, but I’ve had exceptional experiences with Two Heads flower, and whenever I see a new strain like this Double Dream weed I haven’t tried before, it’s always added to the top of my list. Maybe because it’s grown here where I currently live in Raymond Washington, or maybe because I like their packaging and their weed is really good. It’s probably all of the above. If you have a chance to try out some Two Heads flower, definitely make sure you do. It’s stuff stoners like for sure.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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