Drug Test Urine Works to Pass a Test Only if You Consider These 2 Things

drug test urineDrug test urine 101

Drug test urine is probably the most popular product to use when it comes to passing a drug test. Why? Well for starters it’s easy to find online or at your local headshop. It actually made so that labs can test and calibrate their equipment. But unlike going the detox route using detox pills and drinks  you don’t have to stop smoking weed to beat a drug test using it. For those of us who love smoking weed but need a job so you can buy it, giving up weed just to get a job to buy weed seems unfair. That’s where faux pee comes in.

Does drug test urine work?

Does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test? When it comes to marijuana tests hell yes it does, dude. Sure we know what you’re thinking now. Does synthetic urine work for other drugs as well? Yep. This stuff will help you pass a marijuana test as well as many other drugs as well. Drug testers look for things like amphetamines, opiates, cocaine and phencyclidine aka PCP among other substances. They all stay in the body for different lengths of time. But that doesn’t matter if you go the mock pee route.

But there are a few extremely important things to consider. First you need to make sure to purchase your stuff from a reputable manufacturer. Second you need to make sure it hasn’t expired. Does synthetic urine work if it’s expired? Of course not. So don’t risk it.

All of the Quick Fix you’ll find on Amazon is mostly likely either fake or expired. That’s because Amazon consistently removes drug test urine from their site. It might have something to do with the recent crack-down on the stuff. New Hampshire banned the sale of the stuff starting January 01, 2017 with the passage of Senate Bill 361. Anyone caught using or selling synthetic are subject to a $500. Quick Fix is cool if you can find it, but it’s not easily available. Plus if you do find some it could be expired. That’s why we always recommend Sub Solution. Click link to buy. =)

SUB SOLUTIONBest synthetic urine

Not only do we feel Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine available we know the manufacturers. We also have lots of comments on our blog from stoners just like you who have used it to successfully pass their piss tests. So you can take their word for it being the best and most reliable. Plus it comes with a 200% guarantee. That’s cool, right?

Best practices on using fake urine

Now that you’re worried if your stuff is legit or expired you can test it yourself before the big day. Order a home drug test kit from Amazon or score one at your local drug store. Then test your fake piss of choice. If it does you can go right on into the testing place with impunity and ace that thing.

You might also want to practice smuggling your drug test urine to perfect your technique. Whether you put the stuff in your bra, in your best or in your underwear it’s best to walk around with it a bit so you know you’re not looking suspicious. Plus practicing will ensure that you won’t drop it or anything. You could score a belt or band for the task, but save your money. Use an old sock and cup off the top. Slide it on your arm up past your elbow and fold it over a little bit to form a pocket. Now you’ve got place to carry your urine.

Make sure the fake piss is warm before you hand it over. Use a hand warmer or score a product that comes with a warming powder and a temperature strip. Unlike Quick Fix the stuff we recommend, Sub Solution, comes with everything you need. Anyhow make sure the piss is between 98 to 100 degrees before you give your sample. Pee in the toilet to make sure that it looks like it was used. And whatever you do make sure to not leave the empty pee container in the testing room. It happens, man. So we’re just saying.

Have any tips on using drug test urine or a recommendation on the best synthetic urine available? Let us know in the comments section below.

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