Dutch Treat Strain Review

Dutch Treat strainDutch Treat Strain Review

Review by: Mat Lee
Circa 97 Dutch
Score: 7/10
From:  Lucid located at Lacey, WA 360-338-0258
Farm: Green Valley Society in Olympia, Washington
Harvest Date: 3/10/15
Indica vs Sativa: 80% Indica and 20% Sativa
Content: THCA 19.70% | THC 10.6% | Total 30.3%
Genetics: The Dutch Treat genetics are a cross between Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk #1.
Appearance: Frosty, small popcorn buds with long orange hairs. Very nice. Dense.
Smell: Dutch Treat weed smells citrusy, fruity, sour, candy. Very yummy.

Dutch Treat strain
Dutch Treat from Lucid Organics Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Flavor: Earthy candy pine at first with a strong floral orange aftertaste, almost pot-pourri-ish. Nice thick smoke, a little on the bitey side. But unquestionably good. It has an exceptional nose tingle when exhaled through the nasal passage. It’s almost overwhelming. But after that, the come up takes over and it’s off to chillsville. Population, us.

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Dutch Treat strain
Dutch Treat smells super citrusy—just like fruity, sour, candy.

High: Dutch Treat weed delivered a high that was uplifting and giggly, very nice and heady. Makes doing these weed reviews a breeze. Also very musical. I sat down and finished a couple of songs I was working on after I smoked the rest of the Circa 97 Dutch. It tends to get spacey at times when I’m reading. I tend to drift off more noticeably than usual. Excellent high though for sure. Love these Dutch Treat genetics.

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Dutch Treat strain
This Dutch Treat Strain is definitely STUFF STONERS LIKE

Overall: The Green Valley Society batch of this was quite nice. Although coming from Montana and only recently having access to a larger variety of strains, I haven’t had any other experience with the Dutch Treat strain. I have smelled it’s native terps in the lab, but those are always so overpowering in that form, it’s hard to get a good feel for it. I would love to try some other versions of this, and see how they stack up. This one was righteously good, and a great addition to the stash box. I took a whole bong bowl to myself in the morning before really loading my system up, and I have to say, it’s quite heavy. Dutch Treat weed is heavy in a good way though. I can go function if I need to, or I can sit around and zone out trying to read about cannabinoids and terpenes. Talk about dutch treats.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

Dutch Treat strain
This Dutch Treat strain is quite a treat, dude

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