Fed Marijuana Patient Urges Florida Voters to Legalize

5444156.87We know this guy who gets his weed from the Government. His name is Irvin Rosenfeld and each month they send him nearly nine ounces of medical pot. And they have done so for the last 31 years—all while maintaining the opinion that marijuana has absolutely no medicinal value.

Rosenfeld, a successful stockbroker in Florida, suffers from a severe disorder that causes bone tumors. He’s had 30 tumors removed. 200 remain. However in the last three decades that he’s been consuming cannabis he’s not seen a single new tumor emerge. He is one of  just a handful of people who are part of the Compassionate Investigational New Drug Program. It allows a limited number of patients to use medical marijuana. The weed is provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s grown at the University of Mississippi. And although the quality is nothing more than adequate, Irvin tells us, it has saved his life.

“Without the cannabis I probably would have hemorrhaged,” Irvin says. “The tumors would have tore into veins, a clot could have broken off and gone to my heart, my brain, my lungs and killed me.  I use the medicine that I get from the federal government and it works—I’m very fortunate.”

For the most part Irvin has smoked joints. In fact he’s smoked 130,000 of them. That federal weed he gets each month comes in a tin of 300 joints. He tells us that he also vaporizes. And like a lot of smokers today, Rosenfeld is getting into oil.

“I’ve made oil out of it. Actually, my girlfriend made it for me with my medicine,” he says. And he’s fond of vape pens, “I’m in a lot of meetings and I can use the oil in them.” His favorite brand? HeadVape.


“I don’t get a euphoric effect off any cannabis,” Rosenfeld says. To him, it’s strictly medicine. Without it, Rosenfeld tells us, “I would be home-bound and would not be a productive member of society.”

This November Florida voters will have the opportunity to help individuals with debilitating conditions, like Rosenfeld, become productive members of society. If passed, the state’s Ballot Initiative 2 will allow medical weed as determined by a licensed physician. Florida’s Department of Health will register and regulate the businesses looking to produce and distribute the medicine. They’ll also be responsible for issuing identification cards to patients and caregivers.

A Quinnipiac University poll shows 82% of Floridians are in favor of the legislation and the most recent Public Policy Polling survey gauged voter support at 65 percent. “It’s a constitutional amendment,” Irvin says about the initiative. Therefore it has to pass by 60 percent. That’s hard to get, so I want every registered voter in Florida to vote yes on 2 in November.”

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