Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Growing Weed

fox farm ocean forestFoxfarm Soil and Nutes—Is It Stuff Stoners Like?

A grower recently asked us about the Fox Farm line. In particular he wanted our take on using Foxfarm Ocean Forest Soil for growing weed. Dude says he tried Foxfarm soil in the past and thought it burned his plants. So he’s wondering if Fox Farm soil is hot and if we’d recommend using it for his upcoming six-plant indoor grow. It also sounds like he wants to ditch the Fox Farm feeding schedule, or any other feeding schedule for that matter, and just wants to add water, sit back and let the plants do their thing.

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Fox Farm
Man, that’s a lot of Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Fox Farm Ocean Forest

We use Fox Farm Ocean Forest as our base soil for growing plants indoors at Uptowngrowlab. (Stuff Stoners Like uses Roots Organics—BTW). We’ve noticed that Fox Farm Ocean Forest is not hot. In fact Fox Farms Ocean Forest is ph is balanced and there are plenty of minerals, mycorizhae, worm castings already in it. So you don’t need to really do anything to it. Adding additional items to soil could make it hot. This goes for Fox Farm Ocean Forest or any other Fox Farm soil. Actually you can quickly fuck up any soil by adding too many nutrients.

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Sometimes we cut Ocean Forest with ten to twenty percent additional Perlite and worm castings but you don’t have to do so. After 4 to 6 weeks we’ll start to use other things such as molasses and CAL- MAG. We’ll discuss the process of making additions to Foxfarm soil in a future article soon.

Just Add Water

Because of all the available nutrients in Fox Farm Ocean Forest you can wait six weeks after you plants go into the soil before you need to add anything. The only things we may do is mix in some extra worm castings and perlite. Sometimes we add a little kelp layer to the bottom of starter containers so plants have some fresh food before they’re transplanted into larger containers filled with nothing but Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, perlite and worm poop.

After you transplant your girls into that larger container of Fox Farm Ocean Forest you should be good for four weeks of just adding water. Yes, you can go ahead and ignore that Fox Farm feeding schedule, dude. You’re welcome.

What is Foxfarm ocean forest potting soil?

Fox Farm and Organic Growing

If you’re going for an all organic grow make sure your nutrients are organic—not just ‘organically based.’ There are nutrients from FoxFarm and others available that are both 100% organic and organic-based. So do your homework. The term “organic based” is another way of saying there are organic things in here but we’ve added some other goodies that aren’t truly organic—so be careful.

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Anyhow there are several Fox Farm products and grow media as well as Fox Farm nutrients available and most of ‘em are pretty awesome. We use Ocean Forest and dig it, but you should check out the benefits of other soils like Roots Organics Soil or Black Gold Organic Soil and others to determine which soil best suite your needs.

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  1. Ncrebellion

    Aswome. Reading I like the ffof And have had great results can’t wait till nc gets onboard

  2. SCOTT


  3. Anonymous

    Been doing it for 8yrs never had soil problems

  4. lofton1973

    “(Stuff Stoners Like uses Roots Organics—BTW)”
    I disagree, look at:

  5. JD

    So on growing cannabis I wouldn’t need anything else to feed the plants throughout the entire growth cycle, just the soil is good enough??

  6. Jr

    I was also wondering if you could mix foxfarm ocean forest with Happy Frog soil conditioner they both have bat guano stomach acid living microrginizams etc

  7. pc

    JD.. I just started my first grow using FFOF and from everything I’ve read is that straight water is fine during veg,, but additives are needed once flowering starts.. my next question is whether going full organic (earth juice) or something like sensi or fox farms flower cycle trio will kill of the microbial cultures in the soil.. that im not sure about.. but this soil will need nutes once flowering starts..

  8. H_S_G

    Is there enough phosphorus in the ffof for the flowering ??? what would you add if there is not enough ???

  9. JB87

    JR I HAVE Done a a mix of HAPPY FROG WHICH IS BIGGER BY 1/2 cu ft. I mixed a bag of each and added 8-14 cups of perlite. They did OK, but mind you they had a lot of defective problems. The nitrogen was strong, that part was ok, had potassium problems, and calicium and magnessium on to much other not enough. So, whole way through it like one is too much of different things, meaning that it’s going to be hard to get it perfect. Also they are two different base soil’s from what i remember. I only did it once so might wanna ask more people. I have great sucess with 2 bags of Ocean Forest to One Bag of Light Warrior. I like water often because air is my worst problem and also add hydroton at the bottom of the bucket about 2-3 inches it, helps from getting mold because left over water of soil goes down and out, but experts have 2 opinions like with Fan leaves . My best mix is 2 1.5 cubic ft. so you have 3 cubic feet. Add bag of light warrior 1 cubic ft. SO YOU HAVE 4 cubic ft. add perlite now I recommend like it really perlite do 2cubic ft.of chunky perlite I use 1 cubic ft. You can use .5 perlite or none. Now get all together and mixed (use baby bathtub easy ). Now test it with 2 bowls one with baking soda and other with vinegar. let it dry out then crush it nice and put in bowl.Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the soil. If it fizzes, you have alkaline soil, with a pH between 7 and 8. If it doesn’t fizz after doing the vinegar test, then add distilled water to the other container until 2 teaspoons of soil are muddy. Add 1/2 cup baking soda. now add sulfur to raise PH up and To move down dolomite lime . PH BETWEEN 6.O-6.5 6.3 is really good. Like I said when you add plant’s by some hydroton and but some that large balls in bottom 3 inches, If new because it helps you not get mildew and couple other things. ANOTHER RECIPE 50/50 FF OCEAN FOREST AND Light Warrior now LW is 1 cu ft. and OF is 1.5 so idk if they know that and its one bag to one bag 50/50 or 3 light warriors 4 Ocean Forest and perlite is your choice. I add 1.5 cu ft. maybe .5 -2 NICE FORUM

  10. Norma Hall

    Fox farm nutrients are the best for your soil. If you are a soil lover and wants to save your soil by damaging through chemicals or any other items. you should use bloom booster Fox farm nutrients which benefits you directly and indirectly towards your improvement of your soil.

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