God’s Gift Strain Review

God's Gift StrainReview By: Mat Lee
Marijuana Strain Name:
God’s Gift
Score: 9/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Phat Panda
Harvest Date: 6/17/15
Indica v Sativa: 90 Indica / 10 Sativa
Content: THCA 22.8% | THC .3% | CBD .3%
Genetics: Granddaddy Purple X OG Kush

God's Gift Strain
This God’s Gift Strain was from Growers Outlet and grown by Phat Panda

Appearance: Looks like a fat happy bud. Beautiful stuff really, but so far I’ve only seen 8’s and 9’s from Phat Panda. God’s Gift is tight and wintery, covered in that jack frost stuff we love so much. I’m excited for this particular review because I just got in my new light box. Hopefully this will let me take much nicer macro shots. You tell me, God’s Gift was shot in the new box. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. It’s hard to do some of this weed justice with the equipment I have, but we’re trying.

God's Gift Strain
God’s Gift is tight and wintery, covered all that frost

Smell: This is some spicy fruity awesome smelling bud right here. There’s definitely more of a kush smell than anything else, but of course once you break it open the rest of the aroma is apparent. Definitely some sticky stanky stuff stoners like for sure. It’s grand, it’s kushy, it’s sorta purple smelling, if purple had a smell. But the spice is what I keep coming back to. It’s a sweet berry spice if that’s possible. Very nice.

God's Gift Strain
That smoke though. So flavorful with a robust, spicy, grapey, berry Kush taste

Flavor: Damn this bud has some kick out of the bong. A kick right in the lungs. That smoke though. So flavorful with a robust, spicy, grapey, berry Kush taste followed by a subtle sweet earthy fruit taste on the back end. This stuff has a massive snap in the bong so beware. Potent stuff, not just in feeling, but in taste and smell as well. I like it. I like it a LOT.
High: Just like it’s flavor, the high comes on like a freight train. As soon as I exhaled there was that nice warm blue screen buzz that only comes with a top shelf bong rip. I almost like this one more than the Grunk as far as the high goes. Not sure if it’s more powerful, or just agrees more with my particular endocannabinoid system. I also wanna take a second to mention the packaging.

God's Gift Strain
God’s Gift is HELLA Stuff Stoners Like

The three Phat Panda strains I’ve reviewed all came in glass jars. The images are loud and in your face, and they really catch attention units on the shelf. It’s really nicely presented rather than being in a thick baggy like the rest of the weed. It distinguishes it above the rest. Of course in doing this they are setting some pretty high expectations for themselves, but so far, I can honestly say they have produced some exceptionally impressive weed stuff here.

Either that or they are creating a self fulfilling psychological prophecy via the pretext of the presentation. If you think it’s better weed because it’s in a glass jar and everything else is in a bag, you’ll expect to have a better experience with it. That simple bit of expectation is enough to give you a positive pretext going in. Frame something in a positive manner when starting the experience, and more times than not you will have a more positive experience. Simple social engineering. Add to that the price difference, half because of the jars maybe? Half because let’s face it, positive pretext or not, this is some damn fine chronic.

God's Gift Strain
Like all Phat Panda strains God’s Gift comes in a fancy glass jar

Overall: If I was a religious person, I would assume something this good, could only come from a being of higher intelligence. Given to the humble humans inhabiting this pale blue dot. Here’s a gift, from our gods to yours. It’s like this weed is the beginning of the basis of the whole stoned ape theory. From good weed to good mushrooms, and before you know it, fully evolved higher functioning stoners. You can catch Phat Panda at Growers Outlet in South Bend Washington, and wherever else top shelf recreational cannabis is curated and sold.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

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God's Gift Strain

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