Grape Ape Strain Review

Grape Ape Weed StrainGrape Ape Strain Review

Review By: Mat Lee
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Artizen
Harvest Date: 4/14/2015
Type: 90 / 10 (Indica)
Content: THC 20.5% | CBD .3%
Genetics: Grape Ape weed is Afghani X Skunk—There’s all sorts that vary depending on what was crossed with what and how they were grown. Most say that the original Grape Ape strain is Afghani X Skunk #1 but there’s also rumblings of the GDP and the Urkle also being in the genetic mix. Probably something similar to what we saw in the Querkle strain I reviewed here.

Grape Ape
Grape Ape is Afghani X Skunk #1 but there’s also rumors of GDP and Urkle in the mix.

Appearance: These Grape Ape buds are tight, dense, frosty, and just a tinge of purple color on parts. I tried to take a couple of pictures of buds that showed the purple more prominently, but I definitely need a better lens. It comes out as looking like another shade of dark green. Did I mention these buds are dense? Dense sticky nugs are stuff stoners like for sure. Especially when they look like this. I also appreciate the tight clean design in their packaging. It definitely makes you curious about what’s inside when you see a shelf of nicely designed bud packaging. At least I do. It’s the little things right?
Grape ApeSmell: The grape-ape weed smells quite earthy, with a nice foxy background that good Grape Ape weed is known for. Once you break open the tight nugs you get a more prominent whiff of the grapeness. Grapey, bold, and exceptionally yummy. The weed grinder usually just has a lemony piney smell to it, from all the different buds that have been ground, but after putting a couple of chunks of Grape Ape weed in there, all you can smell is grapey pine. With lemon still in there clinging to the metal. It’s probably time to get a new weed grinder, but I have yet to come across one better than the Chromium Grinder. I’ve heard many talk, but so far no one has sent me one to prove it. Hint hint…

Grape Ape
Grape Ape from Growers Outlet. Grown by Artizen.

Flavor: This Grape Ape weed tastes sweet, grapey, with some subtle earthy hints to it. Good full smokey backbone. Most delicious. The grapeness of it all is definitely accentuated when smoked in a spliff with some good tobacco. Bong rips of the Grape Ape strain are also nice, but give it more of that earthy taste. It depends why you’re smoking. I wish I had my vape here, I bet the Grape Ape is amazing in a bag.

Grape Ape weed
Let’s smoke some Grape Ape Weed and watch a Grape Ape cartoon

High: Stoney as all get out. This Grape Ape strain delivered a nice head change out of just one bong rip. Two made me sit here and be like, wtf was I doing again. You know, one of those staring blankly at the monitor type moments when you have like 23 tabs open, but aren’t really focused on anything. I call it meditation time, others call it zoning out, or ADHD or something. It’s rare when a bud gives me that check, but the Grape Ape definitely had me chilling.

Grape Ape Strain
Grape Ape delivered a nice head change from a single bong rip.

Overall: The Grape Ape grown by Artizen is definitely a high 8. I would recommend getting down to Growers Outlet and getting some before they run out. This is a high power batch for sure, so keep that in mind if you and your endocannabinoid system are new to this game. Grape Ape weed will plant your dick firmly in the dirt. Don’t worry, you won’t die or anything, just make sure you have a nice comfy couch to park it on.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

Grape Ape
This is a high power batch—keep that in mind if you and your endocannabinoid system are new to the game.

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