Grapefruit Kush Strain Review

grapefruit kushMarijuana Strain Name: Grapefruit Kush
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Two Heads Co.
Harvest Date: 5/18/15
Type: Indica Dom.
Content: THC 18.6% | CBD .3%
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: Grapefruit X BC Kush

Grapefruit Kush is Grapefruit X BC Kush
Grapefruit Kush is Grapefruit X BC Kush

Appearance: I don’t know what it is about Two Heads Co. but their farm grows some of the densest buds I’ve seen. This Grapefruit Kush is no different. Exceptionally dense and sticky all over. I love this Grapefruit weed. Quite the hearty bud with a tremendous trichome outgrowth.

Another fantastic calyx to leaf ratio, which seems to be a continuing theme in the Two Heads top shelf cannabis catalog. That trimming though. You guys really need to check out something tasty from the Two Heads collection.
Smell: Another fine spicy, sweet aroma with a pungenescence of earthy piney kushy goodness. This Grapefruit strain made me sneeze and I almost rendered my bowl unsmokable, all over the floor. I’m nimble and it landed back in my hand.

grapefruit strain
Think classic kush with a sweet spicy grapefruit bite and you’ve got Grapefruit Kush

No harm, no foul. As I’ve written in previous reviews, I’m not generally a fan of the kush strains, unless they have a nice fruity or sweet aspect to them. But this Grapefruit Kush has both. Definitely some smelly, stony, stuff stoners like.
Flavor: That same spicy aroma carries over into the taste that makes for a crisp creamy smoke with a nice kick. Think classic kush with a sweet spicy grapefruit bite and you’ve got Grapefruit Kush.

Be easy with the bong rips if you have sensitive lungs, this Grapefruit Kush can definitely put you on the floor for a moment. Joints are good, personally I prefer the spliff as you probably know if you follow these weed reviews.

grapefruit weed
Grapefruit Weed is Stuff Stoners Like

High: For a strain that comes in slightly under 20%, Grapefruit Kush has a bodacious head high at first, and if you manage to finish a bong load to your head before having to take a minute to collect yourself, you’ll be rewarded with a most relaxing couch lock session. This one is a heavy indica so for you newer smokers, you might wanna take it slow.
Overall: Being a fan of fruity sweet strains, but not so much a kush dog, I’m giving this Grapefruit weed a 7. It’s got a great smell and look to it, the buds are nice and dense and the calyx to leaf ratio is on point. The high is noticeably heavy and relaxing, which is always something I enjoy in my herbs. I can see myself burning through quite a bit of this in the spliff department if it was something I always had around.

grapefuit weed is SSL
This Grapefruit weed came from Growers Outlet and was grown by Two Heads Co.

Be sure to stop by Growers Outlet and tell their lovely budtenders you want to check out some of the Two Heads Co. Grapefruit Kush. Tell them Mat said it was pretty damn good shit.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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