Grunk Strain Review

Grunk Marijuana StrainReview by: Mat Lee
Marijuana Strain Name:
Score: 9/10 (We all know it’s a ten, I just can’t give out a ten until I’ve seen ALL the weed)
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Phat Panda
Harvest Date: 6/17/15
Type: 70 / 30 (Sativa)
Content: THCA 24.4% | THC .7% | CBD .2%
Genetics: Grape Ape X Skunk #1
Although from what I’ve heard it can really be any grape type strain crossed with any skunk. But the original Grunk is rumored to be the Grape Ape Skunk #1 cross.
grunk marijuana

Appearance: This is some fiercely frosty, welcome to wonderland goodness. I have yet to hear people rapping about getting Grunk, so I might have to be the first. This stuff is that good. It definitely needs an anthem or something. So much potential, so little time. The buds themselves are the epitome of what a good bud should look like. Nice trichome coverage, fully darkened hairs letting you know this Grunk was ripe for the picking. There’s dark green buds, light green buds, and some purple in the batch I got from Growers Outlet. All stuff stoners like for sure.

grunk strain
Grunk is some fiercely frosty, welcome to wonderland goodness

Smell: As soon as you open the jar a super skunky grape aroma bursts forth. With great grapey wrath. It’s like these grapes have this wrath in the form of terpenes, and they want to share it with your olfactory workers, in the form of kicking them in the nuts. Do you even dare to crack the bud open? But of course. Crack that sucker open, close your eyes, and take a deep sniff. I mean really get in there and bask in the sticky trichome encrusted, terpene coated marinate that is Grunk. If they made a Grunk flavored cologne or perfume, I would hose my ginger fire princess down with it every night. I fucking love this smell.

grunk weed
Mat Lee on Grunk: ” I fucking love this smell.”

Flavor: It tastes just like it smells, with a more earthy flavor to the smoke. I’m kind of beginning to think all weed tastes a little earthy when it’s smoked. This is definitely some top shelf stuff to save for the vape if you have one. Volcano or bust. So, does anyone have a volcano they wanna hook a brother up with? I will utilize it fully to write better reviews.
High: Woof. This is what I’m talking about. Bonghits bring on a voluptuous heady high that seems to just keep going. Legs all the way up if you know what I mean. Next stop, cloud nine distracted-ville. Population, this guy! I saved this one to smoke first thing when I woke up on my day off. I don’t usually get stoned anymore (unless I really get down to business and take multiple dabs to the dome or something silly like that), I always have this state of heady high tolerant bliss in my day to day, so to feel the effects to the point where I’m actually stoned, it has to be wake and bake usually.

ML: “The Grunk gets me there with just a couple of bongrips.”

The Grunk gets me there with just a couple of bongrips. If you are new to the whole cannabis game, definitely take it easy with this one. With a fully loaded cannabinoid profile and the terpenes to potentiate them, get ready to get Grunk.
Overall: I came across some forum posts in which a lot of users testify that the Grunk is basically a ten out of ten. I’m hesitant to give anything a ten so early in the game. I feel to be a fair judge of cannabis, I should see all the weed before I give out a ten, or a one. A zero? I forget. Let’s say on a scale of one to ten, as legit researchers who write shit down. Because as I’ve been told by real scientists, if you aren’t writing shit down, you’re just fucking around.

Grunk is at the top of the list right now

As of the time of this writing I’ve had over 30 strain reviews published. That’s nowhere near all the weed. So of course, the Grunk is at the top of the list right now, along with the few other 9’s I’ve given. Is anyone keeping track of all this? I should do some sort of monthly update to see where we are as far as reviewing ALL the weed. I’m interested to see what kind of weed game we’re all on when more states re-legalize this amazingly beautiful plant and our technology matures a little more.

grunk marijuana strain logo
Q: What do you get when you cross Grape Ape with Skunk #1? A: Grunk

There’s great things being done and a lot of community sustaining funds to be had. It’s a beautiful time to be alive and in the ganja game. Who’s ready to get Grunk with me? Have you even had this? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

3 Responses to “Grunk Strain Review”

  1. ladystoner

    Reading your review of the Grunk took me back to when my husband and I tried it in Seattle and had the same experience. I’m like you, I don’t get stoned often because it takes a lot, and I smoke everyday. However- this weed did the trick! I told my husband if we had gotten weed that good back home (where it’s not legal) I would have thought it had been laced it with something else lol. Best high ever. We went to several pot shops and got the strongest strain offered at each shop. This strain blew all of those out of the water. Thanks for the review!

  2. Sarahphim

    Wow! I’m just beginning to educate myself about different weed strains. About a year ago I decided to try something just to take the edge off my daily stress level. I just now am seeing what someone in Ike’s gave me when I wanted to just chill. It’s Grunk! When I read the description here, no wonder I rarely enjoyed it. What was that dude thinking?!

  3. #Dab'Couver city

    I was looking for some really quality glassy shatter. The hard stuff that actually shatters. Not the shatter that u buy and its practically goop already…? Anyway I wanted something high in euphoria with a sweet berry taste I also got a super blueberry wax by black label too BUT it turned out to be a dark blue dream variant which was at first very frustrating as I was meaning to get a heavy strong to pure INDICA…. DJ SHORTS Bb or one of the close Bb heavy indica phenos . AND so was perturbed to see that the markets retail sticker on the package says “midnight blue dream-blueberry-indica”….which I had never heard of CUZ it doesn’t actually exist at least not in the traditional sense my guess is its black label buds version of the dark blue dream that’s going around a more INDICA heavy blue dream variant supposedly more seating than its original pheno decendant. So anyway back to my original GRUNK review/comment… (Sorry BTW) back on track. So I smoked a good p sized amount of the GRUNK SHATTER BY PHAT-P and the MIDNIGHT BLUE DREAM-BLUEBERRY wax by BLACK LABEL BUDS and afterward I was shocked to find I was nicely high off just 2 small Lil orbs of each. (Smaller than a pencil ereaser) I wanted to know which strain I was feeling more so I set out on the good ole intro-net to find out if there was a review for GRUNK specific to PHAT PANDAS house made custom strain. The leafly review is for “THE” GRUNK idk if its different or the same but the review by Matt I just read is spot on to the high I’m feeling right now. The GRUNK is awesome stuff. I haven’t tried it in heavy doses yet but in moments I’m about to. Cheers everyone! Smoke em if ya got em. 🤔😧😖😜

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