BRNR Lab Donates Meals to Essential Cannabis Workers

BRNR Lab donates meals

Our buddy Seibo Shen, CEO and Founder of BRNR Lab recently ran a campaign called, The Big Payback. For the event Shen and team handed out 1000 meals to essential workers and the homeless in the SF Bay Area.

There has been so much negativity in our area, to wear masks or not, whether COVID is the most dangerous thing to happen or is it a government hoax, is Bill Gates a reptilian, and it became very exhausting so we really wanted to do something that would help change the discussion, he tell us.

“We aren’t epidemiologists and we aren’t experts in what is the best way to handle this pandemic,” Shens says, “but what we do know is that when you help people in need, everyone feels good about that and we hope that by doing our part, we can start a domino effect of positivity that hopefully others will follow.

Shen is launching a new brand called BRNR Lab. It’s an extension of the partnership between AVD and Hanu Labs to deliver a new level of user experience that’s been missing from products in this price category. By leveraging their proprietary technology and economy of scale they’re able to make high quality, budget friendly products. The founders grew up in the industry, understand that its lifeblood are the budtenders and wanted to design accessories that budtenders would not only recommend, but easily afford.

Magnolia Wellness

Shen is best known for creating the famous VapeXhale Cloud EVO a few years back. When it comes to vaping concentrates this is a connoisseur’s favorite because it’s set-it-and-forget-it heating system and all glass path.

Anyhow, check out the cool little video testimonial below by a local dispensary worker and note the genuine gratitude.

“We are very proud to say that most people thought we were going to deliver peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or something of that nature, says Shen. “But instead we were able to serve Michelin-rated paella from La Marcha in Oakland, for the plant based folks out there, we also offered a vegan option.”

It was amazing to see the appreciation on the faces of the budtenders and the rest of the staff at the dispensaries, says Shen. It really reminded me of the importance of community building which is something our industry has really gotten away from.

Big Payback by Hanulabs

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