Happy Holidaze from UptownGrow Lab and STUFF STONERS LIKE

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.03.09 PMThe two super awesome grow gurus who answer all our cultivation questions, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy put together this cool li’l holiday video to wish all you STONERS out there Happy Holidaze. Remember, nothing beats the gift of WEED this holiday season. Or pizza. Ya know, pizza’s cool and all, but really…most STONERS just want WEED.

Have a grow question? Get in touch so our buds, Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy from uptowngrowlab.net can answer that shit for ya, man. Make it a New Year’s resolution to save money and grow your own or if you’re already growing up your game by following our column and asking questions. Helpin’ each other grow vibrant gardens that thrive and succeed is what it’s all about. One LOVE.

To answer all your cultivation questions we’ve teamed-up with experts Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy, authors of The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab—an oversized, hard-covered, coffee table book that’s 50% grow guide, 50% adventure story and 100% awesome.

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