Home Remedies to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

Home remedies to pass a saliva drug testHome remedies to pass a saliva drug test

The mouth swab drug test is quickly gaining popularity. Because it’s cheap to administer and can be deployed anytime and anywhere the mouth swab drug test (sometimes called the spit drug test, the saliva drug test, or an oral fluid-based test) affords employers or law enforcement the ability to quickly and easily conduct a random test for drugs—marijuana included.

Have money to spare on beating a Saliva Drug Test? We recommend a Saliva Neutralizing Gum or a Cleansing Mouth Wash.

When could you face a mouth swab drug test? They’re typically performed by employers prior to an employee being hired, after an accident or when an employer has reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs on the job. They’re not too often sprung on workers at random, unless you’re working for an asshole or in a job where doing any drugs could pose a problem. But when it comes to weed, WTF could that be? Anyhow employers can also deploy a spit test when employees return back to work.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

The results of a mouth swab drug test are extremely accurate and immediate. And unlike a urine drug test or a blood drug test the saliva drug test doesn’t require anyone to piss in a cup or welcome a needle. Have a mouth swab drug test coming up? For starters you should quickly test yourself to see if you’ll pass. Here’s an affordable Mouth Swab Drug Test kit that you can use on yourself at home.

How is a saliva drug test administered? It involves a swab that looks like a toothbrush and it’s given similarly. The poor schmuck being tested has to place the swab between their lower cheek and gum for about two minutes. After that he or she will get a pass or fail on the spot.

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mouthful of jointsTips on how to pass a saliva drug test

We know you want some home remedies to pass a saliva drug test. But first we should give you our recommendation on a product that we know will work—every time. Sure it’s little expensive but so is the price of freedom. Plus it comes with a 200% money-back guarantee. It’s called Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum and it works in 30 seconds and lasts a full 30 minutes. So if your freedom or job is on the line get some and keep it in your car, pocket, purse or at work.

You could also keep a detox mouthwash product handy. Ultra Kleen Salvia Cleansing Mouth Wash we hear rocks and comes with a 500% Money Back Guarantee. Another great product to beat a mouth swab drug test is Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. These should detox your saliva near instantly and keep you covered for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Home remedies to pass a saliva drug test

If you know ahead of time the best way to pass a mouth swab drug test is to stop smoking weed for a day or two prior to taking the test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily too. That’s because marijuana can only be detected in the system by a spit test for 12 to 24 hours. Compare this to other common drug detection times:

  • Cocaine: 1 day
  • Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
  • Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days
  • Alcohol: 6-12 hours

More home remedies to pass a saliva drug test

If you don’t have 12 to 24 hours to spare and still need some home remedies to pass a saliva drug test you could try drinking a lot of water. You could also add some cranberry juice to boost flavor and detoxification power. You could also exercise. Since THC is stored in fat cells burning fat by exercising will raise your metabolism. That in turn will raise your body’s ability to process and release THC. Exercise will also boost your water intake helping purify your system even more. But these three home remedies to pass a saliva drug test all take time. However if you’re looking to know how to pass a saliva drug test naturally that’s all there is, man. It just takes time.

So like we said above if the threat of a mouth swab drug test continually looms over your head you might want to keep that Saliva Neutralizing Gum or a Cleansing Mouth Wash handy—especially if your job or freedom is at risk, man.

Have any home remedies to pass a saliva drug test or maybe a few tips on how to pass a saliva drug test? Share ‘em in the comment section below…

27 Responses to “Home Remedies to Pass a Saliva Drug Test”

  1. Mick Tito

    Great advice guys, will definetley be ordering some neutralising gum.

  2. Lucretia Quattlebaum

    Im a chronic smoker, I smoke about 150$ worth of marijuana in two weeks timing…….I had to take a saliva swab test Wednesday at 2:35pm….I haven’t smoked since 8am Tuesday morning…. So in total 31hours passed between my last smoke and the test…. Will I pass?? I heard weed stays in spit for up to 24hrs

  3. Kendall

    Marijuana stays in ur spit for up to a week,blood 3 months for chronic smokers. Listerine strips and brown vinegar work instantly for pot,but not methyl amphetamines.Have yet to beat that one.

  4. Alexis Valdez

    Did you guys pass? I haven’t smoked for about a day and I have my test in 2 days.

  5. K

    Did anyone pass their test? Lucrecia or Alexis?
    Kendall when should I use the brown vinegar?

  6. MoniqueB

    I’m a heavy smoker too and my test is tomorrow and I smoked this morning ….In gonna try the Listerine strips and look for a CHEAP neutralizing mouthwash of some kind and scrub my mouth raw till tomorrow…Fingers crossed!

  7. JesseS

    Hey guys. My name is Jesse, and I smoke a lot of weed! I had an incident involving injury where I knew I was going to be administered a mouth swab drug test in only 12 hours. I have passed oral drug tests 2 times now, 17 hours and 12 hours after smoking, respectively. The most important thing to do is to rinse and brush more than you usually do, but not to the point your gums are bloody and torn up. Blood on the swab would raise suspicion. Drink a lot of water, as stated in the article. Another thing, that I’m assuming helps, but is also gross and most people would not adhere to, is chewing tobacco/snuff. The extra saliva it produces helps work the thc out of your saliva faster. An alternative to chewing tobacco is being outside, chewing gum, and spitting. A lot. Hope this helps, and here’s to passing those tests. Good luck!

  8. Rasberrypony

    Just an FYI i did a saliva test 8 days after doing cocaine and it still showed in my system. I thought I was safe every where I read 3 days, its not true

  9. BigPurpleNugz

    Well normal people don’t do coke, so I doubt many of us would have that issue.

  10. Reel

    I smoked last on Friday at 10:45 today is Monday I have a Silvia test at 4 what’s my chance of passing I will brush my teeth and use smart mouth wash

  11. Yasmin

    You’ll be fine @REEL

  12. Wood

    I brushed alot and gargled alot. Plus i used altoids. You think I passed?

  13. Natalie

    Ok I just received a call for a job offer and the drug test is in 2 hours an I just smoked right before the call (I work third shift so I’m just getting off) do you think I will pass and if so wat is the quickest successfully solution. Help anyone..

  14. Tonya-Randall

    How do I pass a swab test for dope

  15. destiny nicole

    have a drug test in a little while . smoked yesterday around 11 am should be almost 24 hours before the test . gargling with Listerine and peroxide all tnhe way there . wish me luck you fucks .

  16. Bro

    I smoked on Tuesday and have a mouth swab on Friday I don’t smoke a lot but I am a big guy will I pass

  17. Gwen

    I have used for 3 yes. Then swab tested after 2Tbls.a day for three days of apple cider vinager.in as much water as possible.swish with vinager before test.Passed.

  18. Kr33p$

    Is it posable to pass a mouth swab for a small amount of meth ? If so how?

  19. Carlos Gomez

    Ok so I stop smoking weed Wed, then smoked one blunt on Friday but then went cold turkey and excercise everyday until Tuesday today, I’ve also drank cranberry and water during my 4 clean days, will I be able to pass?

  20. Anonymous

    I usually am a weed smoker but last day i smoked was thursday and I have to take swab test Monday at 9am think I pass

  21. RLEE

    Gwen – Did you say you took 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 3 times daily? I ask because I too have been smoking for the past three years, daily. I’ve only been clean 4 days, adopted a really healthy diet, been very active/sweating, drinking tons or water/tea/coffee to flush me out, and got some good quality mouthwash, toothbrush & toothpaste (versus the cheap shit I usually buy lol)…..Any thoughts y’all??? I’m going out for a warehouse position that requires the saliva test AT the direct interview, which I have NOT scheduled yet so that I could buy some time to clean up.

  22. Anonymous

    What bullshit we even have drug screens

  23. timmy the cat

    I have a swab test tomorrow. Used cocaine this morning. Ima take a bottle of listerine with me and gargle before hand. How do u think ill do?

  24. Leah

    I have a mouth swab test tomorrow at 10am. I smoked marijuana at 7:00am today. If i brush a lot rinse a lot and eat a lot until then do u think ill pass?

  25. Nina ross

    Timmy the cat did you pass

  26. T0mmi3

    I’ve read that peroxide is the way to go if u need to pass a swab test. If you can clean the he’ll outta your mouth with floss and brushing then mouthwash. Then after mouthwash do a peroxide rinse to get as much toxins cleared away beforehand. Then another rinse right before the swab is taken would probably work.
    The gum products work in a similar way but would be extra useful if surprise testing is expected.
    I haven’t tried either method myself but have been doing my homework and it seems that’s what people say works. I personally would test the gum product beforehand somehow, before I ever used it in a situation where failing could cost you a job or to lose custody of a child, obviously.

  27. Ella phante

    I was stoned when I took the mouth swab. I had smoked an hour before. I brushed my teeth, gums, cheeks. Smoked some cigs. Filled my cheeks with Altoids, up until it was time to take the test. I tried to keep as much spit off that side of my mouth as possible. I passed that bitch and got the job.

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