Mouth Swab Drug Test —What Is It and What You Need to Know About It

Could A Saliva Test Detect Cannabis?

Yes. Cannabis can be detected by the use of a saliva drug test (oral fluid-based test). Also known as a mouth swab drug test, or a spit drug test, the saliva drug test is quickly gaining popularity among drug warriors. Why? A mouth swab drug test is cheap to administer and can be deployed anytime and anywhere for starters—allowing employers or law enforcement to randomly test for drugs. And the results of a mouth swab drug test are extremely accurate and immediate. Plus they don’t require anyone to piss in a cup or welcome a needle. Have one coming up? We recommend some Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum.

Because of the advantages of the saliva drug test it’s displacing the urine test which can be not only complicated but time-consuming to administer. Another key strength of the mouth swab drug test is that its detection times are generally shorter than that of a urine test too. Oh and in case you’re wondering how to beat a urine drug test synthetic urine is your best bet.

When might you face a mouth swab drug test?

Well, a spit drug test is commonly performed by employers before an employee is hired, at random, after an accident or when an employer has reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs on the job. Employers can also use a swab test to check employees returning back to work for weed use.

learn how to pass a mouth swab drug testHow is a saliva drug test administered?

A Saliva Test simply involves using a swab that looks a lot like a toothbrush and it’s used similarly—the swab is placed between the lower cheek and gum for about two minutes and collects the saliva for testing. Once saturated it takes a few minutes to produce a pass or fail on the spot

The best thing about a mouth swab drug test or spit test is that it’s very easy for marijuana smokers to pass. That’s because marijuana can only be detected in the system by a spit test for 12 to 24 hours. Compare this to other common drugs:

  • Cocaine: 1 day
  • Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
  • Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days
  • Alcohol: 6-12 hours

How to beat a saliva drug test if you have time

Want to how to pass a swab test? Well If you know ahead of time the best way to pass a mouth swab drug test is to stop smoking weed for a day or two prior to taking the oral drug test. Be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and use mouthwash daily before the test too.

How accurate is the oral swab test?

The oral drug test is extremely accurate. It can detect weed use immediately after you smoke. It will then continue to detect your pot smoking for the next four days. After smoking weed It takes about four hours before it will show up on a piss test. But once that marijuana use does show up on a urine test you can count on it showing up for weeks even months if you smoke a lot of pot. So sure these things are accurate but so are other drug tests. The reason why things thing is so effective is because it can easily and accurately detect immediate drug use. So if someone is trying to test you for smoking pot and you’re currently high this is the test that’s going to rat you out. Grab yourself some Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum and you’ll be good though.

Sudden mouth swab drug test—how do you pass it

The randomness of the saliva drug test is its main strength, however. One way to beat the spit drug test is to always keep a saliva neutralizing gum handy. Drop a pack in your desk drawer at work, in your purse or backpack, or the car’s glove box just in case—it’s that easy. We’ve heard that Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum is the best solution available because it clears out nicotine and all other toxins in 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes. Does it work? It comes with a 200% money-back guarantee, son. So it better help you beat a swab drug test, dude.

You could also keep a mouth-wash product handyjust in case your boss likes to spring a saliva drug test on employees. One that we hear that works really well is Ultra Kleen Salvia Cleansing Mouth Wash with a 500% Money Back Guarantee, another is Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. These should detox your saliva near instantly and keep you covered for a minimum of 60 minutes.

If you have questions about beating a mouth swab drug test, or saliva drug test, let us know below. You can also check out our complete guides: How To Pass A Drug Test and How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana.

257 Responses to “Mouth Swab Drug Test —What Is It and What You Need to Know About It”

  1. James

    More of a question then a comment, you say how to maybe pass for smoking but can you pass if you use opiates?

  2. josh

    This shit is bullshit you can tell your pot heads lol just keep awnsering questions with questions more confused than when I started sorry to be a dick but damn so how do you pass for opiates then kinda need the job email me….

  3. Julie

    Hi I have a swab test in 24hrs and I am currently in opiates. I’ve read they can only detect 12-24hrs since last use and I’ve also read you need 3-5days to get it out of system but I hear your mouth is quickest thing to clear out toxins than urine so I’m very confused. I have a lot riding in me praying this test and really need an accurate answer. Since I’m addicted and really can’t make 3 days without using I need to knew what I can do to pass this with it being a sure thing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help me!!!!! Thank you so much.

  4. Megan

    I have to take a mouth swab for a job. I go to the methadone clinic so I’m not worried about that bc I got papers showing I get it. But I sometimes like meth jus a lil fun. I will have to take this test tomorrow i don’t have 3-4 days. And I smoked it last night?? Any helo

  5. lee

    I go to the methadone clinic and do xyanax pills but do not have a prescription four them how can I pass a random mouth swab test?

  6. B-cuz

    Its is beyond sad to see most people worried about passing because of opiates Or harder drugs, and to be without prprescription! This is a huge problem and growing fast. If you need a job and are that worried about not passing then GET CLEAN! There are many others out there way more deserving of employment then meth or coke heads! I have lost many friends from OD on such drugs, prayers and God be with You!

  7. dale da whale

    Im 27 and been smoken bud since i was 7years old. And da best thang 2 ever past a drugtest 4me was 2 find a doner. But this swab thang is something new 2me. I got a job comn up.

  8. dale da whale been smoken chronic for19 years. And never failed a drug test thanks 2 my doners. But finaly i gotta take a swab. Wasup with dat?

  9. pissed off pot head

    Ok pill heads, cant you see this is a MARIJUANA WEBSITE. Find another one to rant about pills.

  10. Gmoneysmoke

    My friend just passed a spit test for working at bjs. She has been smoking bud for 8 years everyday and to pass, all she did was stop smoking the day before her drug test and drink plentyyyy of water& as weird as it sounds, eat a whole box of Altoids because the menthol burns away the first layer of your tonsils.

  11. Alyssa

    I haven’t smoked in close to 3weeks….I took the test this pass Friday …..but the test was Sooo last minute I didn’t have time to go home and brush my teeth….I had gum in my mouth… u think I’ll pass????

  12. D..isappointed

    Biotene toothpastes not work

  13. shanel

    I have a interview Tuesday 8/18 at 11:30am I smoke Thursday 8/13 and was drinking bar juice is it possible I can past the swab test

  14. HelenFeller

    Yo Shanel how’d it turn out? you should’ve been good after 24 hrs, I hear it’s basically a test to see if you’re “intoxicated” at the Moment of testing.

    To anyone else who cares I know of a few cleansing mouthwashes designed specifically for THC swab test that worked for me (from Amazon) even if you’re high when you take the test, as long as you don’t smoke after washing you’ll test negative for a few hours. Bought a home test on Amazon too (turned out to be the exact same test the employer had) passed both 30 mins after toking each time with the special mouthwash.

  15. Michael

    Thnx for all the tips”

  16. MarleyBarbie420

    Lol. These opiate, meth, and crack users are UNBELIEVABLE! This is insane, I only see this crap on intervention. That’s why when ppl ask me if I do drugs, I reply No. I smoke WEEEEDDD!!! I hope y’all find help.

  17. Tynee

    Ok so I have read all of the comments for passing a swab test but my question is what if you don’t have time or money to get the mouthwash off line but you have to take your test and it will be more the 12 hrs after smoking and less then 24 hrs what’s the quickest way I really need to get this job…..
    Oh ps Ctfu at the meth n coke heads had me thinking I click on the wrong site somebody please help me

  18. Chres twice

    I haven’t smoke a blunt over 4/days . tomorrow morning I’m taking a swab test for a job . . I’m brushing thoroughly and constantly . . I’ll let ya know if I passed . wish me luck Buddies !

  19. me

    used crack cocaine Friday swab saliva test monday will I pass

  20. Koray29

    I go to the methadone clinic and I take xanax but I’m not prescribed them… I need to pass a drug test to get a job… Get off the dope dope fiends get the needle out your vein that’s the best way to not fail a drug test for your beloved heroin and opiates

  21. Phuckkyolife

    I take my swab test in a hour. I haven’t smoked since Friday. I brushed my teeth, gums, and my tongue with toothpaste and as well as Listerine. I also Listerine several times. Hopefully I pass and get the job!

  22. State

    what’s really disconcerting is the fact that employers are even allowed to violate your privacy is such a pervasive way even when it has nothing to do with your job. I mean, it’s understandable if you’re a pilot or something, but they do this to people who work at walmart for god sakes. Really not very intelligent either, because if someone who’s on drugs can’t get a job anywhere because of these tests, what do you think they’re going to do to make money? become a dealer.

  23. Ann Onymous

    Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide for about a min, brush, and then rinse with listerine/ mouthwash. I’ve always passed with no problem and am a daily smoker.

  24. Andrew

    Hey I have a question
    I will be taking a swab test 36 hours after smoking.
    Very tiny 146lbs and fast metabolism
    Will I pass? Or should i worry?
    Also to ann onymous you said use mouth wash after peroxide? Is this like more than once? Or just once before the test?

  25. Alex

    If I haven’t smoked in 40-50hrs will I be good to pass a oral swab test? Please help

  26. Chances Good

    I passed one before while i was stoned smoked about 3G’s of really good bud used hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash and did a water rinse after. It was only a few hours after smoking and passed just fine. Best of luck stoners. And all you drug addicts asking for a quick fix….. Get off the drugs you sad fucks!

  27. Ashley

    I have smoked 3-4 grams a day for 10years. I have a swab test coming up not sure when so its going to be last minute. What is the best way to be prepared for the test? what methods should do routinely until I have the test? please I need this job.

  28. t.over all

    I took a swab ,just smoke the day before ,an took a detox the next day , will I pass

  29. cp420life

    I’m just here to say thank you to everyone that actually helped. I am an full blown stoner!! 6-7 ditches a day mostly purple but that’s neither here nor there……any way I just passed the swab test! Here is what I did. I completely stopped smoking for 24-27 hours before the test (I didn’t die) I brushed and used Listerine about 5 times within this time frame. I also did a few peroxide rinses as well. I also used altoids Listerine and peroxide right before I was tested and I had a sprite in my hand when I came in. I soaked thr swab and brushed it all around my mouth and I passed. I ate Qdoba and had a cranberry juice while driving. I don’t know which of these worked but I really passed! Thanks to everyone that gave useful info.

  30. Derek

    I gotta swab test at 10am tommorrow i was just told, i havent smoked since yesterday 745ish am i good or naw

  31. Damon

    Okay so I read peroxide on other sites an they say it works!! But I wanna get other opinions

  32. Solo

    I did cocaine on Friday will i pass the test if i got to take a swab drug test

  33. GucciCoochi

    Lmao thx

  34. Mike

    Wat should I do to pass a swab test for heroin I been use in for like 2 months now an I can b getting tested in 3 to 6 day so can someone help me out

  35. Aaron

    So it’s been 12 hours since my last doobie, and I have until Monday for my swab drug screen. If I stop smoking until then will I be okay, like no problem to pass?? Also, what is going to be the best daily mouth toxin clearing route? Advice is greatly appreciated!!

  36. Anonymous Perso

    I went to an interview and was hired on the spot (not expecting it to happen so fast) I smoked 72 hours before the interview, bruched my teeth, and I drank sweet tea before I had a mouth swab. Do you think i will pass?

  37. Blackwidow

    Took my saliva test today sept 18 2015 I smoked weed 2 days ago. They said a 3 party will call in 2 days after it. I brushed and swished with peroxide even mouthwashed. So now I await results wish me luck!

  38. Thatguy

    Don’t smoke for one day (12-24hrs), and hold the stick between your teeth. Let it get a little wet, but hold between teeth for the majority of the time they make you keep it in your mouth.

  39. OpiatesAreDeath

    Why are you guys so hard on opiate and cocaine users? Honestly its ridiculous. I’ve been addicted to shooting heroin since I’ve been 17 and I am now 21. I met a beautiful girl that turned out to be a heroin user and unfortunately I’m a sucker for a blonde girl with a beautiful face, some pretty green eyes, a big butt, a nice B cup, and I like em when they are bad – only for you. I wanted to fit in and impress her; I also got curious about this rush she was talking about that you get from shooting it. She said the rush from it was an unexplainable feeling and the only way to explain it wad to feel it for myself. Of course I wanted to show her that I was down and I wanted to fit in too; after all who wouldn’t want a chance to get with a gorgeous girl like her. I was extremely scared, I saw all those stories on Intervention of people who basically sold their soul for it; but I had done pills and smoked weed before plenty of times, so why should I be scared now,after all those stories on Intervention were only extreme cases of people who had no willpower and couldn’t control themselves, like an alcoholic, right? The moment she shot me up and I felt that warm tingly rush, like a surge of warmth and happiness surging all over your body; almost like the feeling of your first kiss or falling in love for the first time. From that point on i didn’t knowbit then but that would be my first time of many with the drug heroin, its a drug that untilnyou lose everything and get sick of being an addict and you’ve gained a want and will to LIVE that you just want put down. Heroin turns honest, good men into lying thieves; and there is no honor amongst thieves. Eventually you become dope sick and you lose your conscience, you’d steal from your own motherbif that meant feeling better and not being dope sick. Heroin is a sick drug… But hate the drug not the addict.. My fall into addiction was a mistake.. I didn’t wake up one day and decide that I wanted to be a heroin addict. The junk just takes hold of even the best people.. Don’t judge an addict, they are still people too, they just made a mistake in life, one you can just fix overnight.. Addicts are people too though, they have hearts, feelings, and those who haven’t sold theirs for a fix already have souls too….

  40. Evett

    To people that’s worrying about passing Mouth test. LET ME TELL YOU ITS EASY NO WORRIES. I JUST PASS THE TEST n I smoke heavy. All I did was 2 simple things lol. A pack of winter fresh bubble gum. I pop 3 n my mouth during orientation n then put 3 more b4 test. N pass it. I had the bubble gum n the swab test n my mouth at the same time.. That simple

  41. anomaly

    Peroxide works for all drugs… Swish right before if possible!

  42. im fucked

    well i hit a bowl at 730 am i have a mouth swab at 330 do you thing ill pass if i brushed my teeth and use peroxide

  43. Worriedstoner

    I’m waiting on the results from my test and in completely freaking out It was about 12-13 hours since I smoked when I took the test that whole time I rinsed with peroxide and Listerine and brushed a lot and right before I went in I put like 5 Listerine strips in my mouth I’ve passed one before with mouth wash and peroxide but that was the one with the stick this one was different it was a swab I had to drop in my mouth then spit back in the tube then they sent it off has anyone seen this kind before?????

  44. mea

    I Don’t do drugs or smoke I never had, but I had a glass of wine the day before the test. Should I worry?

  45. Honeytone1

    I had a drug test for a warehouse an they had me keep a 10 min swab stick in my mouth. 11 hrs prior I smoked that good I rinsed a swish of peroxide plus of course a good brushing of the teeth an right before they called me in I used a small bottle of Listerine to finish up! It was too simple my nerves where shot up just up till a few hours ago got the J.O.B. can’t complain 😉

  46. Dominique

    Hey guys just wanted to tell you that I just had a oral drug screen 1 hour ago!
    I passed!!!
    I literally dab like 3-4 times a day so I was really nervous about this!
    I smoked at 9:30 pm last night which gave me 14-16 hours to clean my mouth.
    -I brushed before bed
    -woke up ate breakfast
    -rinsed my mouth out with peroxide
    -rinsed my mouth with listerine
    Repeated that before I went in

    I read that THC only stays I’m your salvia 1-4 hours not 12-24.
    I’m not a genius or anything but I do have a new job and I passed!:)

  47. Anonymous

    Brushing the inside of your mouth thoroughly & rinsing with plain peroxide for about five minutes does the trick. Try to do it at least three times before the test. Between rinses, eat strong mints, I ate winter green life savers. Passed at 2 pm after smoking at 11pm the night before.

  48. Rachel

    IT STATES THE OTHER DRUGS AND THEIR TIMEFRAMES. Put down your pipe, your rolled dollar bill, your spoon and needle and READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE.

  49. Paranoid Stoner

    Okay so I had took a smoked the day this job called me and immediately had to take a mouth swab the next day…I brushed really good that night and the morning of and I DEFINITELY didn’t smoke that day. The weird thing is that said you go through orientation and they hire you BEFORE your swab results come back…she then the results will determine whether they keep you or not. Anyone ever heard of this and do you think I’ll pass? I just hate that I didn’t know sooner that they would call

  50. Jimmy

    Wow all you Americans getting drug tested and shit for jobs you need while your politicians snort cocaine in their offices. You guys should move to Australia where we have real freedom, lots of jobs, a minimum wage that’s higher than what 50% of Americans earn every year. Roadside testing is by measurement of toxins in the body not by letting power tripping cops make decisions by forcing you to perform humiliating coordination tests. Nobody’s desperate here, healthcare is super accessible. Beautiful weather, beaches, low population density. I never wanna hear an American talk about freedom again, might as well ask a North Korean.

  51. Anonymous

    Hi . I had one of these tests today. Take purified water and drink some swish around and swollow . take another drink this time holding water in your mouth . The water dilutes the test making it a negative result . Plus if you do more research you will find that these types of test are the least accurate . Easily cheated . especially if you use mouth Wash’s specifically ones that I’ve saliva cleansing .. Hope this helps you all . good luck .

  52. Anonymous

    Have saliva cleansing *

  53. Lost1

    I just failed a swab test took it 10/20 for Kohl’s stopped the night before brushed teeth used mouthwash scope tested at 8:30 still failed I took one for Amazon on 10/22 will I pass

  54. Istayhigh

    About a week ago I had to take a swab test and I smoked the night before. .
    My interview was at three
    * I brushed my teeth with
    Baking soda
    And rinsed my mouth out with the
    Peroxide and listerine in between About five six times
    I used the listerine and kept a penny in my mouth on the way there the iron in the penny helpstocks slot and
    I just got a email today and I go in on the 2nd (:

  55. SuccessfullyScreenedStoner

    I was recently offered a position, one problem, like many I am a stoner who is now going to be drug tested because I clicked a box. :p
    Luckily in my case I knew two crucial things that gave me an upper hand. One, I knew it would be a saliva test. And secondly I knew when the test would be…buying me time to smoke a bowl and research my options.
    I have bills and legitimate monthly expenditures paired with my time frame so buying that saliva cleanser wasnt going to be my route. What did I do? Let’s get straight to it:
    •I bought Listerine (the amber colored one that tastes like ass) & Listerine strips
    •Also, hydrogen peroxide
    ¤ The test was Monday.
    ¤The last time I smoked was Saturday LATE
    I went into the workplace with a list one strip in each cheek at 11:45am.
    Was immediately taken to the back (the individual was in a hurry) so I was explained the test and test right away while she loaded the computer for formailities. Long story short I just didn’t soak the swab, kept it more near my teeth than anything and sat there for like 5m. The test was called PRO- (something>>stoner kicking in) BIO-TECH i think.. I passed.
    The options on the test were:
    ▪ inconclusive
    So, there you go. Hope it helped.
    p.s I am a HEAVY smoker 5+ years. About 1.5g a day averaged out over a week.

  56. Love my corvette !!!

    If you just camt stop smoking for a day or you get hit with a random, tell them your mouth is very dry and can you please have a glass of swallow it but keep just a tad of the water under your tongue and soak it in that, they can’t tell that it’s been diluted like a piss test. One more note every now and then you will get someone that wants to swab your mouth for you, they have no legal right to do so, don’t be rude or act suspicious tell them sorry no one especially a stranger is putting their hands anywhere near my mouth. Tell them its not personal but that close of Contact with a stranger freaks you out bad !!!!
    One last thing I didn’t just do some reading and pretend to know what I’m talking about like 90% of people do answering forum / group input. I’ve been tested 5 times via salvia tests, I passed all 5 of them, one of them I was clean but the other 4 I had been smokin’ and had been taking pain meds 🙂

  57. AsariTheGod

    I smoke last night and hit the wax this morning let’s see

  58. AsariTheGod

    I brushed my teeth like crazy and used mouthwash before I drove up there I’m waiting now

  59. wndy

    I had took some Xanax on Wednesday around 4pm about 4blues and on Thursday morning around 730am I took a swab drug test it was poped on me at work I had no idea it was gonna even be done so I didn’t have a chance to do anything do u think I failed it?

  60. beth

    I smoked weed Sunday on the 15 of November and I just took a saliva test today on the 18. Think I’ll be okay? I didn’t smoke alot.

  61. mike

    I have a swab test in less than 12 hours is there any way I can pass a swab test anything I can use at home to kill the first layer of skin on my tonsils.

  62. mike

    I have a swab test in less than 12 hours is there any way I can pass a swab test anything I can use at home to kill the first layer of skin on my tonsils by then

  63. fuck a pothead

    All yall potheads r assholes. Bcuz lemmi tell ya something, weed is a damn drug thats why they test yu for it people out here r addicted to it i kno bcuz my bf is an he has way worse withdrawals than i did on perks so all yall bashin ppl for bein addicted GO TO HELL! And i had to take a swab for amazon all i did was brush my teeth wit a lil Listerine an that was all. Plus if yu r on pills maybe try hospital n yull have a script 🙂

  64. mandie

    Bull weed is just as bad as pills when you can’t even stop smoking for a day that’s what a drug user is a person that uses drugs yes weed is a drug too to get high and you use to live an live to use

  65. Non-smoker

    Since I didn’t get my jobs I quit smoking not worth my pay check get strong weed is going to be there your job won’t

  66. MaryJane

    I smoked lastnight around 10pm and had to take the saliva test today at 1 so last night I brushed my teeth and rinse with Listerine and peroxide and woke up around 10am and did the same thing every 30min and right before I left my house and I also went to bathroom when I got to job and did it again then I put 2altoids under my tounge n let it dissolve. The test was easy she actually let me put the stick in my mouth and i held it between my teeth til the pink line showed it only took bout 10min to get the results I’m not gonna lie I was VERY nervous but I passed and I start my new job Monday so happy!! Its easy as long as u use those things u will for sure pass don’t sweat it

  67. Helpmeeeee

    Alright, iv got to take a swab test on 12/1 at 11:30am I smoked on 11/25 at around 8:00pm you think I’m good if my test is 135.5hrs after smoking? Iv been brushing regularly and using mouth wash daily. I know I’m probley just scared and thinking the worse but I can’t fail! Thanks ahead of time!!

  68. Miller

    I smoked a joint last night n tomorrow I have to get a mouthswab twat around 6 pm. Is there anything I can do to pass the screen? I won’t be able to rince or drink once I got I’m there.

  69. Miller

    I smoked a joint last night. I’m not a regular smoker but I liked it so I may change my mind…anyway I have a mouthswab test tomorrow around 4pm what canni do to pass it? Once I go in there I’m not gonna be able to drink anything or have any gun or candy. What do I do?

  70. Stayed high

    Brush your teeth a lot use Listerine peroxide over and over until right before Dr. Tichernor mouthwash is great pure concentrated mix with water

  71. pothead 420

    I smoked at 8pm on monday i have a surprise mouth swab test tomorrow at 11 do you think ill pass i am a regular smoker… i have used peroxide and listerine about every hour since i smoked what do you think….

  72. Louis

    Great Info. I smoked 24 hours ago and have a swab test tomorrow so hopefully I pass it.

  73. Four two oh for me

    Been smoking now for 40 years. Graduated from college, got a good conduct in the Navy and have run my own successful business for 20 years. But…business has slowed down so now I am looking for a part-time gig and have received a call from a chain grocery. They do cheek swabs. I am not scared. I have ceased smoking as of last night and will continue not to smoke until I have the cheek swab…as that is far better for me than the hair test. And for the few of you saying we are all addicts…really? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  74. Anonymous

    you all seem stupid use listerne strips and stop doing meth and herion just smoke weed and fuck all else

  75. HypoCRITICoath

    I was gonna say something about the stoners hating on the morphlings, and the bennies hatin on the stoners, and the lushes hating on EVERYBODY but it’s not an OPINION BLOG we’re reading, it’s a ‘help me I need a damn job’ forum, and smoke, dab, xannys and kpins, heroin and pcp, (damn I just started singing sublime), I think it’s actually pretty FUCKING AWESOME so many USERS are even SWEATIN a job! My sister in law is on disability and welfare at 30, with a 5 year old, and HOOKED on AMPHETIMINE SALTS,(yeah, you do know what that is or You must not have TOO many drug problems) Anyway, the only damn thing disabling her ass is Netflix and cheeseburgers!! Yeah I like drugs, so the only ‘problem’ is when I need to find a job so I can still live my life however I want because it’s MY MONEY I WORKED FOR TO GET IT!!! So fucking enough w the putdowns. I say we all meet up somewhere, everybody throws in, and we do a damn group swab the next morning for CNN. Ok ok… Now, after being so patient and respectful for letting ME stand on the soapbox for a few lines, (I mean WORDS, all my fellow coke heads!!) here ya go: Brush. Rinse w Peroxide. Follow up rinse w Lister-gag. Pop a couple altoids after you smoke a cig or two, (don’t tell me you get high, but now you’re gonna say some stupid shit about NICOTINE) then if you’re super nervous, super ocd w preparations (that would be YOU methy’s!!), or super high, (bc I WAS!) 🙂 just put a Listerine strip inside your cheek and use that side to put the stick, (bc they don’t know whether that tooth on the other side is REALLY broken and too abcest to touch or not…) and last, but NOT least, (WAKE UP STONER!) hold It between your f’ing teeth and don’t even let it TOUCH your gum. It has to be WET, so use a little water under your tongue, and afterwards toke up, snort up, roll up, and relax bc you just did 15 steps of preparations to your CHEEK so you could end up just using your TEETH!!! Hey, don’t feel bad, Its always better to be overprepared than to steal grandma’s tv for money to score… The moral: Be nice. We ALL have demons. It doesn’t mean you have to BE ONE. Oh, and yes, I’ve passed 3 months and 3 tests straight 🙂 so STFU with the intolerance, and take the ‘vote for trump’ sticker off your BEAMER..

  76. Anonymous

    How about, Go Fuck yourself. Coming from someone who’s done pills, smoked copious amounts of marijuana (btw you clueless twat, God made that for US), and other drugs; who THE Fuck are you to tell anyone how to live their lives? Us so-called potheads aren’t half as bad as normal asshole in this world. And try and take this to heart: Take thy plank out of thine own eye before removing a speck of sawdust from another’s. Matthew 7:5 And so I will end with this; Piss off “Go Fuck a pothead” and God bless and peace to all 🙂 smoke on

  77. FUCKTha5-Oh!

    Hello, Fuck a Pothead, and WELCOME to the comment thread on ‘’!! First of all, if your ‘ BF’ is a pothead, are you not, yourself, already fucking a pothead??! Just wondering. And ‘bf’, stands for… What?, I mean, as a person with a head, and a penchant for Marijuana, I just wanted to make sure we’re on the same page so far, at least as far as acronyms are concerned. SO, ‘boyfriend, buttfuck, best friend, or best fuck??!?’ I already don’t care, but There’s lesson 1 for you, and there WILL be a test immediately after. So, pause ‘Dancing with the Stars’ for a moment, and let me assure you this is not pointless banter. I was always taught to NEVER ASSUME, bcuz it only makes an ASS of U and ME.. 😉 So here It goes. You claim he has withdrawls for pot WORSE than yours from, what was it again???, oh yeah, PERCS…. SMH… Pillheads… Either your ‘bf’ is quite literally, a vagina, or he’s smoking bud LACED with pcp, angel dust, or maybe he just dipped it in some liquid methadone. As a ‘pillhead’ I’m sure you’re WELL aware of what THAT wonderful drug is. Anyway, to the POINT, and I DO have one, but it’s so hard to get to it when I can’t stop shaking from my morning cannabis withdrawals. Ok ok, that was a little low and too easy to even laugh at. There is no such KNOWN medical anaomly even somewhat CLOSE to anything like marijuana withdrawals. While I’m sure some asshole is logging onto ‘snopes’ as we speak, there ARE some EFFECTS from not smoking after a few hours, even days, depending on your habit. The difference between the after effects of POT and WITHDRAWING from something like OPIOIDS or amphetinines is simple. Going a day or two without pot will make you irritable, more alert, so you may get a SENSE of anxiety, but it’s really just your brain ‘waking up’ so you can be grouchy and on edge a little, but I dare even say my grandmother is more irritable and scary in the morning before she’s had her cup of coffee… Flu-like symptoms? None. Restless legs and achy shins? Doubtful. Stomach cramps and diarrhea? More likely to happen after a couple of rips from the bong, and an insatiable need for taco bell and ice cream, stupidly planned and executed by the roomful of other potheads you’re watching South Park with. Oh, and let’s Not forget, one week pot free, you probably just wish you could smoke some pot. One week ANYTHING ELSE free, and you’ll be on the bathroom floor naked in a sleeping bag next to the toilet and wishing you had listened to the cop that taught your’D.A.R.E.’ classes in the 5th grade…. Now go ahead and start tapping away on Google to prove me wrong, but I’ve never had a friend die from ANY pot related tragedies… Withdrawls IN ITSELF from benzos and/or methadone, alcohol, or heroin WILL KILL YOU if you’re not closely monitored by an actual medic throughout the process. But hey, what do I know? I’ve only tried, and did enough drugs to put the entire cast of ‘pulp fiction’ to shame. And I can tell you, your ‘BF’ is most likely just a pussy… I’d make him my ‘XBF’ and find somebody that can HANDLE pot, or at the very LEAST, baby aspirin!! good day to you! And let butt fuck know he needs Jesus… Amen.

  78. trippymaine

    Ive been tripping lsd for days now. How long does out take to get out of your system for a ua and a mouth swab.

  79. FUCKTha5-Oh!

    Dude you’re FUCKED…. maybe you should join the carnival scene and get PAID to watch the pretty lights go by! And lsd stays in ur spinal cord so I would be wary of actual timelines u find on the net. Add at LEAST 12-24 hrs to whatever u read…

  80. belladonna

    OMGAAAWWWDDD u people ALL just SLAY me ! ya sound like a bunch of elementary school kids “my addictions way better than yours”! HAHAHA a drug is a drug is a drug is a DRUG weed booze pills etc….. n btw jus cuz u ONLY smoke weed it MUST be a problem- if not u would be sound asleep right now without a care in the world ….but YOU’RE NOT !!!! you are on the information super highway freaking the hell out! Sorry after the umteenth self righteous comment I read where the CHRONIC smokers had to look down their noses and point fingers at the boozers and users i couldnt let it go on without giving u a piece of my mind- U ARE NOOOOO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE ON THIS FORUM PERIOD! soooo go smoke ya a blunt bowl fatty etc and CHILL THE HELL OUT! good luck to all getting swabbed i hope u all pass – get the jobs u want – cuz lets face it folks just cuz we all like getting high 97% of us DO NOT do it on our jobs, that yes WE DO NEED!!!

  81. Burnt Tongue

    I had a job interview today, after having had it cancelled for yesterday.. Smoked about 6 puffs last night around 1a. Found out interview was at 4p aafter the call at 9:30a this morning (yesterday?). Anway, I brushed teeth, gums, cheeks 3x, Rinsed with hydrogen peroxyde 2x, rinsed with Listerine Cool Mint so often that I used an entire travel bottle of it, and chewed an entire mini-tin of wintergreen altoids on the way.
    My mouth started to burn while holding the swab in my teeth (couldn’t keep my tongue off it tho). Tasted like a spoonful of salt! Anyway, as the eveing wore on, my mouth started to develoep 2 large specific sore spots. Swollen, red and extremely painful.
    #1 – Do you think I actually “burned” my mouth with all that stuff? or #2 – Could I have possibly had a bad reaction to the swab test? and #3 – Do you think I could have possibly passed it?

  82. Shawn Thornton

    How do you now what jobs do swab test and which ones do poss testing.

  83. Mnlebron24

    I’m a very heavy smoker. I smoke 2 grams a day. I’m getting a swab drug text on Friday 1218. Im still smoking the same. What do I need to do to be clean on that day. How many days before should I stop smoking? Do I stop smoking now?

  84. Still wondering

    I have been a heavy smoker for 19 years now. Got popped with a mouth swab the week of Thanksgiving. I thoroughly brushed and had rinsed with Crest mouthwash and peroxide multiple times before the test, I FAILED with results at a 1.2. Last week, Friday, got popped again, had literally 2 minutes notice, briefly rinsed with peroxide, FAILED again with a 2.2, even though I had cut back to smoking only once a day. So, for me anyway, peroxide DID NOT get me a clean screen. I had another one today, quit smoking for 24 his and tried a $20 rinse, no results yet. I well have another in 2 days . I’m just trying to figure out how long the THC is detectably in the mouth. I’d like to pass it on my own, especially since I will continue to get them twice a week until I have 3 clean swabs in a row. Any answers appreciated, also would like to say that just peroxide and mouthwash didn’t work for me

  85. Burnt Tongue

    I sweated out the weekend waiting for results. Was hired “contingent on the outcome of background check & drug test”. Nothing Monday. Got the call for New Hire Orientation yesterday afternoon!! 🙂
    Mind u, I’m not a heavy smoker. Maybe toke like 3 or 4 times week & can only do 3 to 6 hits at time. And had not smoked at all in 4 days. Idk what worked, or the combination, or just wasn’t much there. But it IS possible to beat the mouth swab!!

  86. 420

    Stop at least 72 hours before test brush teeth daily use Listerine mouth wash you should be fine if you can’t stop buy ultra Klean mouth wash and you will pass same day good luck!!

  87. Burnt Tongue

    Thanks! Already passed. 🙂

  88. Mandyisapothead

    Just took a swab test on Mon. Smoked sun night. Used peroxide and Listerine to swish every hour BEFORE test and held stick in my teeth. I passed. Start New job Monday! Good luck!

  89. Mandyisapothead

    P.S. Also have prescribed klonopin and methadone in system. Fully willing to disclose info IF ASKED AFTER TEST. Never showed up either. Oh, and maybe some meth in there too… Don’t judge me, assholes. Ur on the WRONG site for that.

  90. Am I fucked

    I had a swab 8 hours after smoking. I hope i pass. It was random.

  91. Tom

    I smoked weed for 20 years and I passed a swab test the day befor the test I smoked about 4_5 blunts all I did was mouth wash and water lots of water

  92. Am I fucked

    I drink lots of water and chew gum all day. Was chewing gum up until the test.

  93. JD

    I smoked Monday night, brushed my teeth every night but didnt use mouth wash. Took a Harris Teeter mouth swab today (Friday) Do you guys think i’ll be straight??

  94. retiredfromwar91

    Im a retired soldier and ive seen some shit in my days. When i get stressed i smoke weed. Not just any weed tho, REALLY good weed. I need to flush this out of my system in under 48 hours. I have a spit test coming up and i cannot fail this. Any ideas?

  95. Shortandsimple

    Let me just keep it simple. Swab tests are marijuana friendly. Don’t smoke for a day (or even half a day) and clean your mouth very well with the usual cleaning methods (nothing too specific), but clean it by scrubbing your cheeks and what not. Good luck, guys.

  96. Shortandsimple

    By the way, Satan died for our sins to thrive. Have faith in him to lighten your day of the test.

  97. cookie cat

    geez, all these people on here commenting on how they need jobs but continue the drug use till the last minute, smdh. ):

    for those of you who smoked weed/took drugs the same day of your test, i’m sorry but you’ll probably fail and be rejected the job. there is no magic to get drugs out of your system that quickly.
    i know this because it happened to me. smoked 10 hours before a mouth swab test for amazon, only had it in for about 5 minutes, and failed. that was after i brushed my teeth, and used mouthwash twice that day.
    if you’re that desperate to get high before work, buy one of those mouthwashes such as ultra wash (it comes with a 500% money back guarantee) and use it right before you go in. otherwise, don’t even bother wasting your time. those mouth washes usually are only good for 1 to 2 hours, so if you use it in the morning and not right before the test, you’re screwed, too.

    honestly, the best advice i have is to stop smoking for a day or two. it’s not that hard to stop, especially when you’re that in need of a job. i just took a mouth swab for a new job and passed, and this is what i did:
    -the last time i smoked was 12/12 in the evening. the test was 12/14 at 4:20 (i shit you not).
    – i continued my regular brushing routine (teeth, cheecks, tounge) 3 times a day with mouth wash, but added a hydrogen peroxide rinse and gargle after the mouth wash. i stepped up the brushing though, i brushed the gum line extremely well, to the point where they bled a little, since that’s where the swab will be. i use aquafresh whitening toothpaste and the purple listerine, and i just picked up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for $0.52 at walmart. i honestly can’t tell you if certain store bought brands work better than others, this is just what i always use.
    -i drank plenty of water, and i’m addicted to coke (the soda, not the drug :b), so i also had a lot of pop to drink. i’m not 100% if that actually works, but i heard that it may help if you’re not heavy smoker.
    -the day of my test, i brushed the gums extremely well and used the mouth wash and peroxide three times before the orientation/screening.
    -drank a bottle of coke on the way up. when i got there, i rinsed with peroxide once more, grabbed a piece of mint gum, and went in.

    i kept the swab right on my gum line and passed. keep in mind, i had a solid 38 hours of no smoking whatsoever. i honestly think that all the other steps i took were just out of precaution instead of necessity, since i was weed free for almost 2 whole days.
    so, the best advice i can give is to stop smoking for at least 24 hours, brush the gum line, rinse with mouth wash and peroxide. oh, altoids. eat lots of altoids, too. that helps!
    my background though, i have been smoking daily for about 3 years now. i smoke medicinal for PTSD, and anxiety disorder, and insomnia. i didn’t smoke a lot, but i toked daily, i guess about a .5 a day, max if it was a bad day with my disorders. the hardest part about stopping for over a day was the fact that it was medicinal for me, and not just recreation. i didn’t sleep, but i have a job now! ;D

    if you can’t stop smoking weed, even for a day, you’re addicted to it and yes you are, and no it’s not better than being on anything else if you can’t stop for something as important as a job! as stupid as it is, weed is still illegal in most states, so sober up for a day or two, and deal with it! money beats weed, especially when you need the first to buy the second. it’s not edgy to smoke right before a drug test, you only make yourself look like a fool.
    as for all of the people on here that are on meth, coke, pills, please go and get the help you need. if you’re that addicted, you need to reach out and find family, friends, or a local organization that can help you sober up. i bet there’s lots and lots of people that are affected by your addiction, too, and it’s not fair to them or you. no joke.
    clean up and enjoy living, everyone!
    good luck to everyone!

  98. Knuckle dragger

    I find several of the blogs pathetic. Just a bunch of judemental people who would rather act like children, and come on a website and try to spoil it for all. These people are cowards ! Probably are employers that are miserable sad people. If not, life is good, but everything’s better with a bag of snoochie. Lol

  99. st

    40+ hours after party weekend, tested + for cocaine. Doubt trust times

  100. Annonymus

    This may be completely off the wall but, I take zzzquil @ night. I was off yesterday so I woke up with really bad anxiety, took zzzquil and went back to sleep. I received a call for a random drug testing from my employer. Should I be concerned beings that the zzzquil i took has 10% alcohol?

  101. Senia

    Hi I just smoked last night approximately around 8pm. this morning brushed my teeth and rinsed my mouth with mouth wash popped in a gum then took my swab test around 9am is there a possibility I passed?

  102. Neville Nobody

    There’s so much bad advice here I’m surprised anyone takes it seriously.
    All these stoners taking the swab test then asking is there a possibility that they passed?
    Is that gonna somehow change the result? I mean why don’t u just tell us if u passed?

    And other dumb crap like saying “my mouth is dry”, toothache etc when yr getting tested. Don’t you understand that the test people have heard every excuse under the sun and you may as well hold up a sign with a big red arrow pointing to u self.
    And the mouthwash/toothpaste/gum tricks. u do know that there are tampering tests that will really put you under the microscope. Testing is much more sensitive than before and u usually have to sign away your personal privacy rights.

    So do yourself a favour and take a break from being off yr trolley for month after month. Seriously, being “normal” will be like being stoned because it is so different. You’ll get stuff done. Yr loser friends will drop off cause that’s the only thing thing u have in common if u think about it.

  103. Chase

    This is all BS. I did some cocaine on Friday night. Cleaned my mouth vary well with tooth paste, mouth wash, floss, and hydrogen peroxide. Got tested on the following Wednesday morning (5 days later) and the cocaine showed up. Along with the weed I smoked about 14 hours prior. So don’t believe all this stuff about how it’s so easy to pass. If I could do it all over again I just wouldn’t have shown up on testing day. Oh and it took a week to get my results back. And I found out at my Christmas party that I tested positive. What a crappy way to go into the Christmas holiday. Thanks internet. ;(

  104. Lynn

    Well Chase, cocaine stays in tissue longer than marijuana. Since this particular site is for stoners – of marijuana – I suggest you find a site more applicable to cocaine. I, personally, was drug tested 14 hours after smoking weed & passed, using these methods.

  105. sillyboi

    hahaha yall folks sayin herbs are just as bad as opiates and meth are insane! its grown naturally with no chemicals added, plus it kills cancer cells and is not addictive to the same point. sure these stoners may want to keep smoking but marijuana has never ever killed anybody! people die everyday from opiates and methamphetamines so don’t even compare em to a kind beautiful plant that grows outta the earth. also i haven’t smoked in 2 weeks and got my saliva test tomorrow, hope I’m ok

  106. sillyboi

    one question, do listerine, peroxide or other mouthwashes not contain alcohol then if y’all are swishing them around right before the test?

  107. Frecklzz

    Anyone know if putting pennies in your mouth works?

  108. lexitones

    I had stopped smoking for 2 days and brushed my teeth with colgate and used scope mouth wash twice a day and i passed the mouth swab test like nothing. Ive been smoking bud for 12 years straight and im a heavy set so shiiiitt dont have no worry about it just do what i did and keep positive vibes!!! Happy 420 aned happy new year folks (:

  109. Han

    Fuck all these site pushing their own fucking agenda. It’s either they’re fucking stupid, or too damn lazy.
    “Oral fluid production is stimulated by use of agents such as citric acid candy, chewing gum or other agents. This will inevitably change the pH and concentration of drug in Oral fluids. This has been shown to lower concentrations of codeine by about two- to six-fold,12,13 two- to four-fold for methamphetamine,14 and about five-fold for cocaine.15 It is likely that similar changes will occur for other drugs.”
    I found this information in a 2006 clinical review paper, most of the references on most oral drug testing company sites use references from as far back as 2000 to 2006, so this is reliable information. And it comes from a proper source holding proper authority. It should go without saying that it’s necessary to stop use of any thing for in my opinion at a week for the least and proper hygiene should be followed. Sadly I read some bullshit information just as everyone else on here did and I’m now freaking out. During said week regularly use gum/sour candy up to the day of the test, on the day of the test sour candy would be more advisable, because you can eat it before the test starts. Refrain from dumbass behavior like eating it in the room with the person who’s testing you watching. They would know what you’re doing.

  110. Dr.Jack

    Omg, my belly hurts from laughing so hard. Can’t imagine how funny it would have been to read the comments on this site if I had been stoner! Then again, it might have gotten me all paranoid! I hope those who were worried and waiting passed. I think part of the testing when drugs have been done or weed smoked less than a week before test is done is based on pure luck and/or the persons bio makeup. Often times heavier people can take longer to have things clear their systems just for an example. Do not start hating on me for “fat bashing”. I AM a bigger girl myself. Also I am not making excuses, just calling it as I see it. A thin persons DNA may be such that their saliva is highly concentrated or the combination of DNA a child gets from both parents may play a role. Who really knows for sure? Some people may just be extremely lucky. The only sure way to pass is not to pop,snort,drinkhuff,smoke,or inject in any other manner those substances for which you do not have a medical Drs prescription to have in your possession and to take by law. Many states allow medical marijuana usage and a few even allow it for recreational use but that does not mean employers have to allow it. So if you can’t ot won’t stop follow the advice people shared, it just might work, if you get a surprise test, roll the dice and hope Lady Luck is on your side, if you pass good for you, if not better luck and more prep next time!!!

  111. sap king

    dear fuck a pothead judge not lest ye be judged you judging prick

  112. sap king

    d ear fuck a pothead more people have died from pills rather than herb sounds like need a toke you fascist have yourself a SMOKING DAY NUFF SAID

  113. StankyStanky

    You everybody knockin on druggies!! If stopping was that easy we wouldn’t have a damn problem. Also, know what your talking about and what addiction is. Most of us got started on that shit by doctors…there used to be a law that said if a doctor didn’t treat your pain(how you said you felt) he was going to jail. Then you end up with a bunch of legal junkies…next thing you know your doctor drops your ass because your addicted. Well we’re addicted and have jobs, kids, home and live wtf do you think we’re gonna do after being treated like poo by someone who’s supposed to have the answers and help us? We sure as hell aren’t going to tell our friends and families…so we can’t get stuck on sick. The only other option is street drugs. We sometimes accidentally suck those around us in and BAM! Addicts all over, like ants on cake!! Then what does the government do? Create suboxone and methodone clinics…yeah lets give junkies more drugs to stop them from doing drugs….smart…real freaking smart. You people want to give someone grief? Wake the EFF up, open your eyes and put the blame where it belongs…the government.

  114. StankyStanky

    Also, like I said most junkies started off by being giving pills legally and our body’s system fell in love and we ended up with a disease called ‘ADDICTION’. You pot heads started by just wanting to get high…up until recently pot has been illegal and a problem for a very long time. Opiates, methamphetamines, bnzos and barbs ALL where originally legal. So you should keep your pie holes shut. You willingly get high and YOU made that choice just because even though you knew it was illegal. My addiction was a choice that was made by a doctor to help me and ruined my life. You pot heads have no valid excuse besides selfishness and self indulgence. You lie and tell yourselves that it’s not hurting anyone its good for you and your life just like we do. Tell yourself whatever you have to to sleep at night just like a junkie. Cause you are a junky. Take your own advice and just quit smoking. But you won’t because your a junky to just like us it is what it is.

  115. StankyStanky

    The only reason they really started on making pot legal is so they can make money off of it just like they do pharmaceuticals….because being a junk is very lucritive for the people who run the world…why should the drug lords be the only ones that benefit off pot?

  116. StankyStanky


  117. Toya Thompson

    So I have an interview this Tuesday I’m smoking right know what should I do?

  118. Lol at hypocrisy

    Hilarious to see people who have smoked “said amount” of pot per day but have something fucked up to say to people who have other addictions in life…… hypocritical fools act like you run a church. Get the fuck out of here with your double standard bullshit. No one is perfect otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site asking the same question. Would you? Enjoy what you do while Not judging others….. real pothead aren’t quite so condemning and judgemental. Best of luck to all those deserving. To the judges….. do us All a favor. hold your breath and wait for the jury to show up!!!

  119. Anonymous

    I smoked Sunday night… Hit it twice in the club.. And twice again somewhere else.. I don’t smoke on tge regular… I have not smoked since Sunday.. Brushed my teeth, mouthwash, chewed gum ate meals, right before my test today.. I smoked a black, brushed my teeth and ate a hot slim Jim.. Will I pass

  120. Tripper

    OMG XD

  121. kray-cray

    Hi I have a sponge swab test tomorrow on 01/26/16 at 10am will I pass if I last used meth 01/24/16 around 10pmpm?

  122. Kelly

    What can I buy over the counter that will pass a mouth swab I got to take one in the morning please help

  123. Stoner Stuff

    Hopefully you can find one of the products listed above at your local head shop, man. Good luck. Let us know how it goes, man.

  124. Daddy

    I smoke more than your average pot head. I probably smoke between 7-14 grams threw out the day . I had a mouth swab for a job and smoked 19 hours before the test.
    Oh yea I passed! 😉
    Steps I took…
    – peroxide 8 – 10 times
    -mouth washed 8-10 times
    – brushed my teeth and gums an unreal amount
    This wasn’t fucking fun. Not at all. The next three days my mouth felt like I burnt my taste buds off. But it was worth it because I got the job.

  125. Daddy

    How to pass a swab test after using crystal meth:
    -take a bottle of peroxide
    – the big bottle
    – drink the whole thing (swallow it)
    -drink a gallon of bleach
    If you don’t die then you’ll pass Forsure

  126. Anonymous

    How to pass a swab test after using crystal meth:
    -take a bottle of peroxide
    – the big bottle
    – drink the whole thing (swallow it)
    -drink a gallon of bleach
    If you don’t die then you’ll pass Forsure

  127. Stoner Stuff

    damn, son. nice job.

  128. Spatterpunk

    I just passed a spit test that i didn’t Know was coming. I am a daily smoker,but not heavy. I had smoked about 16 hours prior to the test. Having no clue about test, all i did was brush my teeth,mouth,tongue twice before i went to the job interview. During the day I had 2 cups of coffee,3 large glasses of water and 2 cigarettes. Oh, and a large breakfast, no lunch. Was sweating it, but passed. Safe to say..don’t smoke day of test.

  129. me

    Just get a job that doesn’t drug test, it may pay a shit wage but at-least you can enjoy your drugs with out being paranoid.

  130. light it up

    I took a drug test today I didn’t know about. I just held the test between my teeth and pushed my tough on my spit gland and when fresh spot came out I put it on the test. I haven’t smoked in a week and I have been drinking water. Also I drank a beer before my test and put tooth paste in my mouth because I dropped my tooth brush on the floor…. I’ll let you all know what happens.

  131. Darklegion

    Yo frecklzz, only if your a parking meter or a pokie machine!!

  132. Jaguar

    Fu#$ yea!! I just passed my DT by simply using hydrogen peroxide at least 8 times for 1 minute intervals within the 12 hour notice I had and l brushed my teeth thoroughly with good toothpaste, and did a quick hydrgen peroxide wrinse right before I went in, worked like a charm! Positive vibes for those about to take a test.

  133. Imaweedsmoker

    Hard drugs and opiates r stupid I work in construction if I knew u were using and operating a crane or forklift around me I’d b pissed off,, and possible even tell my foreman and safety, I like my life and want to come home to my son everyday.. Jus cause u got problems doesn’t mean I have to pay for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cudos for people that only smoke weed or cigarettes……..

  134. Nick

    If pot is legal it should be treated the same as alcohol and as long as u dont come too work under the influence that should be enough i just dont understand but thats the crazy world we all live in i guess alcohol should be more illegal than marijuana alcohol destroys lives and everyday people wreck there cars driving drunk pot on the other hand usually leads too some relaxing and a big bowl of cereal wtf seriously …..

  135. Whizflight

    I took a swab test 22 hours after I smoked. All I did was use mouthwash 3 times, rinsed my mouth out with cooking oil twice (which is known for removing toxins) and had gum in my mouth while having lots of altoids in my mouth and ice which the ice is used to help dilute your salvia. I also rinsed my mouth out with peroxide 3 times including right before i walked in.

  136. Ms missy

    so i think i am having the swab test done tomorrow night afternoon 2/12 around 4-6
    i smoked today this morning at around 6 am 2/11 but i havent smoked again. will i be able to pass and does all this mouth wash really work..
    i will let u guys know next week when results are in

  137. Anonymous

    I am just wondering if the peroxide rinse would work and how many times when we have a swab test in the morning. It’s been less than 24 hours since smoke ..stop at 230 pm today and did the rinise twice already please help don’t want to lose nothing

  138. YourDaddybit$$

    First and for most f@$# all you haters out there,i smoke and what?!!dumb ass motherfucking cunt talking about fuck all potheads,fuck you cunt i can do anything and everything you can do better even when im high!i hate haters go sit on a pole and spin and make sure that pole is all the way up your ass dumb cunts talking about potheads,i smoke what this planets produces a natural plant that grows on this hater filled earth,for all the fellow smokers out there,you just need 48 hours without smoking, fuck haters and that dumb cunt that posted comments about stoners!

  139. Nick

    What he said lol….

  140. Nick

    Dont do what anonymous said youll die for sure dumbass…..

  141. Justgotfired

    Just took a saliva test …. Failed …. 22hours since I last smoked ….. Post accident test ….had about 2 minute warning …. I carry listerine mouthwash ….used it …. Rinsed …. And failed ….might be time to just give it up

  142. Johnson

    Just took a pre-employment saliva drug test and got the results back today and by nothing short of a miracle I PASSED! I was not prepared to take the test (I showed up with my bottle of piss wrapped in hand warmers) and they pulled out the swab test and I almost shit myself… I thought well.. fuck it. Took the test right in front of my boss and at first had the thing right between my cheek and my lower jaw, then when he was not looking i moved it so it was between my back set of teeth and my cheek. I was talking with my boss the whole time and made sure to try and breath air in between the side of my mouth to sort of dry the thing out. However when we pulled the thing out of my mouth it was still covered in my saliva so I thought I was going to fail for sure.. 12 hours earlier I had smoked and ate a brownie.

  143. Justamessanger

    This is for b cuz, sounds like you think you don’t have any addictions. why are you even commenting? Everyone has some kind of vice no one is flawless. They were your friends so you of all people seen first hand addiction is no joke. If you respected your friends, think of how they lived and not how they died. Your actually the sad one B cuz you insulted your dead friends and your so ignorant you don’t even realize it. Being bitter and angry doesn’t help and just B cuz you pray doesn’t mean your a good person either…

  144. Justamessanger

    This is for b cuz, sounds like you think you don’t have any addictions. why are you even commenting? Everyone has some kind of vice no one is flawless. They were your friends so you of all people seen first hand addiction is no joke. If you respected your friends, think of how they lived and not how they died. Your actually the sad one B cuz your portraying your dead friends as bad people just Bcuz they were addict and your so ignorant you don’t even realize it. Being bitter and angry doesn’t help and just B cuz you pray doesn’t mean your a good person either…

  145. Pinkkush

    I have a swab test tomorrow at 11 . I haven’t smoked today n I hit a blunt litteraly 4 times yesterday morning . Am I gonna pass or fail ?

  146. Ron

    I barely smoke anything and the pre-employment swab test I took returned positive. Plus I live in WA state where a majority of voters approved legalized, recreational marijuana 2 years ago. The company requiring the testing ignores states rights and follows federal law. I couldn’t believe the test included marijuana. I assumed it was for opiates, cocaine, barbituates, meth, etc. What a joke and waste of everyone’s time and money. Plus it’s no wonder Lowe’s is in a sad second place to Depot.

  147. truesmokergirl

    I smoke weed everyday. I am a heavy smoker (like 5-10 blunts a day when I’m off). I’ve taken a swab test 4 times and passed everytime. You only need 24 hours of no smoking, or carry a small bottle of peroxide for randoms.

  148. pamela

    Hi everyone, I smoked weed for 14 years heavy smoker I quit for 13 days I had a mouth swab test today they had me put it in my mouth told me to keep it there till a blue line appeared and they claimed one never showed up and took it anyways do u think I will pass? I never had a swab test before just a urine test and today is tThursday they claim they won’tget the results back till Tuesday

  149. Ron

    Good luck to everyone who smokes, accepts a job offer, and is immediately given the swab test. Did you pass, Pamela? (If it’s ok if I ask).

  150. Audrey

    I smoked last night at 11 and I have a swab drug test today how can I pass?

  151. kekebabi89

    I smoke on a daily…. Ok I got a swab test in the am what the best way to pass it in short notice

  152. burn1

    You will all be fine they are very inaccurate I smoke everyday never failed 1 dont waste your money on those dumb ass products trust me I had one 8 hours after I smoked they are a joke

  153. kekebabi89

    Ok well I had I swab test yesterday and I didn’t stop smoking till Tuesday afternoon and all I did was brushed my teeth real good Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I got up n brushed my teeth, raised my mouth out twice with peroxide n Listerine mouthwash, plus ate Altoids all during my interview till it was time for the test…. I PASSED WITH FLYIN COLORS. IT REALLY WORKS AND I SMOKE EVERYDAY ALL DAY.

  154. Peach

    Comments Are Hilarious!
    I Have A Pre-Employment DT Tomorrow At 2 .. My Last Blunt Was About An Hour Ago And I Dont Plan On Smoking Again Until AFTER Tomorrow ! I’m Pretty Confident That I’ll Pass Just By Reading The Comments ! All I Need Is A Shit Load Of Mouth Wash, Altoids ,And Peroxide I’ll Be Straight (Hopefully) !

  155. Dazednconfused

    You guys know their are 2 types of saliva drug tests right? Cheep n quick delivery, or the one that “fucked me runnin” to the lab, that comes back in a few days. I know this because the clinic one failed for me with the same peroxide trick(alone) my friend just passed with, smoking a blunt that morning as a loyal smoker. Depends really if its sent to a lab and comes back in days, not minutes. Cheeper\ quicker one definitely ain’t shit to pass if he did it. And I’m a petite tiny chick, he was a man. Make sure you know which one you’re getting first. Say no more, I do my research…hope it helped. Always hold between teeth if possible. I’m taking a cheep one in the am, stopped 3 days ago. Brushed entire mouth with peroxide n water. He made way less of an effort and still passed. Also the cheep one doesn’t detect benzos. My other friend is on xanax through the Dr. and just took a cheep one. Benzos aren’t even on the panel of the cheep one, but I dropped dirty on the one that” fucked me running! Pissed me off lol.,. Tramadols don’t show up either but has same effect of norcos for all you upper lovers. All I like is xanax and tweed. What can I say…I’m laid back so I like the downers. Can’t stand my heart jumping out my chest! For all you herion users…cracks me up how y’all will literally shit you’re pants. I have an addictive personality so I don’t try shit that will destroy kids and kill me. Kids grandpa just overdosed from herion. Couldn’t stop. Most people can’t. Dont know about yall but my life sucks most of the time. It dont make me wanna try the most addicting drugs there are. If I need a bit of speed I pop a trammy. Wtf would you ever even try some of that shit? Damn shame. I’m no rocket scientist but I’m not a fucking sheep either.
    Hope it helped somebody

  156. keke1989

    Yes u will promise that…. Jus leep poppin Altoids during the process before ya drug test…. I popped at lease 10 during my interview, everytime she Left too get something

  157. keke1989

    Yes u will promise that…. Jus keep poppin Altoids during the process before ya drug test…. I popped at lease 10 during my interview, everytime she Left too get something

  158. Tommy

    So it will be 14 days since not smoking when I take my pre-employment mouth swab test. Been a heavy smoker for almost 15 years. I’ve been rinsing with peroxide and listerene every day. They do send the test to a lab…will I pass?

  159. Jamey

    I took 4 hits off a blunt sunday how many days do u thubk it will take to get out of my system. Im not a regalar smoker but i am subjected to taking randome oral drug screens… im freaking. Someone hekp me out

  160. Stoner_Girlie_420

    I just had a saliva/ swab test done by Applied Staffing that had instant results and I passed. I smoked about 8:00 PM the night before the test and am a daily toker. The DT was scheduled for 11:00 AM. This morning after breakfast I drank a ton of water and brushed my teeth. I then did a 40 minute cardio routine that I do every day. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with it but I am going to be as detailed as possible just in case so I can help as much as possible. Anyway, after the cardio routine I drank even more water until my stomach hurt and brushes my teeth again. After I got out of the shower I brushed my teeth one last time. Every time I brushed I made sure to brush my gums, cheeks, tongue, and the roof of my mouth. I also used Listerine each time. On my way to the test I continued to drink a lot of water. When I got to the place to do the test they had me fill out new hire paperwork before I did the test. I continued to sip the water up until the test. By the time it was time for the test I had to pee so bad! I told the woman giving the test that I assumed it would be UA so I really had to go. She showed me to the restroom and I went. When I got back she had the test ready and instructed me to rub it on the inside both cheeks a bunch of times and then my tongue. I made sure to scrape as little as possible so that only saliva was on the pad and not cells from my tongue or cheeks. After that I had to hold the thing under my tongue until the lines started to appear on the reader. Despite all the water, my mouth was pretty dry so it took a while, which made me nervous. But, like I said, I passed! 😀 I am a female, 5’4″ and weigh 145 lbs. I run 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I smoke daily, 3-5 times, about the equivalent to about 4-6 bowls. I didn’t smoke for about 15-16 hours before the test and the morning before the test I brushed my entire mouth three times including mouthwash, and drank a ton of water.

  161. Jordan

    Anyone talking about passing for opiates is a shitbag. You deserve to fail if you are regularly doing anything but weed and you should not be in a professional workplace if you are nodding off when you get home from opiates.

  162. Michael

    Hey Jordan stop judging people you do your thing other people do their thing you are no better than anyone else you’re trying to cheat also the similarities of drugs are all the same if you’re addicted you’re addicted no matter what it is!!! You’re a dirtbag just for saying dumb things and you’re lucky you’re not here in South Philly because me and the boys would crack your skull you punk!!!

  163. help

    Hi, ive smoked weed for nigh on 20+ years daily (about minimum 10 spliffs a night). I haven’t smoked it since Sunday night and had a swap test today. I didn’t drink water or brush teeth more so that normal. Will I pass do you think?

  164. Liz

    Ok, I can’t say too much about other people’s drug of choice, marijuana is just my choice. But if your looking for detection windows for oral swab test check out this site. For those of you woo choose harder drugs, it looks like you’ll need more time tho clean out, but not much. Thou can do it, its totally worth it.

  165. Putitnajar

    Ok..I just took a swab test after Not smoking 4 24hrs and I have been smoking for 12years st8 non-stop.. I decided I’m going to quit since, I can not get job I want. The results have not came back and I will knw in a few days if I passed or not. After following the steps from the research I have done the only thing to do now is too wait… I will let my ppl knw Wats up…Peace to Weed

  166. Benzo user

    Okay so I smoked weed the past three days and I’m taking a break today, my swab test is tomorrow. I also took a xanax bar last night to sleep. Do you think I’ll be okay..?

  167. Jim

    U guys are all nuts I get swabbed twice a month for probation if u stop smoking three days prior to the test ur good just use peroxide and wash out ur mouth before test and opiates and all other hard drugs don’t use for 24 hours before test drink lots of water and again peroxide before the test brush ur teeth until they bleed and than peroxide ull be fine

  168. skeert

    I have been smokin for 15 years bout five a day. Im 5’6″ 240 lbs. I havnt smoked in ten days. I started exercising 30 min a day 1 week ago. I have an interview with publix tomorrow. I think they do saliva testing. Anyone know for sure and do u think i will pass?

  169. Oneluckystoner

    I passed a random swab the other day!!! Heavy heavy smoker when not at work, and as it was random no time to prepare. I reckon the test is aimed at finding people who are under the influence of drugs rather the people who are not. Timeline: last j about 23:00 – tested at 09:30 no breakfast just a cup of tea. So maybe don’t smoke before you go to work????

  170. Josg

    Smoked before work and got a random for a job we were going to that day, 2 hours later! Ate a piece of gum and drank some water and I passed. I have taken 3 in total and passed all of them. Just don’t smoke the day before usually and brush/mouthwash of course.

  171. Oneluckystoner

    I’ve heard various statements regarding mouthwash some work and some don’t! I was informed by the tester that mouthwash can produce an invalid result which would then result in me being taken for a blood test – very bad I’m sure you would agree!
    I think being under the influence is definitely different from having it in your system and swab tests, due to the variations of people results, are probably aimed at the people who are, at that time, under the influence? That way they can nail people who have come to work smashed as opposed to someone who may have had a smoke days before, and by no means a regular “drug” taker. I think some employers recognised recreational use in the same way alcohol is consumed where they don’t expect people to turn up drunk, which is fair enough. I’m a electrical engineer and would not ever turn up at work stoned, I could kill myself and others! But passing a swab test the other day totally surprised me, still can’t believe it!! So my gut feeling is it doesn’t test you deep enough to find out what’s hidden in your DNA it is just scratching the surface to find out if you are, at tha precise time – fit for work. Without trying to sound too patronising…. My best advice at the very least is don’t smoke before you work!! Good luck

  172. thc detox drinks

    An example of a detox drink is the lemonade detox drink.
    With a bit of research and creativity, you would be able to create low calorie versions of your favorite
    dishes. The key here is to ensure that you are taking NATURAL and not SYNTHETIC vitamin A
    and D, and that is often difficult to determine.

  173. Ricky

    I smoke about 1/2 g a day. Last time yesterday 8 pm, took surprise lab swab test today at noon. Had an egg sandwich cpl sodas and 5-6 cigs and brushed teeth. Had been about 16 hours. Think I’ll pass?

  174. Damien todd

    From my pesonal experience gargle hot sauce approximately 4min.20sec.before test and then swallow a shots worth and you will be golden…

  175. Esahc

    It’s awesome to see that pot heads these days have become these self righteous ass people that believe their drug of choice is any better than the other drugs of choice out there. Saying shit like quit the dope and I just smoke weed. If your drug of choice is so much better why can’t you stop using either? Pot heads that aren’t in one of the newly legalized states that say “I don’t use drugs I smoke weed” your an idiot and you’ll lose your job just the same. Get off your high horse idiot.

  176. Curious

    Just trying to find out about this swab madness may have to take one next week… Haven’t smoked maybe a week… But was an every other day kinda smoker… What should I do…

  177. Worried

    I’m in the exact same boat. Let me know your results, I’ll let you know mine.
    I don’t have time to wait for an amazon delivery, so I’m thinking of researching other brands or mouthwash and gums that I can hopefully buy in store at a Vitamin Shoppe or a GNC.

  178. Johnny

    I have an alcohol/weed mouth swab in a little less than 48 hours and I don’t know if I will pass..I drank a tall boy 24 hours ago and am a dipper and an everyday smoker…would it help to dip all day or should I just stuck to brushing my teeth as much as possible ? I’m in a driver intervention program and I assume they will test us before we are allowed to leave

  179. SkunkyBunker

    I smoked a bunch of peyote then smoked some marijuana. Huffed a bunch of mine and my friends fermented shit out of a paper bag. Then 12 hours later I popped some ecstacy and two xannax . And then i applied for a school bus driver job. They made me take a mouth swab test a day later and i passed. Now I can smoke blunts right before i go to work and drive kids around. All of this works Fuck ya got the job.

  180. SkunkyBunker

    I smoked a bunch of peyote then smoked some marijuana. Huffed a bunch of mine and my friends fermented shit out of a paper bag. Then 12 hours later I popped some ecstacy and two xannax . And then i applied for a school bus driver job. They made me take a mouth swab test a day later and i passed. Now I can smoke blunts right before i go to work and drive kids around. All of this works Fuck ya got the job.

  181. Fred Flintstone

    I found no help here. Just gimmicks and ideas. Everyone is looking for help and not giving out comes after tests have results. I expect to see more after the fact comments not worry warts. Tale the flipping test before you comment. We need to know if you passed or failed and what the story is to find solutions. I spend my time and get nothing for certainty in answers. Just questions and more questions. We don’t want speculated fortune tellers. We want to know did you pass or fail and why. Or stop posting on how to pass of you don’t fuckin know the out come. What a bunch of crap.

  182. Sad

    I find it sad that all these meth addicts, pill addicts, etc are really trying to pass a drug test. You’re all sad, you really let your life go that much that you’re looking for tips on how to pass a swab. Here’s advice for you put the meth, pills, and heroine down. Go to a fucking rehab facility and seek immediate help. You fucking need it. As for you potheads, don’t think you’re safe. It’s sad if you can’t stop smoking for the 24 hours it takes for your mouth to be clean enough to pass the swab test. It’s fucking weed, put the blunt, joint, bong, or whatever the fuck down and stop smoking for a day or two and you will pass. Oh and here’s some advice for the people that didn’t read the initial article, read the shit. It tells you how long a drugs toxins will stay in your mouth and even gives you clear advice on how to pass. Regardless since you fucks don’t like to read I’ll give you all some advice mostly for the fucking potheads. Stop smoking a day or two before your test, you will pass unless you don’t brush your fucking teeth. If you’re scared and want to take precautions use peroxide and mouth wash and don’t let the swab touch anything but your teeth. As for you actual drug addicts (not saying weed isn’t a drug) you need help… seriously you don’t need a job so you can buy more heroine. You need serious fucking help.

  183. Anonymous

    marijuana can only be detected in the system by a spit test for 12 to 24 hours
    Cocaine: 1 day
    Opiates: Up to 2-3 days
    Meth and ecstasy: Up to 2 to 4 days
    Alcohol: 6-12 hours

  184. dee

    Smoke Sunday and snorted have swab in am will I pass

  185. Shayla

    Smoked Thursday like 2 in the morning , got called to take a drug test the next day but I told them I was going away for the weekend and I wouldn’t be back on Monday to buy time .. I brushed , gargled with peroxide and used mouthwashed (in that order) for the next few days up until the test atleast twice a day. I repeated that twice right before I took the test and I was chewing some trident right before I took it, I don’t know if the gum made a difference but I PASSED!!! Not smoking for atleast 72 hours and cleaning your mouth heavy worked for me.

  186. Joel Bunker

    I love how there’s several complete assholes on this blog bitching at how drug users don’t deserve jobs, or how others who are clean are in some way better humanbeings and more deserving. Especially, since what these sorts of analretentive virgin tea-toters are really mad about is the fact that there are people out there in this world that are literally that much better, smarter, and more talented than them to such levels that these individuals can and do outpreform these sober freaks while using drugs. It is this idea the sober morons can’t take, understand, or even comprehend. This is normally due to their lack of creativity, and the low grade mental retardation always possessed by these sorts of people. It is this mild retardation, close mindedness, and general dullness of character possessed by the sober nazis, which most functioning addicts feel the need to drug themselves up for in order to dumb themselves down to the so called functional level of people dumb enough to believe any social or moral merit can be ascribed any one based on the substances another human decides to place in their own body! Or maybe they just like getting really stoned, getting on blog sites, and mentally beating up on the sober retards, just to show them he can! Lmao

  187. Anonymous

    Back in 2010 I had a swab test. Funny thing is I smoked that morning of the test and still passed. Then again that was 6 years ago.

  188. Jdog

    I don’t understand why everyone is asking read the blog for god sack it tells you all you need to know

  189. Tornadokat

    Found out i had to take a mouth swab in 4 days. So, i stopped smoking the chronic and started rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, listerine and brushing my teeth as much as I possibly could. Mouth got really sore and I was a nervous wreck. It’s been 2 weeks since test. I’m guessing since I haven’t gotten fired that I passed!! I’m an everyday smoker, have been for 30 some years and have a little more weight than I should and don’t drink as much water as I should. Good luck to all!!

  190. Jackson

    everyone is addicted to something, chocolate, coffee, pot, etc. All the people here are asking, is how to pass the saliva test. Do this and you will pass whether hard drugs or pot. Buy these common products and do the directions just has stated below.
    1- bottle 32oz. white vinegar
    1-Tube crest whitening formula tooth paste
    1- box of real lime juice, make sure it is the real lime juice.
    1-bottle of hydrogen peroxide
    1- bottle of citrus based listerine, the orange colored one
    okay here is your step by step guide to detoxing for the test, you have to follow this has close has possible
    1. rinse mouth with the white vinegar for 2 mins.
    2. brush teeth with crest whitening tooth paste for 2mins.
    3. rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide for 2mins.
    4. rinse mouth with Listerine for 2mins.
    5. rinse mouth with 1oz. if lime juice for 2mins. after doing the following steps above. Do this 1hr. before you want to detox and rinse one more time with the lime juice right before you need to detoxify the mouth. Please stop the bashing of each other, we are suppose to help out when asked for it if possible. Hopes this answers everyone’s questions about getting ready for the oral drug test.

  191. Wayne

    I did what Jackson said to do except I brought a little lime juice with me and bought a box of spearmint altoids with me. When I got to the place where the test was going to be taken I put the lime juice in my mouth and swirled it around for about 30 seconds then spit it out. I then started sucking on the altoids right afterwards. I brought a few in with me in my pocket while filling out paper work I continued to suck on them. When they brought the test to me to put in my mouth and get it wet, I had just finished my last altioid . They will not let you eat or drink anything prior to the test, just don’t let them see you put them in your mouth. I took my prescription pain meds four hours before the test and had also used RSO Oil 3 days before and I past with flying colors. Just do what Jackson says above and you will pass this test. You don’t have to spend money to buy those oral rinses to pass. Bring some lime juice and the altoids along after you have done the above with you and you will get your job or what ever the reason is for needing to pass it is.

  192. Pro

    Just brush your teeth good tounge gums cheeks roof of your mouth rinse with Listerine and chew big red on the way to the test you will pass easy

  193. Drew

    So i just failed a recent saliva test and I’m not sure why. It was sent to a lab. Heres basically what I did…
    On the day of the test…
    – I was clean for about 58+ hours
    – I woke up and brushed my teeth like crazy, tongue, gums, roof of mouth and also flossed
    -I rinsed with listerine and then drove to my test.
    -My test was about 30 minutes away from my house so the whole way there I was constantly gargling peroxide and
    – When i got to the test center, I took my test almost immediately after checking in. Right before the test I also used like 4 listerine strips.
    I ended up failing the test and I’m not sure why. I was clean for 58+ hours and made sure my mouth was extremely clean. Ive done a lot of research on saliva tests and with all my preparation for the test… i don’t know why i failed.

  194. needsometrees

    So havent smoked in over 10 days and im taking a swab test on thursday. Ive been reading and researching about it. Does anyone think ill pass i heard 12-24 hrs. Some ppl say no some say yea. Its the internet so ppl can tell u anything. I dont know what to believe. If you have a opinion let me know. All im sayin is i hope i pass.

  195. Nervepillsxans/klonopon

    I was wondering how long it will take !e to get nerve pills out of my system? I take about 5mg a day !! It tells you how long cocaine,weed,opiates,etc stays in your sytem but not nerve pills ! Can anyone help me with some information about there experience like you Mandyisapothead

  196. Justine

    Hey Jordon, you seriously suck! Thank you Michael, took the words right out my mouth…

  197. EzBluntA

    If you cant just smoke some weed and live your life wtf is wrong with you? This mouth swab test is a blessing to potheads (unless it’s random) quit for 2 measly days for a good job. Using other ppls piss works too but that shit gets old anyway, and all you pill/meth/ junkyz need to find a junky site this is for real marijuana smokas. Go OD already and do us a favor :).

  198. Noneofyoirbusiness

    It’s ppl like yourself EzBluntA that eventually end up with really bad karma. You have no idea what someone else’s life is like or what their situation is so before you go opening up your pathetic mouth learn how to have some compassion for others. I didn’t realize bc you smoke weed that made you more of a human being than anyone else with a drug problem. Seriously educate yourself bc a drug is a drug is a drug loser!! Have a great day you POS!!

  199. Noneofyoirbusiness

    Also agree with another person who said I didn’t find much help here…all I found was very bitter angry people who do drugs and think bc it’s pot they have a right to put others down. No one goes through life saying oh I want to be a heroine addict or addicted to pills that my doctor made seem to be safe or whatever. You people who put others down for their drug of choice need to learn a hard lesson of what life really is about. We are supposed to help one another no matter their shortcomings and have sympathy and empathy. How bout when you grow up and can treat another human being with some respect then you should offer advice or opinion till then keep them to yourself bc anyone struggling with addiction beats themselves up enough on a daily basis that they don’t need someone else joining in. Not sure what happened to you that you feel bitter and angry and the need to lash out on others but it’s people like you that make our world suck and filled with hate.

    Don’t act superior when you are just as much an addict smoking pot as the heroine addict next to you! God doesn’t forgive people who are deliberate in hurting fellow brother and sisters. Try to deal with you own demons instead of attacking someone else’s just to make yourself for a brief second feel good. That’s what’s pathetic and cowardly!!

  200. Big Al

    I passed my first test and no had smoked like 3hrs before my test. The second one was a couple days of not smoking. I don’t think they are ad accurate for pot. I use trident white mouthwash the diamond strong brand as i am walking to the door. I’ve past 3 did them. But she’s throws in a UA once in awhile too so who knows. Just legalize it. As far as I know, nothing really works for the water soluble drugs. I’ve tried loss of methods for that and no success. They are easier to test for I think

  201. Raymond

    A drug is a drug dick fucks, whether your smoking popping shooting. Anything to alternate your normal STATE of mind is called “getting high”.

  202. Ashley

    Well i am a weed smoker for the last year thanks to my boyfriend i really like it helps my anxiety disorder and i dont have to take pills i stopped smoking three weeks ago when i heard i gotthe job they postponed my drug test its an pn the spot mouth swab gives results instantly not that worrued about it was actually confident u till i read the guys post who was clean for 58 hours and still failed so now im kinda worried pkus no weed equals my anxiety is high right now please someone tell me should i still be worried

  203. Shay

    I think you’ll be fine I quit for four days took a mouth swab on a Monday after not smoking since Thursday prior and passed so you will be fine!! Good luck!!

  204. alasnomorebuds

    Recently found out I was having a swab test for potential job I had around 44 hours notice. I stopped smoking immediately and got through 2 bottles of listerene in the time I even bought some ultra klean detox mouthwash and followed instructions. I will know next week if I have passed or failed and I will definatly post results as I have had no luck finding first hand accounts of people who have used this product. It has a 500% money back gaurentee so it Bette fuckin work lol. I’m not here to endorse It nor am I some bot or the creator of the product If i fail then i will instantly post that ultra klean Is a rip off and warn others to avoid it , if i pass ..then all praise ultra klean (and the 44 hours of not smoking buds and 2 bottles of listerene) wel see…..

  205. Meowkittensilovecats

    So i had a swab test today (thursday) for a job and i havent smoked since tuesday night (almost 48 hours) but last night (wednesday) i took a pain killer for really bad cramps i was having, not even thinking about the fact that i had a drug screen the next day since pain killers isnt an everyday thing for me (im a dumb ass i know). I brushed about 8 times since then and i mean i scrubbed the ever living hell out of my mouth, gums, cheeks, tounge, under my tounge, pallet, EVERYTHING, flossed and mouthwashed. I also brushed with a black charcoal toothpaste right before i left home(if you havent ever tried it i suggest it because its the as well as used non alcoholic mouthwash about 30-35 minutes before the screen itself after the interview. I have a very low BMI, i mean i have like no fat on my body what so ever, a very fast metabolism, and im not so much worried about THC as i am the pain killer my dumb ass took. Do you guys think im in the clear? And i will update when i find out to let you know as well, i just hope a small lapse in judgement didnt just ruin a great opportunity. “/

  206. Meowkittensilovecats

    I also had control of the test so i didnt put it on my gums or under my tounge, i just bit it until it turned blue and the only thing that touched it was the top of my tounge.

  207. Sherry

    Okay. Here’s 3 sure ways to pass your drug test almost immediately ( I say almost, because you have to wait at least 5min before your swab test for this to work efficiently) 1) Definitely brush your teeth, gums, and the inside of your jaws everyday and when necessary, and followed by mouth wash. Listerine’s perfect. 2) look into your kitchen get the vinegar, swish it around in your mouth for about 2min, spit it out . 3) got a lemon? If not, keep ’em on deck. Get a lemon slice and squeeze & rub the lemon juice into your inner jaw line and gums. Get ready to ace tht test! TIP: if you’re asked to swab any area of your mouth, just place the swab tester in between your teeth, keep it there and pretend to be rubbing it between your gum and bottom jawline Enjoy your new job.

  208. easysmoker420

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    Groceries Prices in United States are 3.14% lower than in Australia
    “THAT IS for the person who was hating on the USA and saying how Australia is cheaper , higher waged place to live . You got to look at all the facts above as well. ”

    As far as the mouth swab test goes I can only speak from the two I have taken recently over the last year. The first I had smoked 48 hours before and rinsed with peroxide a few times on the way to the test, also chewed gum which they didn’t seem to care if I kept in my mouth while I took the test.. “mileage may vary on that” but I passed. The second test caught me off guard , all I had was some jolly ranchers in my pocket lol , I popped a few in my mouth and again they were not concerned with it…. I even asked should I go and rinse my mouth out since I have all this very RED spit in my mouth “hoping I could go grab some peroxide and swish and come back” but they were like nah … it will be ok. After about 10min I removed my red gooey testing stick and placed it in the container…. I had smoked the night before and passed this as well. It certainly appears this is the perfect test for us smokers and tokers , unless you just blew down right before the test it looks to me as if there isn’t much to worry about… just my 2 cents . Im glad I work for a company that uses them for sure!!!
    Peace , and stay safe everyone.

  209. Onetimesmoker

    I have an oral swab drug test tomorrow with an interview. I was told about it on Monday I smoked some weed Sunday. Do you think I am okay?

  210. smokesalot420

    For anyone that needs employment that doesnt want to stop using their drug of choice Toys R Us/Babies R Us will hire with no testing. They will have it on the app to scare you but you have nothing to worry about unless you get injured on the job,Thats when they test to avoid paying any workman compensation. So if you dont mind working as an indentured servant/slave with little pay this is the job for you. Seasonal overnight crew full of stoners etc…

  211. TheDrIsIn

    For Onetimesmoker: From what you described, it sounds like you have about 48 hours in between your swab test and the last time you smoked so you will be fine! 😉

  212. Doug

    Wow, from one alcoholic Stoner to the rest of the world… guys sound like solid employees. Glad to have you on the workforce, each and everyone. Such maturity, and open mindedness. Every post I read said Irresponsible and immature, orr Asshole, and judgemental. Well, as I embody all of those, I slute you.

  213. Doug

    Wow, from one alcoholic Stoner to the rest of the world… guys sound like solid employees. Glad to have you on the workforce, each and everyone. Such maturity, and open mindedness. Every post I read said Irresponsible and immature, orr Asshole, and judgemental. Well, as I embody all of those, I salute you.

  214. Rich

    1/2 g of the best per day. Stopped 15 hours before test. Brushed teeth and gums normally. Swished 1/2 3% peroxide, 1/2 water three times. Smoked cigarette on way and swished and swallowed 4 oz of water. Put 3 Listerine strips on roof of mouth. Put 2 in right lower cheek. Waited until just before test (3 mins wait) and licked strips and using saliva/strip fluid, licked the cotton and stuck between teeth. 5 mins later, done! Passed! Blue dot test. You know which one! Good lick!

  215. Anonymous

    So to let you guys know…. I smoked 3 loud blinds before my test…. Surprise call from temp…. Used lots of toothpaste and mouth wash…. The best…. Crest and Listerine…. Put toothpaste all over my gums… Brushed teeth and tongue thourouly….drunk bottle of water… Rinse mouth… Listerine right before test… Spearmint gum…. Passed the test!!!!… O yea…. Def lots of prayer…. In less than two hours…. Sheesh…. So it’s passable

  216. Anonymous

    Blunts I mean… Lol..

  217. Best

    Could I have past the swab test by putting lotion in my mouth

  218. Jaimejaim

    Am I on the right site? Sooooo many pills and meth and coke and shit. I thought this was for pot mouth swabs? I hope im in the right place. I ONLY smoke weed. I dont even drink. I smoked at 8 am this morning and I just got a call for an interview with a company that does saliva testing. I think they will swab at the interview. So if my interview is Tuesday night (tomorrow) at 5 will I be ok if I brush the crap out my teeth and gums and cheeks, floss with mint floss, use Listerine up to 20 times (or however much i can tolerate) with baking soda rinse then eat vinegar chips and altoids do yall think id make it?

  219. Casey T

    Marijuana swab tests are bullshit… I don’t take any narcotic pain medications. Got my marijuana card (michigan) yet jobs still won’t hire me due to it. I work as a nurse doesn’t affect my job and smoke after work. Think laws would be implemented for us card holders…. legalize it already… alcohol is much worse

  220. Shirley

    I got hit with a mouth swab at a temp agency last week. I had never even heard of this type of test before this. I panicked because I smoke a bowl every night to help me sleep. The results are immediate. I passed. I think these tests are geared more towards the harder drugs like opiates and cocaine and for chronic drinkers who have drank very recently.

  221. Kiy

    I pass the mouth swab test everytime by brushing my teeth good then some Listerine wait 10 mins , then some water and peroxide works everytime.