How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System for Various Drug Tests

how long does pot stay in your systemHow long does pot stay in your system
So just how long does pot stay in your system? You probably have been looking for a new job or maybe you have a job offer? That’s great, man, congratulations. You’re not alone however. Many prospective employees can’t find a job because they can’t pass a drug test for weed. It doesn’t matter if it was over the weekend that they smoked pot or last year because most of these drug tests don’t show impairment. And the ones that do are highly controversial. You remember that nurse who was arrested for refusing to draw blood to be used in a drug test. What’s worse is that many employers are suffering as well. They can’t fill open jobs. What a shame. So no wonder a ton of ton of job seekers are wondering just how long does pot stay in your system?

PRO TIP—The most common drug test is on urine so use SubSolution synthetic urine or fast-acting detox pills.

The state of Michigan is suffering an employment crisis. Employers there can’t fill job openings because not enough prospective employees can pass a drug test. These companies who are in dire shortage of workers are in all sorts of industries from manufacturing, construction, warehousing or shipping companies. So what if someone working in these companies smoked a joint three weeks ago—especially since marijuana is legal for recreational use in eight states and allowed for medical use in nearly have the nation.

That’s the problem with drug testing. You’re asking how long does pot stay in your system not because you’re impaired right now at work while performing rocket-surgery but because you smoked pot recently and are worried it will show up. How ridiculous that you should even have to worry, right?

The fact that drug tests are used to discriminate and keep good workers out of jobs is ridiculous and obviously impacting the economy. A recent NY Post article says that even the biggest employers across the US are suffering because of drug testing. Keep in mind that the nation’s unemployment rate is super low—currently 4.4 percent—down from 8.2 just five years ago. Not hiring someone because they smoked a joint in the recent past is just plain wrong.

How long does a pot brownie stay in your systemHow long does a pot brownie stay in your system
Whether you eat it or smoke it exactly how long does pot stay in your system? Well it really depends on which type of drug test you’re up against. That’s because each of them have a different way of measuring the amount of marijuana metabolites, the stuff your body makes as it process marijuana. In general the amount of time marijuana takes to pass through your system depends on a number of factors. We’re talking about things like how long you’ve been smoking weed, how much you smoke, how healthy you are, how much you exercise—all sorts of things, dude. There is a site that has a how long does pot stay in your system calculator that could help but it’s super rudimentary and not really worth meaning since you can only plug in a few variables.

How long does pot stay in your system if you’ve been a major smoker for years? If you’re one of these i smoke weed everyday types—well then we’ve heard that it could take up to a month or more before marijuana completely exits your system. If you’re a lightweight and just started smoking weed well then you probably don’t have much in your system at all.

But like we said when it comes to it’s all about what drug test you’re up against. So let’s get into it. There are four major types of drug tests that you could face and we’ll break down each one giving you some idea of how long back in time they’ll detect weed use as well as suggestions on products or actions that you can take to help pass that drug test.

How long does pot stay in your system for a urine testHow long does pot stay in your system for a urine test
So the urine test is absolutely the most common drug test in the nation. That’s because it’s cheap and easy to administer unlike a blood drug test that involves needles and nurses and stuff. A urine test doesn’t show impairment so using it prior to employment is just so that your future employer can cover their ass in case of some sort of accident. That’s really why drug testing exists anyhow mind you. It’s not just because your boss is an asshole—that’s just part of it. Anyhow more than half of all drug tests are piss tests.

According to our research a urine test can determine whether or not you smoked or ate some weed as far back as 100 days. Now that’s a really long time to keep someone from a job, right? So what if someone got stoned 100 days ago? Why can’t they drive a truck or work in a warehouse or even perform rocket-surgery? Anyhow the length of time weed will be detected in your system by a piss test really depends on how much weed you smoke, how long ago you smoked it and your body size and health. If you have blazed for years everyday you should probably accept that you’ll show up positive on a piss test for the next three months. If you spend a lot of your time eating healthy and exercising and smoke only once a year at a party, well then you probably will pass a piss test for weed in a week at the most.

One way to know for sure whether or not you’ll pass your urine test is to test yourself. We suggest using a few home drug test kits from Amazon . There’s nothing like having the confidence knowing that you’ll pass your test before you walk into the lab. The only way to really find out is to test yourself.

If you’re looking to pass a urine test we suggest going with synthetic urine. Our favorite brand is Sub-Solution because it comes pre-mixed and includes a warming powder. We can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve heard of people failing their piss test because they handed over luke-warm fake urine. Don’t be that person. If you’d rather try something else we recommend either going with a detox drink or detox pill. We covered both of these options in a recent article called Best Detox for THC. It it we recommend using either detox pills or detox drinks for THC and list out the pros and cons of each one. If you’re the type that doesn’t mind popping a pill. You could always take a detox drink like Xxtra Clean, Certo Detox and Stinger Drink detox that you can get easily on Amazon but we always recommend Qcarbo32, or Ready Clean or Stinger Total Detox from our buds at testnegative because we know it works and it comes with a  200% money back guarantee. Not interested in chugging an entire Gatorade-sized bottle of detox drink? You could try a One Shot Concentrate.

How long does pot stay in your system for a blood test
Remember that incident back in July 26 that was captured on a police body-camera showing Detective Jeff Payne dragging nurse Alex Wubbels from a hospital and handcuffing her after she refused to allow blood to be drawn from an unconscious patient in a car-crash investigation to be used in a blood test. Suffice to say a blood drug test is serious. You have rights about consenting to these things so it’s good to exercise them if you need.

When it comes to getting a job you most likely will not be facing a blood drug test. Like in the Wubbels case you’ll most often find a blood drug test being administered in on a few specific instances like a major car crash. So how long does pot stay in your system for a blood test? Well unlike the piss test which can detect pot use for a really long time the window of detection for a blood drug test is much shorter.

If someone was a first-time smoker than they’ll pass a drug test in as little as 12 to 24 hours later. For major stoners they’ll only have to wait about seven days before the pot works its way through your system. That’s a lot better than waiting up to three months before marijuana leaves your system and you can pass a piss test but like we said the blood drug test isn’t very common and most likely won’t be used for job screening. If you get one you’re probably in a lot of trouble and new jobs might just be the least of your worries because the blood drug test is virtually impossible to beat. It’s always administered by a professional and highly accurate. For more information check out our post How to Pass a Blood Drug Test.

learn how to pass a mouth swab drug testHow long does pot stay in your system for a saliva test
The mouth swab drug test aka spit drug test or saliva drug test is becoming more and more popular. It’s something that’ll you find at roadside checkpoints more than at the workplace after an incident. But because they’re coming way down in price the mouth swab test is being used by employers more and more to detect on the job impairment. They’re quick, easy to administer, don’t involve a needle or pissing in a cup. These tests can often be given at random or after an accident however it’s likely that your employer need to have reasonable suspicion that an employee is using drugs on the job. However your boss can use a mouth swab test to check for weed use when you return to work from a leave.

So just how long does pot stay in your system in regards to a saliva test? Luckily the mouth swab test has much shorter detection window than the urine test. A saliva test can typically only detect marijuana usage within the last twelve to twenty four hours. That means it’s pretty easy for pot smokers to pass if they know one is coming—just chill out from smoking for a day or two make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth and use mouthwash daily before the test and you’ll be fine. You can test yourself to see if it’s working by getting your own Mouth Swab Drug Test kit.

Because the mouth swab drug test can be given at random it’s particularly sneaky. One way to prepare is to get Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum. It’ll clear out that weed in 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes. Does it work? It comes with a 200% money-back guarantee. There’s also Ultra Kleen Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash with a 500% money back guarantee (wow that’s a lot) and Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. These washes work near instantly and keep your mouth weed-free for a full hour.  For more information check out our post on the Mouth Swab Drug Test.

How long does pot stay in your system for a hair drug test?
So the hair drug test is the one that’s really the biggest narc. It opens a massive window to view your prior drug use unlike a urine or blood or spit test. A hair drug test can detect weed use deep into your past—we’re talking years here, man. And like the urine test it doesn’t show current intoxication. In fact it takes like seven to ten days before any pot-smoking will show up on any hair drug test. So you could get stoned on the weekend for the very first time in your life and still pass a hair drug test on Monday. For a deep dive check out our post on how to pass a hair drug test but for a quick and useful primer covering the basics just keep on reading.

However you could not smoke pot this weekend or for a really long time and still show up positive for weed-smoking if you were a serious stoner back a few months or years ago. That’s what makes the hair drug test such a huge narc. Is it really that necessary to delve so far back in time? What is an employer to gain knowing that someone used to smoke a lot of weed years ago?

Anyhow there are plenty of ways to help pass a hair drug test. The first is really obvious—shave. You can just pretend to be an Olympic swimmer and waltz on it without any body hair. Feel free to leave your pubes because they won’t test that but you better be prepared to rid your body of any leg or arm or body hair because they’re gonna test that stuff.

Or you use Hair Follicle shampoo from TestNegative. It removes all toxins in minutes and lasts 8 hours. This stuff works well and isn’t too harsh on your hair. It’s the simplest way to pass a hair drug test because you just use it like a regular shampoo and it’s just one bottle—you don’t need to collect a bunch of different ingredients and use them in series like how you would with the Macujo Method or the Jerry G method. All these treatments will strip THC metabolites from your hair and help you pass a hair drug test.

Prior to your test you can also test yourself to see if your hair treatment method has worked or not. We suggest using Amazon and going with Hair Confirm, or Psychemedics PDT90. Why leave anything up to chance when it comes to knowing whether or not you’ll pass before you actually take the test, right?

For more information on beating a drug test check out our post, How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana. Feel free to leave comments about this post in the comment section below.

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