Best Detox for THC: Drink v Pill Which Is More Effective to Pass a Drug Test

Best Detox for THCDetox drink v pill which is more effective?

What’s the best detox for THC a drink or a pill? Not surprisingly they both claim to do the same thing—help you rid your body of THC so you can pass a drug test for marijuana. Because why should you let you dream job get in the get in the way of some lame drug test, right? Wait that came out wrong.

PRO TIP—Skip detoxing and use SubSolution synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

Anyhow we decided to take a look at the differences between the two most popular quick THC detox methods—using detox pills or one of those detox drinks for THC and list out the pros and cons of each one. So if you’re looking to find the best detox for THC it’s going to incorporate one of these methods below.

Sure we’re talking about the best THC detox here, however if you’re looking for the best way to pass a urine drug test we suggest using synthetic urine. We suggest SubSolution fake pee because we know the manufacturers and know it has worked for several of our readers. Just check the comments section under our Sub Solution Fake Urine review. You can also check the comments section for other reviews like our UPass Synthetic Urine review, our Quick Fix Plus and our Magnum Detox Synthetic Urine to see for yourself which artificial urine works best to pass a test. You just need to know how to use it. Now on to best detox for THC.

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What is detoxing?

Actually before we get on to the best detox for THC let’s discuss detoxing. Because it’s important to understand the process before you spend a ton of money on a THC detox kit. Detoxing is the process of eliminating toxins from your body. And that toxin is called marijuana.

Actually what you’re looking to eliminate are the metabolites formed when you eat or smoke weed. This stuff builds up in your fat cells. Now you’re probably aware that marijuana stays in your system longer than any other drug, right? In some cases if you’re a heavy user like someone who smokes weed everyday you would be failing weed drug tests for at least a month or more. We’ve heard of some major stoner who’ve had weed in their system for three months after they smoked weed.

Why does weed stay in your system so long? well that’s because losing weight is difficult, man. If you’ve ever tried losing weight you know this. So you’ve actually got to burn fat to effectively get rid of all that marijuana in your body.

How to detox THC

If you’re looking to eliminate weed from your body exercise will help. First off you’ve got to stop smoking weed of course but you could expedite the weed detox by exercising. The faster you can sweat and burn fat the faster you can move that THC through your system. Nobody said the best detox for THC was going to be easy. Nor did they say it’d come in the form of a pill or one of those THC detox drinks. Oh wait. We did say that. We’ll get to that stuff, but first consider this background information. We’ll tell you when it’s time to break out the detox pills and drinks.

You might want to go the natural route and eliminate toxins without pills and drinks and stuff. By no means is this the fastest way to detox thc but it’s the healthiest. Plus you can boost the effectiveness of detox drinks or pills and the like by also avoiding fatty foods while you detox from thc. Skip the ice cream and the hamburgers and fries—why would you want this stuff you’re not smoking weed and getting the munchies anyhow, right?

Grab foods that are high in fiber. You know—foods that’ll scrub the toxins right out of your body. We’re looking at your fruits and vegetables and whole grains. You’ll also want to drink plenty of fluids including cranberry juice and things like Palo Azul tea to help boost your weed detox routine.

Be on the lookout for some common unpleasant detox symptoms that may include irritability, headaches, depression, anxiety, decreased appetite, and insomnia—you know the things that you smoke weed to avoid. Of course these are the same symptoms that go along with having to take a drug test to get a job in the first place. Actually these are the same symptoms that go along with having a job but we digress. What were we talking about? best detox for THC oh ya.

THC detox pills or detox drink?

The best detox for THC is really a subjective question. The best would the most effective, right? That would be to just detox naturally. But if you are in a hurry The best detox for THC really depends on how much time you have and whether or not you prefer taking pills or drinking a detox drink. Drink or pill it’s up to you because they’re both really effective and they both come in super fast acting versions.

The best way for you to determine which is more effective or to get some insight into what’s the best detox for THC urine tests would be to read the comments to a lot of the detox products we’ve  reviewed on our site. We’ve taken the time to review a ton of detox products including Xxtra Clean, Certo Detox and Stinger Drink detox. But we don’t want you to take our word for ‘em. We want you to read the comments and see what other stoners are saying about them. It’s called crowd-sourcing and it’s highly effective. We’re only one blog but those comments are sincere thoughts from stoners who have actually used the products and they can speak to their effectiveness. So if you really want to see if a detox product works or not one way is to read comments and of course check other reviews. You could also buy a home drug test like the 5 Panel Test Kit and test for yourself but we’ll get to that pro tip later in this post.

Detox drink pros

You can grab a detox drink like Qcarbo32, or Ready Clean or Stinger Total Detox and chug it and be ready to pass a test in as fast as minutes and continue to pass for up to eight ours. Of course you’ll want to follow the directions. Many people fail drug tests because they don’t follow directions or they do something stupid like leave product packaging like a box for synthetic urine behind in the test lab. We told a newspaper in Kansas City about this recently.

If you’re not interested in chugging an entire Gatorade-sized bottle of detox drink you could try a One Shot Concentrate. This is probably the best detox drink for THC if you’re looking for the least amount of liquid that you’ll have to drink. It’s just an ounce of apple-flavored stuff that works for up to 5 Hours. But if you’re heavier in size—like more than two hundred pounds—or you have hella weed build-up in your system we recommend something professional strength. And of course something that we trust Rescue Cleanse 32oz that works in an hour. What’s cool about TestNegative is that they offer a 200 percent money-back guarantee on their products and of course we know ‘em.

You may also want to check out our post on the niacin detox THC method. Make sure to check out to the comments from our readers. Other stoners will tell you what’s worked for them and what hasn’t worked so go ahead and check that out.

Detox pill pros

Like a drink you can also grab a super fast-acting detox pill that will rid your body of those pesky marijuana metabolites by taking a pill like a same day cleanse. A pill like this will work in about an hour and half and flush your body of all not only weed metabolites but all unwanted toxins. And it’ll last for up to 6 hours.

If you have a little more time you could also try a three, five or ten day pill program designed to eliminate toxins. This is where you’d want to incorporate the recommendations above. Things like dieting and exercise in combination with the use of one of these cleansing pills will boost your bodies ability to detox. That way you really get a thorough cleaning that will last because you might be leaving the weed game entirely and looking for a permanent solution. Who knows? We’re not here to judge. You gotta determine the best detox for THC for you boo—that’s what we’re here to help you do.

Anyhow the best detox for THC really depends on how much time you have. First off we always recommend using synthetic piss if you’ve got no time to spare or you want something foolproof. As long as you can get it in the test room and keep it warm you should be golden.

If you have a supervised test or don’t think you can smuggle in your sister’s clean pee or some laboratory urine you got off the internet you next solution would be to detox. Go for an all natural detox if you’ve got the time. If you don’t grab yourself a drink or a pill. Make sure to get the one that’s right for your situation. Whether it be a drink that works in a matter of hours or a pill that takes ten days be considerate. And definitely make sure to follow the directions.

Word of advice

Grab a 5 Panel Test Kit and test yourself to see if you’ll pass or fail your urine test. Also use your test to see if you’re detox pill or drink works. If you have the time why not? Wouldn’t you like to walk into Laborp or whatever and have the confidence knowing you’re going to nail it? Just having that extra boost of confidence could really help you perform under pressure. Why not increase your odds and take every advantage eh?

What do you think is the best detox for THC? We want to know what you have you tried and what has worked for you. More importantly what has failed for you? Your comments could help other stoners so what do you think is the best way to detox THC? Please leave your sincere feedback in the comments section below.

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