How Many Grams In An Ounce of Weed?

How many grams in an ounce of weed? Don’t laugh, dude. Sure you think this is a rookie question. We're here to answer it.

How many grams in an ounce?

How many grams in an ounce of weed? Don’t laugh, dude. Sure you think this is a rookie question. But Stuff Stoners Like is made by stoners for stoners. We take this stuff seriously. We’re posting this whole “how many grams in an ounce” post as a public service announcement—because we don’t want you to get ripped off, man. And because we don’t want to force you to read this entire diatribe from top to bottom just to answer a simple question we’ll just tell you up front that there are 28 grams of weed to an ounce. But if you want to find out how much weed you’re missing out on each time you buy an ounce of marijuana you should continue reading.

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If we asked you right now how many grams are in an ounce of weed what would you say? We bet that you’d probably say there are 28 grams of weed to an ounce, right? Wrong! You see most weed dealers or as they’re called in the industry—budtenders—will sell you an ounce of weed weighed out to exactly 28 grams. Not a speck more. Grams to ounces or ounces to grams 28 grams to the ounce is commonplace. But it’s wrong. An ounce actually weighs 28.349523125 grams. And it doesn’t matter if you’re weighing weed, water melons or weather vanes when it comes down to it—an ounce of weed isn’t 28 grams. It’s more. In fact it’s .349 grams more. Check out or post, how many grams in an eighth, if you need us to break shit down even more. Anyhow check out our weights breakdown if you need more help on marijuana weights, dude. Because let’s face it most Americans might need a little help because we’re talking about the metric system here. This topic was covered in school only briefly. Why? Who knows. But it seems that the only time we’re thinking about the metric system is when we’re talking about weed. Anyhow this metric system stuff is easy.

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Grams to Ounces It All Adds Up

You may think .349523125 grams of weed isn’t a lot. But do you know who does think .349523125 grams of weed is a lot of weed? People with no weed. You know who else? Law enforcement. Dude, if you get caught in a jet plane filled with weed haters flying over Colorado suddenly .349523125 grams of weed is enough weed to land you in jail. That’s because weed is still federally illegal and when you’re in a plane you’re under the control of the feds.

Here’s another thing, man. When it comes to oz to grams or grams to ounces or exactly how many grams in an ounce of weed think about this—you’ve probably been getting shorted .349523125 grams every single time you’ve bought an eighth of weed. Imagine how much weed you’d have if you were to add up all those missing .349523125 grams of weed from all those eighths you’ve bought since you started smoking weed. Now tell us .349523125 grams of weed ain’t a lot of weed. That shit adds up quick. How much weed have you been shorted your entire lifetime? If you had a nickel every single time you were shorted a few fractions of a gram when buying weed you’d probably have some cash to buy more weed.

do you how many grams in an ounce?How much is an ounce of weed?

Let’s move on from how many grams in an ounce of weed and get to the important stuff. How much does an ounce of weed cost? Well that depends on a number of factors. Location, availability, selection—lots of other stuff too probably. But it basically if you really want to answer the question, how much is a zip of weed, it comes down to supply and demand, dude. Sorry to sound like your high school teacher, dude. But the law of supply and demand even extends into buying weed.

It’s true. Prices for an ounce of weed are dropping in Colorado. Why? Because marijuana’s legal there, and there’s a ton of supply to fill the demand in the weed market. According to an analysis by Convergex the average price of an 1/8th ounce of recreational Colorado weed has dropped from $50-$70 to $30-$45 since last year—ounces sell for between $250 and $300 on average compared to $300-$400.

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grams to ounces to joints
Go from grams to ounces to joints in a matter of minutes

How Many Joints In an Ounce Of Weed?

Let’s say the average 1-¼ size joint is about the size of a cigarette. Sure we’ve all seen joints rolled from a pound of weed if not more—but let’s just go with the size of a cigarette. Google says there’s about 0.7 grams in a typical cigarette. That works out to roughly 40.49929 cigarettes per ounce. So that means you can roll about 40 joints per ounce of weed.

So to answer the big question, how many grams in an ounce of weed, there are 28.349523125 grams in an ounce of weed and how much does an ounce of weed cost? Roughly between $250 and $300 on average, man.

Anyhow, have you ever been shorted when you bought and an ounce of weed? And what did you pay for it? Let us know in the comments section below. Danks, man. Puff…puff…pass.

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  1. mat

    Stoner math FTW!

  2. English


  3. Jet

    Growing up it was three joints to a gram!!!

  4. fox

    an ounce of anything weighs 28.349523125 grams, ill grab that in Oakland; thanks!

  5. Jon

    28 grams!
    Oakland please!

  6. Kim

    28 grams. Harborside Oakland

  7. Anonymous


  8. Jeff M

    28.349523125 grams in an ounce – Harborside Oakland

  9. Donald Jones


  10. Jesse Harvey

    28.35. Harbourside San Jose

  11. subi

    Which Weighs More, An Ounce Of Flower OR An Ounce Of HaSh? 🙂
    Both Weigh 28.349523125.

  12. cordaro

    28 grams

  13. Tom sroka

    28.349 I would be pleased to pickup in Oakland, Thank you

  14. Tom sroka


  15. Joanne

    28.35 nice contest, I hope I win!! Thanks, and if I win I’ll say “High”

  16. Joanne

    28.35 grams in an ounce
    I would like to pick that up at the Oakland shop if I should win. Thank you guys!

  17. Rafael Martinez

    An OZ has 28.349523125 grams, I’ll pick my oz if I win at the San Jose Harborside. Thanks.

  18. Randy

    There are 28.349523125 grams in an ounce of weed. If I win, I’d like to pick up my prize in Oakland, please. Thanks!

  19. Valencia

    28.35 grams in an ounce. I would pick that up in Oakland. And to verify I followed both on twitter, my handle is HowlingNextToYo

  20. kevin p

    28.349523125 grams in an ounce – Harborside Oakland. Thanks. Also to verify i followed both accounts on instagram my account name is palaniukkevin ,thanks

  21. Mr_Kickz

    If i have 174 grams how much weed do I have? Would i consider it quarters or ounces if i broke them down into 2 separate bags? Or what would this much weed be worth?

  22. Jonathan tebnicki


  23. Ruben A Ramos

    Why is gold 31 grams to an ounce.

  24. Oso

    this is just my opinion which is like an as#*hole, We all have one. From an ole stoner the .349 gm works both ways, meaning, “What goes around, comes around” leave it alone or some wanna-be in D.C. will start some crap and they’ll try to change the weight, Should it be 28.349523125 grams = 1oz. or just 28 grams=1oz.

  25. Stonerton

    Weed expensive there, it’s $50-$60 an oz here and that’s on a bad day(or if you like that dro)

  26. 420Life

    I’m from the boot WM La
    An ounce here is dwindling. I use to get it through the years cheaper and more quantities. But here in the last 2-4 yrs the Ounce 30 g plus. Then went to 28 so now you’re lucky if oz 26 if not less. Sad if it’s bc prices on streets goin up atleast say up front n give the exact weight instead of calling it something it isn’t. But that how the game done become. Smh.. Jus to smoke..

  27. Trick

    1 Ounce = 28.3495231 Grams

    1 Troy Ounce = 31.1034768 Grams
    Ounce is a unit of mass (weight) in united states customary and imperial measurement systems. It is also used as a volume unit but then simply meant as “fluid ounces” which equals to about 30 milliliters in U.S. customary system. The international avoirdupois oz is commonly used daily basis and the troy oz is used for the measurement of precious metals, gemstones, silver etc. The abbreviation is “oz”.

    Gram is a unit of mass in metric system and defined to be the 1/1000 of a kilogram which is the metric base unit of mass. It’s used commonly in cooking recipes and drug measurements. The abbreviation is “g”.

  28. HeyMomma

    Just bought my first ounce, and am waiting on delivery. Can’t wait to get it. It’s been days since I sparked up so I’m really, really ready for my herbal medicine to get here so I can get myself right.

  29. happy old lady

    In the 70’s it use to be 10 dollars for a pound of weed where I grew up in Oregon.

  30. Marquiselofton

    How much is. 11.2

  31. on tic ye

    14 cent of tic if i wanted yeah fuck off.

  32. Cassidy

    Does anyone know any one who sells ounces in edmonton? And can hook me up with a deal?

  33. Anonymous

    30 where I go

  34. Joe


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