How Much Is an Ounce of Weed?

how many grams in an ounceHow much is an ounce of weed?

How much does an ounce of weed cost? Well the cost of marijuana pretty much depends on one thing—location. Thanks to legalization the cost of marijuana has been on the steady decline including the street price of weed, medical marijuana and commercial cannabis.

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States where recreational marijuana use is legal are also the states where marijuana is least expensive, reveals, a site where users can anonymously submit the cost of weed in their area purchased either from the black market or legally through a dispensary. Even among states where pot is still illegal for all uses, reports Forbes, the price of an ounce ranges so widely from that someone who smokes an ounce a month can move from Pittsburgh to Portland, Oregon and save enough money for a year’s worth of premium cable to enhance the experience.

Zip of weed weighs what?

If we asked you right now how many grams are in a zip of weed aka 1 ounce of weed you’d probably say 28 grams, right? Wrong. An ounce actually weighs 28.349523125 grams. And it doesn’t matter if you’re weighing weed, water melons or weather vanes when it comes down to it—an ounce of weed isn’t 28 grams. It’s more. In fact it’s .349 grams more. That means you’ve probably been getting shorted .349523125 grams every single time you’ve bought an eighth of weed. In case you’re wondering how many grams in an eighth of weed? There are 3.5 grams. And just so you know, you can roll about 40 joints with 1 ounce of weed.

how much is an ounce of weed
How much is an ounce of weed in your area? Pic?

How much is an ounce in legal states?

In four states where pot has been legalized or decriminalized–Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska–the price of an ounce has fallen below $300, compared with the nationwide average of $324, according to Despite a strong marijuana culture, Colorado is surprisingly not the state with the lowest marijuana prices. How much is a ounce of weed there? On average it costs $243 for an oz of weed in Colorado.

How much is a ounce of weed in the state with the cheapest pot prices in the nation and which is it? That would be Oregon and on average an ounce of weed cost only $204. Wow. Guess how much a zip of weed costs in Washington—another legal marijuana state? An ounce of weed there will run you only $232. And how much is a zip of weed in Alaska where recreational marijuana is also allowed? It’s $294 on average. In Washington D.C., where marijuana became legal for recreational use in March of this year but where commercial sale is still illegal, the price of an ounce of weed costs $346. Damn, wonder what the street price of weed is there?

How much is an ounce in CA?

how much does weed cost here in California? Well weed prices look to be on average about $242 for an ounce of weed in the Bay Area.  That’s just a tad bit cheaper than Colorado. Not bad for the state that pioneered medical marijuana and plowed the way for dispensaries, but has yet to legalize the stuff. How much does a gram of weed cost here in Nor Cal? A gram of weed will run you about ten to twenty bucks depending on where you get it and the quality of the herb. How much does a quarter of weed cost? How much is an eighth of weed? Just do that math, man. A quarter ounce of weed is equal to about 7 grams and an eighth of weed weighs 3.5 grams.

Highest cost of an ounce of weed?

The very un-weed-friendly states have the highest prices of weed, of course. They’ll charge you upwards of $350, $355, $365. But the state with the highest costs for an ounce of weed in the entire nation is North Dakota. How much is an ounce of weed there? A whopping $387 an ounce. Damn. At those prices a joint will run you about ten bucks.

How much is an ounce of weed in your area? Let us know about your experience with weed prices near you or the current ounce of weed price in your location in the comments section below…

35 Responses to “How Much Is an Ounce of Weed?”

  1. Amia C. Sanders

    Thank You.

  2. Claudio

    You mentioned 1 once gives you 40 joints. What is the size of the joint? can you show a pic of what you consider a rolled joint.

  3. Cuppycakes

    RE:You mentioned 1 once gives you 40 joints. What is the size of the joint? can you show a pic of what you consider a rolled joint.
    Don’t over think it…just be grateful

  4. l2math

    Nice math… u wouldnt be skimped .34 g an eighth lol. If its only an extra .34 an ounce ud do .34 divided by 8 to see how much more ur supposed to get per eighth. .34 divided 8 equals
    .04 and fuck the rest of the decimal points after that if u care about a spec of weed ur an idiot like the one who did this sweet math.

  5. Jill

    Darn, when I was younger, an ounce of cleaned weed (no stems, sticks or seeds) was 40 bucks. I’ll have to stick to vodka 🙂

  6. Johnnyboy

    Ain’t no ounce fir 350$ in Joliet tf that’s taxinggg lmfaoo they go for 250-280 here

  7. Nick

    I get my zips for 200 220 if it’s real dank but just got a zip of lambs breath for 200. I’m km west Texas

  8. Sam

    Weed in PA is only like 270 an O for some real fire and like 220 for some decent. Although I do know people who pay up to 300 an O

  9. Anonymous

    In Texas swim cop zips for 220

  10. Itsjustme

    In California you can get a oz. For 180$. I buy a zip of kush and cookies so its not weak weed.

  11. Wow wow

    Getin $25.00 a gram in Wisconsin for top shelf dispensary quality stuff

  12. Nick

    Wow 25 a g that blows!

  13. ActualCOResident

    Boi wtf are you guys paying over $150 for? Even if you’re paying $10 per gram (regular g price in CoS) that’s still only $280. For fucks sake, most dealers will cough up an 1/8 for $20. Pretty much any dealer out here will charge anywhere from $120-180 an ounce. I mean honestly I could get an ounce of wax for the price you guys pay for an ounce of bud.

  14. Kook

    Y’all ignit as fudge lol XD I pay 80 a oz from Alaska to Hawaii, Cali to Florida, Texas to new York but I don’t fuck with shwag if your not some anti social to akward type look for new connects it’s just weed bro most I’ve ever payed a zip was purple fire crack cookies and that cost me $115

  15. john bruh

    180 an ounce here in Tennessee and it’s high quality shit sour diesel for life.

  16. Megan

    Damn I’m in TN too and bout to pay $280 for an ounce Where the hell are you getting this kinda deal?!

  17. Karmastarman

    420 in WVA

  18. Karmastarman

    $420 per ounce i

  19. Nick

    Fuck I need to start selling weed where yall live!

  20. Alden

    130/z Foco, Colorado biotches

  21. Manny

    I am in NYC i get it 200 for some decent kush or 240-265 is the MOST i pay for dank always some fluffy shit too

  22. Maggie Mae

    Utah $200 zip

  23. Mason

    Around 160-175 where I’m from

  24. Nate f

    I don’t smoke weed but its cool learning about this shit u know

  25. Nick

    Update: can now get a zip for 150

  26. A.J.

    CentTex… an O of Green Crack 200.

  27. Willie taylir

    I live in Oregon and my plug will do $100 an oz. I just copped a QP for $300….. And Yall spending 350 on an oz.. get out

  28. Brock

    Yeah, the amount of money spent on nourishing an appetite. I am looking for something over the top. The best I ever smoked I didn’t pay but 120.00 but that was in 1985 or so. We put a couple seeds in a pile of horse manure and forgot them. Upon a thought went back to check and couldn’t see the plants because they were laid over with bud. What came from that seed and a little pile of horse dung. I have never smoked any near or as good. Still searching for as good and nothing even close.
    Are you about ready to go, I heard a voice about 3hrs later after smoking that weed. I was still as high as I had ever been.
    I think the name of that strain should have been called
    “It’s a marvelous wonder”

  29. Dickfacemcgee

    I like bananas coconuts and grapes

  30. BobE

    Seems like a huge disconnect here. I’m a middle man and pay around 175 a zip and street price here is around 220-240. The charge. Gram is 10-15 depending on time of day delivered or not etc.

  31. Ira

    I am lucky to have a best friend that grows and gives me whatever I need whenever I need it for free but to other friends he sells it for $50 an ounce and if just a connect he sells it for $100 an ounce. I unfortunately have moved across the country so I have to visit for it but I still never run out.

  32. 420

    My plug in portland, Oregon sells me zips for 70$

  33. Math

    3.5 x 8 = 28.0 = 1 oz. You dig? 28.0

  34. SabinaCheatra

    I am living in Florida and I using for medical reasons, i want to now the price on my state .

  35. astro

    sabinacheatra idk if it’s legal yet but i think $245 depending on your person

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