How to Cure Weed

How to Cure WeedHow to Cure Weed


I’m curing my weed and have a question about airing out the jars. How long should I leave the jars open for and do I have to move the buds around or anything or can I just open the top and walk away.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: When it comes to curing weed there are a lot of variables, but the answer really depends on how long you’ve cured the marijuana on the line—assuming it was dry, like twig snapping dry when you jarred it—you’ll probably be fine. Here’s what to do, though. Take ‘em down, manicure ‘em and make sure they’re dry. They don’t have to be brittle-brittle dry, but you want your buds to be to the point where they’ve still got a little bit of moisture left inside. Like we said, take ‘em down, manicure ‘em, put ‘em in the jar. You don’t have to put the top on right then and there, you can leave the top off for a little while and let ‘em air dry for a few hours, then put the top on. And then put ‘em in a dark area overnight. From there you could just check the jar every so many hours. If the curing weed has rehydrated you’re going to want to leave the lid off the jar for a bit because you don’t want the buds to be too soft or mushy. That could lead to mold forming on the weed.

If you dry it well on the line you can manicure it and you can put it in the jar and leave that lid on for as long as you want and it’ll cure like that. BUT it’s all about when you take your weed off that line. Make sure that it’s dry enough to manicure and go straight to that jar stage—that’s the key. That’s where you can lose a lot of your flavors if you mess that up right there. And if that happens? Well…you can always turn your bud into bho.

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  1. MadHatter

    Total Nonsense…. manicure your Buds as soon as you harvest plant. Use ziploc bags instead of jars to get as much air out as possible and quit opening so often as to let the natural Chlorophyl take it’s place in the curing process.

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