How To Not Smell Like Weed

people smoking weedHow to not smell like weed

Want to know how to not smell like weed? Without giving up smoking weed of course. We’ve probably all been there, dude. You’re getting stoned and you suddenly get a text from mom saying she’s on the way over. Problem? You and everything around your reeks of weed. It’s not game-over just yet, yo. We’re here to teach you and your apartment how to not smell like weed.

We love the smell of weed. But your results may vary. Anyhow, if you’re worried about how to eliminate weed smell why initiate that weed smell in the first place? Just vape your weed. Vaping is healthier than smoking and doesn’t really smell. There might be a faint smell of weed when you vape, but compared to smoking a joint it’s nothing. Take a dab or grab a vape pen and you’re good. You could also eat your weed. Eating weed involves no weed smell either. Make some weed butter and use it to makes waffles or cookies or just spread it on toast, but just make sure mom’s headed your way because making cannabutter involves a lot of weed smell. Okay moving on…

SploofHow to not smell like weed while smoking

If you’re worried about the smell of weed while you’re getting stoned it’s best to not smoke joints. Joints are the stinkiest method of smoking weed by far. We’ve stunk up entire hotel floors with ‘em. Not to mention they set off fire alarms. Skip the bong and go with a glass bowl and make sure to open a window. You can also make a sploof and exhale through it. WTF is a sploof? Basically you just shove some dryer sheets in a paper towel tube and you’re done. When you exhale the weed smoke through it you’ll hide the smell of weed with the aroma of flowers.

You might also want to roll up a bath towel and stuff it under the door. Weed smell loves escaping under the door so make sure you’ve got that covered or you’ll be smoking out the hallway. An anti weed smell spray like Lysol or Febreze could also help. Incense and aromatherapy candles work too as long as you don’t mind smelling like a hippie.

How to not smell like weed after smoking

After smoking some weed your hands, face and clothes will house some residual weed smell. Eliminate it by simply changing your shirt. Your pants are probably cool unless you’ve been hotboxing like crazy. Remove the weed smell from your clothes by washing them, dude—it’s not rocket surgery. Next wash your hands really well using soap—not just water. You can also use hand sanitizer if you don’t mind smelling like vodka. Now wash your face, with soap not hand sanitizer, especially around your mouth. Then brush your teeth. If you’ve got mouthwash handy now’s the time to use it. Gum and mints also work really well. You could always eat some pasta or pizza with garlic too.

You could always add cologne or body spray and if you’ve got time go for a nice brisk walk and get some of that clean fresh air on ya. If it’s windy outside even better. So that’s it, man. That’s how not to smell like weed in a nutshell.

Have any tips on how to not smell like weed? And for those who never read all the way to the end of an article why don’t you give us some tips on how to smell like weed in the comments section below.

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