How To Pass a Urine Drug Test

how to pass a drug testHow to pass a urine drug test

Stoners constantly write asking us how to pass a urine drug test. Have one in a month? A week? A day? No problem, man! Use our definitive guide below; How to Pass a Urine Drug Test for Weed 101 and you’ll have no problem passing. You’re welcome.

PRO TIP—Score some Sub Solution synthetic urine that’s the best way to pass a piss test.

The urine drug test is stuff stoners don’t like. Not only is a urine drug test the most common of drug tests, it seems like its the biggest violation of civil rights. Anyhow, we’ll set that aside so we can focus on helping you pass a urine drug test. We’ve passed plenty a urine test and have helped a countless number of friends family and fellow stoners pass their piss tests. And just in case you’re not facing a urine drug test we’ve got information on beating other drug tests including how to pass a hair drug test and mouth swab drug tests that you should make sure to read. Also brush up on our primers; how long does weed stay in your system and how to get weed out of your system fast. But back to instructions on passing a urine drug test.

Urine drug test basics

From drug warriors to future employers—whoever the enemy—they can spring a urine test on ya at any time and without much warning. However a sudden and spontaneous urine drug test is rare. When it comes to a piss test you usually get a date, time and directions to a testing facility near you. That means you have some time to prepare. Luckily however the urine test is the one drug test that gives you the most options for passing it—from flushing your body, to adding adulterants to mask your pee, to using synthetic urine altogether. Of course some are quicker, safer and more reliable than others obviously so choose wisely.

What does the urine drug test look for?

The urine drug test or UA test looks for marijuana metabolites in a sample of your pee. These metabolites are the result of your body breaking down THC—a main ingredient in marijuana. Generally a urine test can detect THC in urine for about 1 to 10 days after single use. If you smoke pot regularly then marijuana metabolites will remain in your body anywhere between a week to three months or more. So how the fuck do you get them out? Read on…we’ll tell you.

Practice makes perfect—even with a piss test

Buy a home marijuana drug test and test yourself before your real drug test. This is a great way to track your detox progress. It’s also extremely accurate. So pick up a test and arm yourself with some knowledge and confidence before that dreaded piss test.

How to pass a urine drug test 101

How do you pass the urine drug test? Well let’s first break it down like this; when’s your test? If you have between ten days and a month before your test we recommend a detox program. Go right ahead and skip to that section in the next paragraph. Lucky for you, man, you have a lot of options to pass your ua test, from natural remedies, to a detox program, to a hybrid of detox and masking agents. If you have between ten days and 24 hours before your drug test you can hop on down to that information.

As with any drug test we’re all about minimizing failure. That means you might need to spend some cash on some quality products. If you want to keep your job or in some cases your freedom—it’s going to be worth it, dude.

Pass a Drug Test by drinking
Drinking fluids like water or cranberry juice could help you pass a drug test

If you have a month before your UA test

If you’ve got the luxury of time before your urine drug test you have the best chances of beating it. That’s because you’ll have time for your body to cleanse itself of THC. That means detoxing. That also means no smoking weed until your urine drug test. If that’s something you can’t handle. Feel free to skip to the information below on how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours. We feel ya, dude. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to pass a piss test in 24 hours. Anyhow here’s how to get weed out of your system in about 30 days…

  1. Avoid weed—Consuming weed during your cleanse will re-deposit THC into your body and you’ll have to start over.
    Drink Lots of Water. Drinking water is one key way to detox marijuana from your system. However it’s not perfect. Drinking lots of water keeps the body well hydrated and healthy which is one of the most important things to do when you are trying to detox your body and get it to exhaust its resources—especially important when you cleanse for marijuana. But don’t overdo it dude. People have died from drinking too much water.
  2. Exercise—Marijuana is fat soluble and stored in the fat cells of your body. The more body fat you have the longer it’s going to take to detox. A combination of both weight lifting and cardio training like swimming or running will burn fat and help speed up the metabolism—helping you detox.
  3. Eat Greens—Eating green vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach and chard—all super high in vitamins and minerals like iron—will help boost your body’s metabolism expediting detox.
  4. Drink Lemon Juice—Lemons contain very high levels of Vitamin C—an important electrolyte and a great way to detox THC. Store bought lemon juice, like that shit that comes in those plastic lemons, will not have the same potency as fresh squeezed lemons so grow your own. Or buy some real lemons at the farmers market.
  5. Avoid Junk Food and Red Meat—All that tasty stuff like burgers, tacos and pizza are unhealthy in general but when it comes to detoxing marijuana they certainly don’t help. Junk food is super high in sodium which causes water retention—slowing metabolism. Junk food is also high in sugar and fat which further slows your metabolism. When detoxing from cannabis focus on consuming nutritious foods like lean meats, fruits and vegetables.
  6. Drink tea—Several teas on the market can help the body detox marijuana naturally. Dandelion tea helps the liver eliminate toxins. Green Tea is another great detox agent because high levels of antioxidants and electrolytes. In fact any tea that contains a small amount of caffeine will boost your metabolism and burn excess fat.
  7. Eat Fiber—Fiber provides healthy nutrients needed for healthy detoxing. Sources of healthy fiber include grains, whole wheat that has not been enriched and legumes which include peas, peanuts, lentils, soy and beans.

If you have 10 days before your UA test

This is another detoxing technique. The key to this method is drinking a lot of water and thus urinating frequently leading up to the urine drug test.
For this to work, however, you’ve got to stop smoking weed. Again we feel ya, but you’ve got to do it if detoxing is your goal. Also follow the steps above for the next ten days—drink a lot of water and tea, eat right, avoid junk food and exercise as much as you can. Here’s what you need to do to pass your UA test:

  • Sore a 10 day detox product like Toxin Rid. This is a great product and we’d never compromise on this. You can use it multiple times a day. If you haven’t smoked a ton, double the amount and only take Toxin Rid for five days It actually thoroughly cleanses your body over the course of the detoxification program, leaving very little to no THC in your body. Toxin Rid is sold by Test Clear who have been in the business since 1995 and have live chat support to answer questions.So far we’ve not found a detox product that works better.
  • On the day of your urine drug test drink a detox drink such as One Shot Concentrate. Follow the instructions, but usually the optimal time is 2-3 hours before the test. One Shot Concentrate is from one of the pioneers in the industry, Clear Choice, going back all the way to 1993. It’s sold from their website and comes with a 200% money back guarantee. We’ve also heard go things about Mega Clean.
  • Don’t exercise the same day. Exercise increases the THC concentration in your blood which eventually finds its way into your pee. So take a break from working out and make sure to urinate a couple of times before your test. Pro tip? When obtaining your sample use mid-stream pee. Avoid the very first drops of urine that come out as well as the last ones.

That’s it, dude? This process works well for both supervised and unsupervised urine tests. The combination of detoxing your body couple with a detoxing drink is what makes this method of passing a urine drug test so effective. After using Toxin Rid your THC levels are low enough that they can easily be masked by a solid same-day detox drink like One Shot Concentrate.

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours

Okay, dude, you’ve only got a day or so to prepare for that ua test. Don’t worry though because we’ve got several great suggestions on how to pass a pee test that are completely effective and totally easy.

Beat a urine drug test with synthetic urine

If you need to beat a drug test fast, urine luck…get it urine luck…because we’ve got some easy-to-execute suggestions. Our fist suggestion for beating a piss test in 24 hours? It’s always—use synthetic urine. The best things about using synthetic urine (fake urine, fake piss, fake pee, whatever you wanna call it) is that it almost always works. You have to get a good one. The only time fake urine doesn’t work is when stoners don’t follow the directions. Most importantly—you don’t have to stop smoking weed to use synthetic urine. Fake pee, it works perfectly to pass a ua test man, because it’s actually what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment. They don’t use pee. Even clean pee is full of toxins, dude.

If you’re worried about your fake urine being detected as synthetic, it won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s 100% effective—completely undetectable and toxin-free and by far the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it the best synthetic urine out there is that you can use the included chemical heating powder to warm it up in a matter of seconds. Plus it comes with a 200% money back guarantee. Check out our super info-packed post on using synthetic urine to get an idea of what to expect at your UA test, tips on smuggling fake piss and our best synthetic urine reviews.

If you suspect you may get random drug tests with very short notice having a bag of synthetic urine at home or in the car ready to go is a great idea, dude. Also synthetic urine mimics clean human pee. So that means it works the same no matter what drug you use from cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, LSD to extacy and so on.

How to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours using a cleanser

If you’re in a hurry there’s Liquid Stuff One Hour Cleansing Drink. This highly effective detox drink temporary flushes your body of toxins. It works by targeting your bladder and urinary tract to flush and eliminate toxin metabolites for about six hours. This should give you enough time to give a urine sample and pass your drug test. Eventually toxin metabolites in the rest of your system will gradually make their way back into the bladder as your body naturally detoxes itself and re-introduces THC metabolites into your urine. Test yourself using a home drug test prior to the big test to make sure you’ll pass.

Pass a urine drug test w/Sure Jell or the Certo Drug Test

Many have seen success with the Certo method (sometimes referred to as the Sure Gel or Sure Jell method), based on using fruit pectins before your test. After some research we’ve concluded that this method does work. You can find Certo Fruit Pectin and Sure Jell on Amazon and use it as a substitute for a same-day detox drink or combine it with one. What makes the fruit pectin method effective at beating a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass your urine test. If this sounds like a viable option, you’d probably dig our info-packed post on how to pass a urine drug test using fruit pectin called, Sure Jell aka Certo Drug Test Detox Instructions.

sure jell
Ever hear of the Sure Jell or Certo drug test method? It actually works, dude

Passing a urine drug test by diluting your piss

Diluting your urine sample is another popular and somewhat effective way to pass urine drug test. Diluting your urine by consuming a lot of liquids before your test works because the ua test measures the concentration of THC metabolites, nanograms per millilitre (ng/ml) in your urine. Increasing the fluid amount—while the amount of metabolites stay the same—lowers their concentration in your urine.

If you decide this is your best course of action you’ll need to doctor your piss so it’s not rejected for being too diluted. First you’ll need to add some color to the urine or it look like water. Take a Vitamin B2 or B12 supplement—that will make your urine very yellow. You’ll also need to raise your creatinine levels since the ua test looks at these to determine if your sample is too diluted. Taking creatine powder a couple days before your test is the best practice since your body can metabolize it within 48 hours.

Pass a urine drug test with Asprin?

Aspirin is often mentioned as a home remedy. We wouldn’t rely on this one too much. But the rumor goes that taking about four Aspirins around 4-6 hours before your urine drug test can sometimes interfere with immunoassays and cause a false negative. If that happens—you’re good, son. There’s a lot of spotty information online about how to pass a urine drug test using Asprin, but we don’t suggest you waste your time reading it, dude.

UA test products & methods to avoid

One common rumor is that you can pass a urine drug test by adding a chemical adulterate like bleach, ammonia, laundry detergent to your pee after it’s in the cup. We’ve even heard of people putting a little bit of those chemicals under a fingernail and then pissing on their finger to get it in the cup on the sly. This is a tactic for a supervised piss tests. If you’ve got one of those, you’re best bet is detox, man. Or maybe just find another job. Anyhow adulterates aren’t hard for drug testers to detect because they usually change the pH or your piss.

The same is true for products like Golden Seal. There is a ton of information on how to pass a urine drug test using Goldenseal root. Despite the rumors Goldenseal will do little if anything to help you pass a urine drug test. Cranberry juice and Palo Azul Kidney Wood will also likely make your ua test look tampered with due to the change in pH. However we have heard of people using Palo Azul tea to pass a drug test.

So if you’ve got time you’ve got a lot of options. But if you’ve got a ua test coming up in a matter of days we suggest going with synthetic urine. Good fake pee works and you don’t have to give up smoking pot to use it.

Have questions about an upcoming ua test or any tips on how to pass a urine drug test? Use the comment section to below to get in touch…

18 Responses to “How To Pass a Urine Drug Test”

  1. Ol hippy

    I’ve been lucky. THC wasnt in the test required of me till the feds got interested (thanks Barry). Now Im SOL .. I figger if I stopped co!d turkey (Y.R.S) I’d piss dirty for awhi!e anyway. Talking w an uber driver I find out clean pee is a commodity… What a f#cked situation.

  2. UtzstU

    I’ve had 3-4 piss tests during the course of my working life. I’ve always found the dilution method coupled with a detox program to be super easy and the safest way to do it. Exercise, sweat, drink plenty for the month before or i even managed this in under a week. 2 Days before the test start loading up on fat and eat all the crap you want and stop exercising. On the day of the test dilute your piss until you need to pee around every 20 minutes. Use the B2 + creatine drinks found online or in smoke shops using the instructions found on the bottle. Pee a couple times before going to the test checking your piss isn’t too clear. WAM BAM Thank you man!

  3. R U There now?

    There are only two sure-fire ways to pass a urine test. Don’t smoke or quit at LEAST 6 weeks before the test (depending on factors listed below) or get dehydrated urine. That’s it!

    Synthetic urine is NOW detectable. They have caught on. Diluting urine…..don’t waste your time….you’ll get called back for another test…if you’re lucky. They are looking for temperature first between 92-100 degrees, spike agents (your run of the mill “detox” products) and then if you’re diluting, this throws off your PH balance uric acid and creatinine and there’s no way to duplicate that. There is no detox that will work because THC is in your fat cells and you have to wait for those fat cells to die which, depending on how much you smoke, how often you smoke, how much you weigh, your BMI, how good the weed is – can take from 1-12 weeks or even longer. It doesn’t come out of your urine but through your bowels. The more fat you have, the more you smoke, and if you smoke daily – well, you’re looking at a higher number of weeks to get clean. Sweating, exercising, etc., can help but it takes a LOT of time. Masking agents are NOW detectable and they look for them. All the other hype out there is just that – hype. Do yourself a favor….either quit smoking or use dehydrated urine (can be found on the internet). It’s criminal that we get tested and that it stays in our system much longer than the hard drugs like cocaine, heroine, and meth, but it is what it is.

  4. steve

    I wanted to follow-up on the last 2 comments so that Stoners can have the best info to help them fight against this unconstitutional invasion of their privacy. First of all, dilution is no longer a viable option. Not because it hasn’t worked for hundreds of thousands people around the world for years, but because there is a new test coming out in June of 2016 that tests for Ph, Creatinine and specific gravity right in the cup. This cup will eliminate the use of dilution during the initial drug screening. In the past, if it looked like pee, tested negative for drugs and had the right temp, you would pass the screening. In which case, your sample would not be sent to the lab for confirmation. Those days are over. So everyone please stop using and/or promoting dilution as an option .
    The next poster was pretty much on the money with his or her advice. I say, “pretty much” because it was incorrect on one area and didn’t follow through with enough advice in another. They incorrectly said that synthetic urine was detectable by laboratory analysis. Synthetic urine is NOT detectable now, nor will it ever be. This is true under normal lab analysis for all synthetics which tests for 52 precursors found in human urine. We do have the capability to test for all 117 precursors which would be capable of detecting about 30% of the synthetics used during substituted samples, but to run this kind of testing on all samples would not be cost efficient and would take way to much time.
    All labs, including the one I work at, use a testing protocol called SMHU (standard mapping for human urine) which, as stated above, check the submitted sample against 52 precursors. But even this test is only ran if the sample has been flagged by the submitting lab tech as FAILED/SUBSTITUTED. These are usually flagged due to temp, odd color or non-foaming. But even under the most strictest of lab analysis , there are 2 labs that are responsible for an estimated 70% of synthetic urine submitted for analysis that contain all 117 precursors and therefore would not be detectable under ANY circumstances.
    You may find this ironic, but while doing my internship at a US university, we used synthetic purchased from a lab to calibrate our GC/MS and other related laboratory equipment. Years later I realized that same lab was now selling synthetic urine on the open market! So, while it is true that dehydrated urine can be used during substitution, you are just as safe using synthetic urine.
    As for the rest of the last post, I feel like the poster did not give enough information to make his/her post very useful. They did tell of the two viable ways to beat a drug test, abstinence and substitution, but failed to provide information on the later. Substitution is , by far, the most used method to defeat a drug test. This is the act of substituting clear urine for your dirty urine. This is accomplished in many different ways, but basically you smuggle the clean urine into the test area and simply pour it into the test cup and present it as your own sample. Sounds simple, right?
    WRONG! It is actually a little more complicated than that. First, make sure you have CLEAN urine. Dehydrated, synthetic or your buddy who swears he is clean, where ever you get your urine from MAKE sure it’s clean and can hold up under lab scrutiny. For example, your friend tells you he doesn’t do drugs. GREAT! You use his sample but get flagged by the Tech for whatever reason and the lab finds traces of Dextroamphetamine, (Adderall) which as a Schedule II drug, would of been fine if you had listed it on your prescription list before your test. But you didn’t because your friend didn’t tell you about it because it isn’t a “drug” you would be tested for. And now you have some tough questions to answer with no prescription to show. See how easy it is to screw this up? I’ll go ahead and answer another question here, we CANNOT tell the difference between male or female urine using the drug test protocol for illicit drugs. We could by running an estrogen byproduct test, but we won’t. So feel free to use your wife’s CLEAN urine.
    Now that you have CLEAN urine, what next? Temperature. This is the lab’s first defence against substitution. The base temp is NOT 92-100 degrees. The base is actually 2.5 degrees up/down or 96-101 degrees. If your sample is not within that range, the lab will follow whatever protocol your MRO (Medical Review Officer) has set in place . Which could be anything from FAIL/TAMPERED to an immediate retest without leaving the building to a rescheduled OBSERVED retest.
    ALL of which would be bad news. So temp is very important. Important enough that it is the number one reason why people fail during substitution. So, what is a stoner to do? Start off with a subbing device that will not only deliver your sample discretely but at body temperature. There you have a couple of choices. But first, DO NOT rely on hand warmers to keep and maintain the temperature of your sample. Too cold, too hot, too bulky, basically a second rate answer to a question that needs first rate. Will they work? Most of the time, yes. But do you want to rely on “most of the time”?
    Especially when there are devices that will perform ALL of the time. I am not going to go into a debate over which devices will outperform which. But I will point you in the right direction. I recently read a post on a forum at GrassCity called, “Have questions about an upcoming drug test?” or something like that. On that forum a person named Urinecredable (LOL, right?) wrote a post in which he put all of the top rated subbing devices into a matchup against each other. You’ll find your answer there. And as a bonus, he talks about a female device called, “SheWhizz for you women out there.
    Now let’s close this with a quick recap for those of you that I lost… Dilution- BAD. Substitution- GOOD. Abstinence- BEST. There is your definitive rating on how to beat a drug test. Good luck.

  5. AEB

    Opiates, not weed, have always been my weakness. I’m in a situation where I must submit to a UA every other week, (on the same day of the week), and most of the time I’m okay. I’ve been doing okay for about seven years now, but, about a month ago I had a little slip when one of my pets passed away. Long story short, I ended up using my DOC; pain pills. I knew I had a UA coming up in a few days, so before I took the pills I made sure to pee my clean pee into a container and save it for my test. What I did was use a small old washed out pill bottle and kept it in the freezer until the night before test day. I took it from the freezer to the fridge the night before and then to my bedroom on the dresser the morning of. Basically letting it thaw out and become liquid again at a slow pace. My tests are usually scheduled for late afternoon so I had plenty of time. I went to the store and bought a bunch of those chemical toe warmers. They’re better than the hand warmers in my opinion because they’ve got tape on one side and heat up a lower temp than hand warmers, coming very close to the right temp for fresh urine. I only used one, though, because practice beforehand showed me two gets the pee too hot. I put the one toe warmer around one side of the bottle with a rubber band around it to secure it in place. I did this about an hour before I had to be there because I knew it would be heated up by then. Next, I wore my favorite black sports bra, (I’m a female by the way), and using my natural ‘assets’, the bottle fit nice and snug tucked between into my cleavage and held in place by the bra. I had the toe warmer side facing front and the other side of the bottle touching my skin. I had to walk to my appointment which takes about an hour. They don’t observe you when you give your sample. I went in, closed and locked the door, sat down and quickly removed the bottle, opened it, checked the temp with my finger, (hey, you do what you gotta do, I figured it wasn’t any more gross than carrying a bottle of pee in my bra for an hour, right?), and poured it into the sample cup. Then I had to place the now empty pill bottle back in my bra since you leave your stuff outside the door before going in, and that was it. I ended up passing with no issues. A key issue to passing with subbed urine is your outward appearance, I’m not talking about just making sure there are no suspicious bulges, either, but, just try to relax and act normal. Do what you’d normally do while waiting for something; play on your phone, read a book, etc. And practice subbing the urine before you take the test like go to a medical supply store and get a UA sample cup and practice smoothly getting the lid off and getting your subbed pee into it without making too much noise or taking too long. Anyway, that’s my experience and my advice. (As a female to other females, though guys can benefit from everything sans boobs part; there are other body parts that will work for either or both guys or girls).

  6. FF123

    I had only 26 days to “study” and was smoking 1/8 per week leading up to learning about the test. I quit on 4/19 and started the 10 day Toxin Rid on 5/2. I finished the pills 5/12 and took the test 5/16. I saved the liquid drink (which is horrendous tasting) for day of test. Throughout the cleanse I exercised, ate clean and drank a ton of fluids. I am a short female with a normal BMI. I was worried because I had been very chronic in my usage. I bought home tests and tested myself along the way (bought the 50ng and the 20ng) it took about 21 days for me to be clean. I passed the test. I think the Toxin Rid helped. Side effects were a lot of GI discomfort and going A LOT. Otherwise it was pretty painless. Except remembering to take 3 pills an hour for 5 hours (that was a PITA). I think it’s worth trying especially if you’ve been a heavy user.

  7. amanda

    I have to take a urine an hair drUG TEST TOMMOROW and wasn’t expecting it to happen quick.I’m confident my urine will come back but I’m worried about my hair as I have been around people who do infact smoke pot

  8. Piratelyfe

    Iv been clean for about 13 days now so far and take 1000mg niccan daily. I have a test coming up in about a week and a half. I drink about 10 bottles of water daily due to my line of work. I work hard in an outside enviourment and sweat a lot. I was planing on taking the q carb clean the day of my chance. I was wondering what’s my chances of passing were. For two weeks I’m smoked Schwag everyday.

  9. Bill

    Excellently informative, and very well written post Steve! One question, is a test you take at a hospital or clinic any different than one taken at a lab-corp type of establishment as far as how extensive the test is?

  10. steve

    Thank you, Bill. I do what I can to keep Big Brother out of people’s private lives. To answer your question, each testing facility has its own testing protocol unless they are SAMHSA certified. In any case, unless you have failed a past test or it is post-accident, it will be an unobserved test. These are by far the easiest to pass. As far as the actual testing performed, no, they will not be any more extensive than a testing lab. As a matter of fact, many hospitals send their samples to a drug testing facility for testing! LOL. Mainly for confirmation of a presumptive positive on an immunoassay test (dipstick test). They do this incase the test results are ever challenged. Labs have a much better chain of custody. Easier to defend against false positives. Hope this helps.

  11. Evan

    I had about a week notice to get clean after daily mj use. Used the 5 day Test Clear Toxin Rid leading up to it and the Test Negative One Shot Concentrate and B-complex vitamin (to color my diluted pee) day of. Also lots of excercise and sauna time that week. Tested myself before going to the test center (really cheap home tests on Amazon). Passed with flying colors! Can’t attribute to a single product, but the combo works.

    Some notes on the Toxin Rid program:
    1) stay close to a bathroom at all times. Lots more toxins leave your body through #2, which can be rough
    2) it’s literally a tough pill to swallow. One at a time, lots of water, don’t let it stick to your mouth.
    3) the liquid on the final day may be the most disgusting thing I’ve tasted. Try your hardest not to vomit. Worth it, however, as it clearly seem to work

    Hope this helps!

  12. ABShotty

    I have to pass a drug test 2-3 times a month due to being in a recovery program for nurses. 99% of the time I am clean. If I test positive I have to pay an additional 40$ (after paying 30$ initially) and I am just not willing to soend that amount when I am just taking my legitimately prescribed Ativan. The lab I go to has extremely strict testing standards but I have substituted synthetic urine on a regular basis with no issues. I clean out a 5 hour energy bottle, fill it with the synthetic, heat in microwave for about 15-20 seconds and then it goes in a place where the temperature will be precisely regulated by my own body. Yeah, its nasty, but I am not going to go broke paying for these extra drug screens and potentially hace negative effects on my license. BTW I never take my Ativan other than to sleep if I have a super bad episode of insomnia. I hope this helps, has worked for me for many years when I need it.

  13. Urgent!!!

    Please help me….its 745pm and soon i will start to drink a bunch of different fluids….
    I have a piss test tomorrow between 7-9pm…
    I been smoking “loud” daily…

    Please tell me the exact amount of water and cranberry juice or tea or all of the above i need.

    Please give me as much details as possible…i got about 24hrs to pass….i need help…i cnt afford any drinks…i gotta dilute it heavily…..please help me asap

  14. Maria

    Need help asap any kind of home remedy that doesn’t cost money that I can pass a UA as soon as possible I greatly appreciate it I smoke marijuana here and there not all the time but enough to wear opium my system please help have no money so I need some kind of home remedy that can help me out as soon as possible

  15. Erica

    I got drug tested 4 days after smoking. I am not a frequent smoker. Once a week/once every other week. I drank 4 water bottles before my test (random test.) I took an at home one 24 hours later and it was negative. Will i pass? im terrified. If anything would it just come back diluted?

  16. Stormy

    I have a drug test for the suboxton Dr on Tuesday and they told me if I smoked one joint I’d be cut off well my weed level was 1103 and I have been smoking since just less then before. Can any one tell me if it will be lower since I smoke less per day or if every joint I smoke makes it go hire I’ve been smoking weed for yes. I also can’t dilute my pea cause my suboxton has to be there


    I was hoping to brag on and recommend the product that I had finally found that actually works… But I didn’t… I completed the Toxin Rid 10 day detox program following every instruction perfectly.. Sat in a sauna twice, ate low to no fat foods and drank more water than I’ve ever drank in my life… failed my home test first, then a few days later failed the lab test…. Please save your money

  18. Yuno Xtha

    Great tips!
    Thanks for sharing.
    If anyone interested in good detox program then can be the one you are looking for.

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