How to Roll a Cross Joint in 5 Simple Steps

smoke cross jointHere’s How to Roll a Cross Joint

Ever see the the Pineapple Express cross joint  Out of all the cool joints to roll it’s the easiest and most recognizable—here’s how to make one…

The cross joint is definitely stuff stoners like. Out of all the cool joints to roll this one is probably the easiest and most recognizable. Well that is if you’ve see the the Pineapple Express cross joint in the movie. Anyhow cross joints are easier to roll than they look and because they’re two joints in one—they’re double the fun.

Below we’ll show you how to roll a cross joint in just 5 simple steps. If you’re interested in learning how to roll a cross blunt just swap out three blunt wraps for the rolling papers and follow the directions below. The steps to rolling a cross joint and crafting a cross blunt are basically the same. So you want to learn how to make a crossjoint? Perfect keep reading…

PRO TIP: If you can find a bible printed on rice paper, which many of ‘em are, you can bible pages instead of rolling papers to inject a bit of secularism into your cross joint. Or just use Stuff Stoners Like brand rolling papers. They ain’t got no ink on ‘em like bible pages and they’re made from the finest hemp on the third rock from the sun.

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cross jointCross Joint Construction

To impress your friends or just smoke yourself out with a cross joint you will need the following items:

  • 3 rolling papers king size and 11/4 work well, so does a combo of both
  • Paper clip, leather punch, sharp pencil, nail, razor blade or any slender pointy object
  • Weed
Cross Joint diagram
Consult this cross joint diagram for cross joint construction instructions

How to roll a cross joint in 5 easy steps

Below is how to roll a cross joint step by step. To make a cross blunt just substitute blunt wraps for the rolling papers. You’re welcome.

Step 1:

Start out by getting stoned. Then roll two joints. If you’re stoned you’ll probably have more patience. You’re gonna need that to roll a good joint if you’re just starting out. One of the joints should be larger than the other because you’re basically going to thread the smaller joint through the big one just like threading a needle. You might want to use a king size rolling paper and a 11/4 size rolling paper. Either way, we recommend using a rolling tip. Rolling tips add a bit of structural integrity to your cross joint and eliminate the need for a roach clip by allowing you to smoke your joint ’till it’s all gone.

Step 2:

Now take that paper clip or pointy object and jam a hole through the larger joint. Remember you’re making a cross not an addition symbol so aim for about one third of the way down from the top. Be gentle. You’re not impaling a vampire you’re crafting a joint. Now wiggle the paper clip around a bit to expand the hole and create a tunnel. The diameter of the tunnel needs to be about the same size as that smaller joint so it’ll fit snugly. If it’s too tight you’ll tear shit.

cross joint with hole
Make sure the hole in your cross joint base is large enough for that other joint

Step 3:

Before you thread the smaller joint through the larger one, you’ll need to make a hole in it to allow for airflow in the smaller joint. This is an important step so don’t forget. Without creating this airway your cross joint won’t burn very well at all. Don’t waste your time and your weed by forgetting.

Step 4:

Use the paper clip, nail, razor or whatever to cut a hole in the smaller joint. This is to allow air to flow when you smoke the cross joint. Now insert the smaller joint into the hole in the larger joint. Make sure the holes in the smaller joint are in line with the larger joint.

Step 5:

You’ll want to make an air-tight seal to ensure your cross joint smokes good. Grab that third rolling paper and tear of the gum strip. Moisten the strip and use it to lash around the center of the cross joint. If you can, have it overlap a bit to ensure a tight seal. Without a tight seal your cross joint won’t very well. So take your time and test the joint a bit by inhaling a few times before you light it.

Good job, dude. If you followed the directions above you now have a cross joint to fire up. Keep on reading form some tips on how to light and enjoy that shit.

cross joint
Make sure to light each tip of your cross joint

Lighting a cross joint

Lighting and smoking a cross joint or cross blunt is pretty much just like smoking any other joint. Just make sure to light all three tips and try not to burn yourself while doing it. Because sometimes rolling a cross joint is easier than lighting one you might want to have your buddies help you light it—which requires more than one lighter. Just make sure none of ’em are a white lighter and you’ll be fine.

So that’s how to make a cross joint, man. Have any tips or tricks you like to share on cross blunt or joint crafting? Let us know about ‘em in the comments below…

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