How to Water Marijuana Seedlings

How to Water Marijuana Seedlings

How to Water Marijuana Seedlings

QUESTION: I just sprouted a couple seeds and planted them in some potting soil. What’s the best way to know if I’m over watering them or not?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: We’ll tell you how we do it, as discussed in our book The Kitchen presented by Uptowngrowlab. Hopefully your sprout is in a small container, a 5” x 5” or one gallon pot—you don’t want to start the seed in a large container. We water the soil before placing the seed or sprout in a shallow hole which is then covered with just enough soil or media to hide your tap root (if the seed has already sprouted) from the light. At this point you should pick up your container and get a feel for its weight when fully watered—this is going to be something you will develop an instinct for as you progress on your growing journey.

How to Water Marijuana Seedlings 3From this point, we water by misting the seedling with distilled water from a spray bottle. We also moisten the very top of the soil layer by misting. Do this at least once or twice daily. During the first week or two of your sprout’s life you will sparingly water the soil directly, feeling the container’s weight daily. When the soil starts to dry and the pot gets lighter, you will add a small amount of from a small plastic cup, making sure to cover the entire surface of the soil with a shallow layer of water, just enough to be absorbed quickly into the media. Proceed slowly. As the root system develops you should notice the plant’s cycle of wet and dry—let it get dry (but not to the point where your babies wilt) and then water them. With time you will fine tune this be aware of the water being used by the plant.

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