Jack in the Box Reinforces Negative Stereotypes

jack-in-the-box-is-backkkkOkay, so yeah, we mentioned Taco Bell as the fast-food joint (pun intended) that’s got all the cool stoner menu items, right? Well, now we’re wondering if good ol’ Jack in the Box is all super jealous of Taco Bell’s stoner market share, scouring our blog for stoner insight, or both!

What we’re getting at, boys and girls, is Jack in the Box has been marketing to stoners. And, in doing so they’re stealing from OUR culture and trying to commercialize on it (pun also intended). It’s bad enough that Judd Apatow and his lame-ass, chick-flicks disguised as “stoner” movies are ripping off and diluting our culture…now we’ve got that friggin’ Jack in the Box clown trying to cash in too! Several anti-drug groups have already protested the ad that ran last year, to which Jack in the Box reps responded dryly: “Our goal with this ad was to suggest that our tacos are an affordable and delicious way to satisfy one’s appetite.” Well, sure kangaroo-meat tacos are indeed a cheap way to “satisfy” the munchies, but did Jack in the Box marketers have to portray someone obviously driving totally high to get that message across? Jack in the Box certainly isn’t doing us or the Movement any favors by reinforcing such a destructive negative stereotype.

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