Smoke Box Review: Budda Box Dizzy Wright Edition

Dizz Wright Smoke BoxDizzy Wright Smoke Box

The Dizzy Wright edition smoke box from our pals BuddaBox just arrived and it’s definitely stutff stoners like. Not only does it feature a cool character pipe, we’ll get to that in a moment, this bad ass Buddha Box also features the new Dizzy Wright 702 ep. Plus a bunch of other goodies. Let’s dive in, man.

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony fans should know that Dizzy’s related to the group. In fact his uncles Layzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone were founding members. No wonder Dizzy started rapping at 8 years old. Shit’s in his blood. So what if his mom wrote his raps back then? What the fuck do you expect. Dude was eight. Anyhow the new ep is sick. Perfect smoking music and the perfect accompaniment to a Dizzy surprise box.

Like we said this goody box was filled with great ganja goodies including a Sponge Bob Square Pipe. Best part about it? The bowl, dude. It’s square and hella deep. You could toss a big salad in one of these things. This was the first goody we grabbed and used when we ripped into the goodie box. Scoring surprise boxes can really make you’re day, dude—it totally made ours when it arrived—especially when they’re filled with cool stoner stuff like rolling papers, a bat, hella stickers, CBD balm like this monthly mystery box was.

Dizzy Wright Smoke Box 2Smoke Box 101

There are lots of cheap monthly subscription boxes filled with lame shit. But the Budda Box comes with a cool piece each month. That means that like clock-work, a clean piece will arrive right at your door, dude. Not having to clean a pipe is reason enough to join in on all this box of the month fun, right? Buddabox’s lowest priced monthly surprise box is only $19 a month. You can’t even get an eighth of weed for that much.

Oh ya, you can choose from two flavors, a bud themed box of the month or a dab themed box. (What are dabs?) And each box comes with free shipping because everybody loves free shipping, and a money back guarantee. Plus each box is mailed with complete discretion. You don’t need your mail man to get all up in your weed game, right?

Dig the BuddaBox snapchat (@buddabox420—add them). It’s off the hook. Also—If you run into any snags they’ve got FB messaging, phone and email support ready to go so they can quickly take care of all your monthly cannibox needs.

Ever received a Buddha Box or any other Smoke Box in the mail? Tell us what ya thought about it in the comments below…

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