Jimi Hendrix Marijuana Products in the Works

Jimi Hendrix marijuana edibles
Jimi Hendrix marijuana edibles images from Purple Haze Properties’ FB page.

Jimi Hendrix’s name could soon be used to sell pot products. A Canadian-based company called Nutritional High has allegedly secured the licensing to “manufacture and distribute various marijuana and hemp-based edible products using the song titles and bearing the likeness of iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix.” Apparently they’re ready to roll out a list of items that includes “gummy bears, hard candies and health drinks.

According to MJBiz Daily Experience Hendrix, the group in control of all thing’s Jimi Hendrix isn’t involved in the deal and may take legal action against Purple Haze Properties, which licensed the rights to Hendrix’s name to Nutritional High. In edition to the pot food Purple Haze Properties plans to independently launch other cannabis products and Hendrix-branded cafes in “major marijuana markets” in the U.S.

Purple Haze Properties was founded by Jimi Hendrix’s half-brother, Leon Hendrix who had a strained relationship with the famous guitarist. In fact in 1969 Jimi wrote a song called It’s Too Bad about the time his brother Leon approached him asking for money while suffering from a drug addiction. Anyhow, after a long dispute and lengthy legal battle between Leon and the Hendrix family, a judge awarded control of the estate to Jimi’s adopted sister, Janie, honoring Jimi’s dad’s will.

“This has nothing to do with Experience Hendrix LLC, the legitimate Hendrix Family-owned entity which administrates intellectual property associated with Jimi Hendrix,” said Experience Hendrix spokesman Bob Merlis about the emerging products. “I’m going to forward this notice to them, as they are quite vigorous in enforcing their rights.”

Jimi Hendrix edibles
More Hendrix marijuana edibles images from Purple Haze Properties’ FB page.

Anyhow the products will be marketed under the Edible Experiences banner. They’ll include the “Purple Haze” as well as the “Stone Free” product lines. Of course the Stone Free goods will leverage CBD—the cannabinoid with tons of medical capabilities that won’t actually get you stoned.

Yep many stars are getting into the weed game. B-Real of Cypress Hill has a dispensary and Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong are both involved in bringing to market signature strains of weed, which is cool—because they’re still alive and making decisions for themselves. But hearing about others cashing in on the legacies of departed icons like Bob Marley and now Jimi Hendrix just seems greedy.

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