Tommy Chong Marijuana Strain In the Works

Tommy Chong Marijuana StrainTommy Chong Marijuana Strain In the Works

Will Chong-brand stuff be everywhere soon? First we hear the legendary stoner’s marketing something called Smoke Swipe, a handkerchief-type thing that wipes away any smell of lingering marijuana from clothes. Now we hear that the dude is about to release his own strain of weed. And get this…it’s reportedly named; “Chong Star.”

That’s right man, the LA Weekly is reporting that a new strain from the comic is in the works. In their article, the LA rag also goes on to point out that Chong was recently kicked off a TV show called Dancing with the Stoners or Stars or something and that while participating Chong couldn’t even mention the word marijuana. What the fuck’s up with that? Aside from a desperate attempt at gaining ratings what’s the point of having Tommy Chong on the show in the first place then? Oh wait…maybe that was the whole point. Ah well…at least Chong brought the idea of marijuana to an entirely new demographic.

Oh and apparently Tommy Chong even quit smoking weed while he was participating on the show, partially to show that he wasn’t addicted and partially to help with his ability to learn the dance steps, reports the Weekly. (Addicted to what? some fuckin’ plant he couldn’t even mention?)

“I can groove when I’m high, but I can’t remember stuff too well,” Chong says.

Anyhow we’re not so sure those anti-weed wipes are going to be too memorable. But we’re pretty sure a strain named after—and brought to market—by the legendary Tommy Chong would be epic.

What do you think? Are you down to try some Chong Star weed?

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    Hell yeh I would try it. Classic these guys were, still kickin pretty good can’t be so bad after all.

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