Juicy Fruit Strain Review

juicy fruit strainReview by: Mat Lee
Marijuana Strain Name:
Juicy Fruit
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Blue Sky Growers
Harvest Date: 4/16/15
Type: 55 / 45 (sativa)
Content: THCA 15.39% | THC 2.92% | CBD .09%
Genetics: Afghani X Thai

juicy fruit strain
The Juicy Fruit strain smells just like the gum of its namesake

Appearance: Soft little nuggets covered in trichomes. Granted this was only a one gram bag, and I usually don’t do reviews on anything less than two, but hey, I wanted to smoke a little Juicy Fruit. I’m digging on the calyx to leaf ratio, which as I’ve recently learned from a wise old grower, is what you want. More calyx less leaf equals much better bud.

Apparently the less you have to trim, the better. Probably not just for potency sake, but because the buds get handled less, and therefore have more of the natural trichome coverage undisturbed. Or at least as undisturbed as possible. I mean it’s an industry, and when has industry ever been a gentle beast?
juicy fruit strainThese buds are that nice light green, and as I mentioned above, covered in trichomes. Good fluffy light green and something that could be described as a lavender of sorts. It’s definitely some herb worth seeing in person, at least until I get my lighting right. Who would have guessed it would be so damn complicated to take a decent looking close up of a plant?
Smell: Juicy Fruit has an aroma just like the gum of it’s namesake. You can’t really smell it until you crack a bud open and take a sniff, but the aroma out of the bag is mainly a sweet earthy sort of fruity smell. The citrusy stuff seems to be hiding inside the bud. Once you get it out though, it’s awesome. The taste is gonna move you. Move you to smoke it!
juicy fruit strainFlavor: A nice mellow smooth smoke with a slight sweet, earthy fruit taste to it. It’s not super overpowering, and  for the most part it tastes like your normal everyday good ass weed. Not the best, but damn good for the price. I don’t know where else in the recreational market you can get some nice Juicy Fruit for ten bucks a gram.

The exhale has those notes of juicy fruit, but again, it’s mostly overpowered by that good plant weed taste. Lightly outlined with something citrusy, and more tangy than sour the Juicy Fruit is some pretty tasty cannabis.
juicy fruit strainHigh: Bong rips are heady as hell, and the sativa side of this fruity hybrid shines through with a fat mouthful of the smoky stuff. Nice and relaxed with a creative uplifting buzz. If you finish a bong load to your head or two, you’ll definitely have the urge to wanna find a seat for your behind. Couch it, because you’re going to be too comfortable to move or the next hour or so. If you’re a recently new smoker, this should be a great strain to get your endocannabinoid system primed and ready for the top shelf 20% and more strains. Don’t worry, you’ll get there one day, and when you do, it’ll be so worth it.
juicy fruit strainOverall: For some ten dollars a gram stuff at Growers Outlet, this isn’t bad at all. I would definitely keep a steady supply for myself at that price, using it to smoke in spliffs mostly. Like I mentioned above, it’s going to be a great strain for the new smokers to play catch up with. Sure, there’s other, possibly cheaper, lower THC strains out there, but do they taste like Juicy Fruit? Probably not. I’m guessing they have stems and seeds in them or something. Who knows. For me, this bud constitutes stuff stoners like, and I’m glad to have blazed ten worth for the sake of this review.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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