Happy Magic Mushroom Day 9/20/18

920 Magic Mushroom Day9/20 Is International Magic Mushroom Day. We’re sure that you’re aware that 4/20 is a major holiday for us stoners. You’ve probably also heard about 7/10 as well. This is a pretty important stoner holiday too. It’s the day to celebrate all things cannabis concentrate, sometimes referred to as oil. If you invert the word OIL you get 710. Then there’s another beloved stoner holiday on 4/19 aka bicycle day aka the day that Dr. Albert Hofmann first tripped on LSD and bicycled home from his lab in Basel, Switzerland back in 1943. But enough about those awesome substances! Today is 9/20—the international Magic Mushroom Day. So happy Magic Mushroom Day to erybody! Now go east some shrooms.

7/20 aka Magic Mushroom day hasn’t been around very long. So don’t trip if you’re just hearing about it. Actually, let us rephrase that shit—go ahead and trip—just don’t feel bad. Four years ago a dude named Nicholas Reville started the trend along with the activist group 920 Coalition in an attempt to popularize magic mushrooms the same way that the Waldos and 4/20 have popularized cannabis.

“It’s hard to look at a clock that says 4:20, and no matter how hard you don’t want to think about 4/20, you’re going to think about 4/20,” Reville told VICE a couple years ago. “It’s actually a pretty great brand—and it’s a brand that reminds you of itself frequently.”

According Reville typical 9/20 events aren’t intended as gatherings for people to get high on magic mushrooms together. But we’re big fans of getting high on magic mushrooms—with the right people. Pay close attention to set aka your mindset and setting aka where you’ll be tripping and you’ll be good to go, man. Anyhow most 9/20 magic mushroom day events are focused on activism and education. There are things like mushroom lectures and meetups occuring all over the word today.

9_20 Magic Mushroom Day 29/20 Magic Mushroom Day Celebrations
In Paris, France, the French Psychedelic Society is offering for the 920 celebrations a free scientific event with three speakers, three Ph.D. students that will give lectures (in French). Also in Europe there is Psycherence, a totally unique conference about consciousness and psychedelics. And over in Amsterdam there’s Amsterdam magic mushroom day conscious celebration, cacao, dance, food.

Here in the states the world’s foremost expert on mushrooms and proud wearer of a hat made entirely of mushrooms, Paul Staments, is hosting an event up in Portland, Oregon today. His lecture, Psilocybin Mushrooms & the Mycology of Consciousness, takes place tonight at 7:00 PM at 1111 SW Broadway Portland, Oregon.

To celebrate Magic Mushroom Day today we’ll not only be consuming our second favorite variety of mushrooms, Penis Envy, (our favorites are azurescens but we’re out) we’ll also be attending Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and Mother Earth in Berkeley hosted by botanist and bay area favorite Bob Otis. He’ll discuss identification, origins and mythology of beloved sacred mushrooms and their similar properties to ayahuasca.

Dude, in case you haven’t noticed magic mushrooms are hella popular right now. Researchers are investigating the use of mind-altering drugs like psilocybin—found in magic mushrooms—for depression associated with advanced cancer. Respected writers like Michael Pollan are not only writing books about how the stuff can help treat anxiety, depression and addiction to shit like booze and cigarettes they’re eating magic shrooms and including detailed trip reports in their writing. Magic mushroom legalization is gaining hella political and legal support up in Denver. There’s even a group up there actively trying to give the dying magic mushrooms to help them deal with their depression. So if you’re feeling a surge of acceptance when it comes to magic mushrooms all this effort is one reason why.

Magic Mushroom DayEating magic mushrooms
Looking to give magic mushrooms a try? You’re in luck because we’re going to teach you about dosing magic mushrooms really quickly. Then we’ll tell you about our favorite method of consuming magic mushrooms. According to the guys who wrote the Psilocybin Mushroom Bible unlike marijuana which varies widely most strains of mushrooms have the same potency. “While they are separate species, they simply don’t enjoy the obvious variation in traits that cannabis species and strains do. Any claims of differences in potency between mushroom strains are difficult to verify empirically, due to the incredibly subjective nature of psychedelics and people’s experience with them.” They also go on to say “It’s nearly impossible to objectively define the strength of mushrooms without a chemistry lab, and for this reason any claims about potency really have to be taken with an entire vat of salt.”

Speaking from experience we’ve encountered some mushrooms that were way more potent than others. A small amount of azurescens had us higher than we’ve ever been. Anyhow if you’re into microdosing we recommend a quarter to a half gram of magic mushrooms. Eat that then wait a couple days and then eat another quarter gram. Stopping will allow your body to not build up a tolerance. Now reapeat.

It’s easy to pick up some size 00 unfilled gel caps and then fill ‘em up with powdered mushrooms. How do you powder magic mushrooms? Glad you asked. It’s simple. Grab a coffee grinder, toss ‘em in and get grinding. Shake the grinder as it’s going and you’ll reduce your fungus to powder in a few seconds.

If you’re really looking to feel the effects of magic mushrooms it’s best to up that quarter-gram dose. We recommend a gram-and-a-half to two-and-a-half grams if you’re looking to feel ‘em. Anything less and you could find yourself right on that really annoying border of feeling funky but not tripping. It’s really not all that fun. Higher doses result in being higher aka more intense emotions, visuals, etc. If you really want a major psychedelic experience then we recommend a heroic dose of 5 grams or more.

What’ll happen when you take a heroic dose of magic mushrooms? You’ll step right into the void, man. You will not know who you are, where you are or how you got there. That’s why this state is also called “ego-death.” At this point you are in a timeless vortex with all sorts of possibilities. Your senses will be intermixed synesthesia style and you’ll feel as if you’ve left your body. You should also feel that amazing cosmic oneness and know that everything is interconnected.

Did you know that mycelium, the thick net of mushroom matter that’s below ground, connects entire portions of forests right? It’s how trees and plants communicate with one another. Take enough magic mushrooms and you’ll tap right into their fascinating conversation. You might not understand what everything is saying but you’ll definitely be involved. And you’ll have a deeper appreciation for mother nature and all her beauty.

Magic Mushroom DayFavorite mushroom consumption method
So you’ve got yourself some magic mushrooms and you’re wondering how to eat ‘em, eh? Of course you can just pop ‘em in your mouth, chew them up and swallow them down. That is after you measure out your dose. We like to use a kitchen scale like this one, you know the same one you use to weigh out your weed, for this application. Sometimes eating ‘em whole can cause a stomach ache. Some say that reducing your mushrooms to a powder helps lessen that nausea. Other say that nausea is caused by your body converting psilocybin to psilocin and there’s no way around it.

Anyhow we’ve got a technique aka tek that’ll reduce stomach irritation as well as lessen the amount of time it takes for the mushrooms to take effect. This is because we’ll be partially digesting them aka breaking them down by exposing them to acid, before consuming them. This tek sorta also increases the mushroom’s effects. This information is all from personal experience so your results may vary. If they do please leave us some comments below. Anyhow this method is called lemon tek and it’s simple as hell to accomplish.

Lemon tek
—Magic Mushrooms

Weigh out your mushrooms and put ‘em in a coffee mug or some other cup. Now squeeze your lemons into the cup. Use a strainer or something so that you don’t add any pulp or seeds to the mix or just be vigilant about juicing. It’s important to add the lemon juice to the magic mushrooms and not the other way around because it mixes better. We like to use a chop stick to stir the mixture.

Now let the mix sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Any less and you won’t break down those mushrooms much. Wait any longer and the mushroom’s effects begin to diminish—again personal experience and your results may vary.

Next drink it ALL down—mushroom bits included. You don’t want to waste a single molecule of those precious mushrooms, man. Some people say that the lemon juice has extracted all the psilocin and psilocybin from the mushrooms and that you can just ditch ’em. But why chance it? Drink all that stuff, man. It’s so good for you. If it tastes bad add some honey.

How to grow magic mushrooms
Looking to grow magic mushrooms yourself? If you can’t find a supply of them you might as well just make ’em yourself, right? It’s not that difficult, man. You can do it. Our favorite book on magic mushroom cultivation is by Dr. K Mandrake PhD (Author) and Virginia Haze (photog) and it’s called The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing and Using Magic Mushrooms published by Green Candy Press. It’s pretty awesome and covers techniques for beginners like PF Tek all the way up to methods for more experienced cultivators using bulk substrates—so that you can grow them precious shrooms in bulk.

The book also mentions how to make a few important tools like a glove box and shotgun terrarium to complete a successful grow. Plus it gives some great tips on how to harvest, dry and consume your magic mushrooms.

We’ll have more magic mushroom content in the future including instructions on how to grow and harvest your own, where to source spores and how to build some of the specialized tools needed to grow ’em. Anyhow we hope that you enjoy 9/20 and most importantly we really hope that you enjoy some magic mushrooms and the loving perspective that they provide. Happy Magic Mushroom day…nom…nom…nom.

Have you ever tried magic mushrooms or are you celebrate 9/20 Magic Mushroom day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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