UPass Synthetic Urine Review

upassUPass or Up Ass?

Upass synthetic urine has an unusual name. It’s no where near as cool as Urine Luck, probably the best-named synthetic urine on the market. But at first glance U Pass Synthetic Urine as in You Pass Synthetic Urine is a pretty catchy name. But upon closer inspection the name reads more like a suppository than fake piss. Read the name again. It’s not U Pass it’s UP ASS. Get it?

PRO TIP—We recommended Sub Solution synthetic urine because Amazon keeps pulling down UPASS synthetic urine.

UPass Synthetic Urine

Anyhow Upass synthetic urine is lesser know brand of fake urine. The online reviews of U Pass synthetic urine are hit and miss, much like Magnum Detox synthetic urine. The fact that it’s not well-known and has mixed reviews might give you pause when considering using it to help you pass your urine drug test for weed. But then again you might be in a head shop staring at a box of Upass with a drug test in your immediate future and wondering if it’ll work. If this scenario sounds familiar urine luck…we mean you’re in luck because we decided to test U Pass synthetic urine to see how well it works.

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upass synthetic urine
Upass synthetic urine

How to use u pass synthetic urine

Granted we don’t have some hella expensive piece of lab equipment, but we did use an over-the-counter marijuana test that’s tough to fool. How’d u pass do? We’ll get to that. But first a little about upass. According to Amazon, where we purchased a 3oz bottle of UPASS synthetic urine version 8.4, this stuff is called “Fetish Urine.” Why? Well like the legendary Whizzinator U Pass fake piss also needs to be referred to as a sex product rather than a product used to beat a drug test for it to be sold legally. The disclaimer on Amazon read: “WARNING: This product is not intended for unlawful use and is not intended for human consumption. Keep product away from children, kit contains small plastic parts, harmful if swallowed. Consumer agrees to all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws concerning the legal use of this product.” How silly, eh?

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u pass synthetic urine
Despite not finding any specific u pass synthetic urine instructions in the box it did work quite well.

U pass performance

How did upass synthetic urine perform? Despite not finding any specific U Pass synthetic urine instructions in the box it did work quite well. It fooled our home marijuana test. So that’s something. And according to the interwebs Upass urine has also helped several people beat drug tests and or their drug screening. Just check out all the favorable reviews on Amazon.

Not only does U Pass synthetic urine work well to pass a drug test, it’s also pretty cheap. We scored our test sample of UPASS on Amazon for around 12 bucks and it came with free next day shipping. Unlike our recommended synthetic urine, Sub Solution, the Upass urine didn’t come with a warming powder. So you might want to get yourself hand warmers to heat the urine before you hand it over to the testers. If there’s one sure way to fail a drug test it’s to hand off cold piss. Pee comes out of your body warm. So make sure your sample is also warm and you’ll be fine.

Have you ever tried Upass synthetic urine or know anyone who has success using U Pass to pass their piss test? Let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Fetty wap

    I did it !!!!.

  2. fatrat


  3. Mr Poole

    My third time round…Great stuff!

  4. Patrick Lee Davis

    How it’s kept at body temperature?

  5. Thomas 3 times

    Been using it for years never failed one test. I tried others that I have failed on. U pass is the real deal!.

  6. Harbor house piss test

    Failed for oxycodone and company is sending it off to get tested w more sophisticated equipment but still tested positive for oxycodone. What’s up w that??

  7. Anonymous

    $30 in the hole, until I can pass on my own, Fail more like…

  8. Queenette

    I used upass about a week ago for a temp service drug screen that was taken in office. I kept it warm in my undies near my hoohoo. I passed that screening. I used it again today at an actual lab (LabCorp). They send it off to another branch & I’m told the results will be back in 24-48 hours. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

  9. Chris

    Should be called u failed

  10. Lucky Dog

    tomorrow I will be using it at a doctors appointment at 11 in the morning and I will let everybody know as I passed it cuz they do it right on the spot Im using U Pass synthetic urin version 8.3. 3 oz

  11. imabeast

    I’ve used Upass numerous of times and I passed all of my tests Im still a stoner thanks to Upass.

  12. Lucky Dog

    Ok everyone sorry I took so long to respond I took u pass 8.4 urine for my drug test and she was stareing stareing at it for awhile and I started sweating bullets but I passed it and got my 60 subs that’s why I have to take a drug test anyways to get those suboxone strips

  13. Me

    So I just brought n have to take a drug test tomorrow. Is upass the real deal. I’m a heavy smoker and my job depends on it

  14. Lucky DOG, @ ME

    HEY ME Depends on if your job sends it to a Lab or if THEY just let you pee and then test it right on the spot if they do right there real fast just make sure you use the hand warms to get the temp to 98 I had no problem because the doctor has us just pee in a cup with our name on the cup and 15min later the nurse tests the pee and dont test the temptature they do a instant drug test and I used U Pass and I Passed so tell me if you know how they do it were you work

  15. Smoker

    Have to take a rapid drug test for a new job I was offered, saw this stuff in a local smoke shop and was told it works great and from the reviews it sounds like it works well. I’ve been a heavy smoker and I’m a big guy so even if I stopped smoking for a month I’d still be dirty for weed. Will this product work for a rapid drug test as long as it’s to the required temperature? I’ve been at a dead end job for 7 years and this is an opportunity to progress in life and better myself. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

  16. dt

    I’m scared as hell
    I will no in two days
    They sent it to the lab

  17. dt

    I had taken valuim and xanex like a week ago
    I took a home test with my own pee and they showed neg for benzo
    What y’all think mite happen

  18. Lucky DOG, @ Dt

    Pills only last around 3 days so post what happens to you I know labs are catching on to the fake urine

  19. Lucky DOG, @ Smoker

    WE’LL Smoker let us know what happened you should be cool long as you heated the urine up with those hand warmers cause most instant tests test the temperature

  20. dt

    So I used upass on Monday about 3pm
    The temp was great
    They sent it to a lab
    I returned to work Tues and Wednesday and nothing has been said to me.
    I had vacation days Thurs and Fri.
    How long should this lab waiting time should I feel at ease.

  21. Help

    Does upass still work

  22. dt

    Queenette how did it go for you

  23. Wesdogg

    I just used u pass Saturday for a drug test to get hired in full time at my factory the guy didn’t say anything bad or nothing he was cool it wasn’t testing for drugs then he put it in two split specimens and sending them to a lab hope it works I’ll let y’all know.

  24. Dez nutz

    I had a piss test this year and it was sent to the lab. Everything came back good. I start next week. This shit works.

  25. Worried

    Did this work for tests sent to the lab? No body has replied about that from December?

  26. Mr Mcochinbalz

    does this upass really work?? have a test mon and really like some feedback…..thx

  27. chief

    Jus took my drug test with upass and I’m still waiting now, but I used it a couple times before and it worked.

  28. Newb

    i smoke On a regular basis, bought upass and temp was perfect and she separated the specimens and sealed it and sent it to a lab. That was 1/13/17 so I’m still waiting. Keep y’all posted

  29. Newb

    It Is now 1/20 and still haven’t heard anything. MLK day could have delayed it

  30. Lette

    I used u pass recently and it worked im a cna so i was off the day i had to take it went and took the test and was able to come to work the next day and get my schedule i was very happy u pass does work its all about temp 😃

  31. K dot

    Worked like a charm, and was even sent off to state lab for a Dot drug test. But PLEASE dispose of it, I got pulled over with a little left in the bottle and it tested positive for methamphetamine on a field test. Pending lab results I’m looking at 10 years for trafficking because of this shit so beware

  32. Newb

    UPDATE!! Went through lab great and I have the job now! Start Monday!

  33. Joe

    Hello.. I’ve used upass on several ocassions & passed perfectly fine but they also tested the urine in the facility, but I did a drug screen yesterday that was sent off to lab corp… I’m nervous but they said I would know in 24-48 hours if I passed or not! Keep you posted,

  34. Jerred hawkins

    Just used upass for a lab drug test I need some support lol does it work on the lab test or not iv used it on instant test but I was curious if the lab would make it deluted

  35. Stressed out

    Hey look.. for those of you who are reading this I smoke 2-3 blunts everyday of some gas, loud, high grade whatever you want to call it lol I’ve been smoking everyday for 7 years . I just moved up here from Orlando FL to Atlanta GA, I applied at pilgrim poultry factory and their pay rate is $10 an hour I can make more after three weeks of training up to $12.75. Once I start I get payed every week… that’s over $300 every week… yeah I’ll be making some change . They told me I had to go to a drug screening and is really shitting bricks right now cause I need these job so bad. I bought u pass an honestly don’t even know if this shit works at all

  36. Stressed out

    I’m supposed to take a drug screening at US healthworks medical group clinic tomorrow and honestly I need to know if this really works. A buddy of mine used this before and recommended this to me but after reading so many god damn forums and reviews I’m having so much doubt about this synthetic piss… almost every website recommends quick fix but I heard of so many scams with that fake piss it just seem like people would lie about this to real hard working people just to make a buck which is VERY FUCKED UP!!!

  37. Bart

    I’m an everyday smoker and recently I was surprised to learn I had to leave work to take a random drug test so I called my local smoke shop and they had UPASS 8.4. I bought it in desperation and after I used the hand warmers to get the temperature right, I gave the sample. The next day I got word that I passed so it definitely works if you get the temperature right, that’s all you have to do and UPASS does the rest. Its even premixed and comes with two hand warmers and a rubber band to attach to the bottle which has a temperature strip already on it. Use with confidence, it literally saved my life!

  38. Stressed out

    Yoo thank you so much!!! This shit actually works ok not going to lie I had my doubts but I went to the US Healthworks and took a ten panel drug test and passsed yo! All I did was boil the fake pee then used the hot sack in the box attached it to the back with the back with the rubber band! Put it in my pocket and I was good it stayed at 96 F

  39. Kin

    Definitely I’ve used it many times in this work but I also use it about 5 times and failed

  40. JohnT

    Can UPASS be reused after it already been heated and opened?

  41. Beasrbrain2017@gmail.com

    Has anyone used upass for a probation drug test, if so what was the results

  42. Yeah

    Upass definitely worked for me. Used it for a drug screening and physical (didn’t want to give different samples). Heated it in microwave for 12 or so seconds then wrapped it in hand warmers. Before I went in I took off the hand warmers, waited for it to drop to 98 degrees, and stuck it my 2 pairs of briefs I had on (wedged between my balls and thigh). Wore kinda baggy pants. Oh and carefully press on the bottle–it made a whoosh noise as I must’ve pressed too hard, but wasn’t heard.

  43. John

    I used upass and waiting on results nervous 😣

  44. Sunnid

    Just used upass last week for a dt to get a job after being unemployed for 2 months….they r sending it to the lab and I’m on edge waiting for these results.

  45. Sunnid

    Upass does indeed work for a lab dt! I got the job and i start Monday! Having a celebration smoke! Just wanted to give hope to my fellow stoners!

  46. Jankum

    I have a bottle of the 8.3 version that I keep on stand by but it expired in January of this year. They restocked the store I got it from with 8.4 versions with a later expectation date should I get one of those or should I be good. What changes in the formula?

  47. Blue

    Hey I wanna know can u reheat and reuse the same bottle of upass if you had some left from your last test I have a drug test today and I need to pass

  48. Relieved

    UPass works y’all! I took an ecup drug test today and PASSED!! All you need to do is get the temp right on it and you are good! Happy Drug testing and Happy me for having a new job and a new drug testing remedy !!!

  49. Scott Jones

    I got a thing of u pass and gotta a test Monday but my box says fetish urine instead of synthetic urine is it the same thing what’s the difference? Will this work to pass my drug test?

  50. Relieved

    Hey Scott! Yes, they all say Fetish Urine just to throw the Feds off. You have the right stuff! Good luck tomorrow!

  51. Scott Jones

    Thank you relieved it says fetish so I guess the urine inside is synthetic urine? And it comes with 2 hand warmers what’s the best way of doing this… Do I use both hand warmers or one this is my first time so I don’t know how to use it I really want this job and really wanna know I got the right stuff and that I do it right I got the u pass 3oz fetish urine version 8.4 toxin free that’s what I need correct?… Thank you for your response I really need this

  52. Scott Jones

    And how exactly do I do it and what temp. Does it need to be at when i pour it in the cup

  53. Relieved

    This is how I did it:

    I warmed both hand warmers up by shaking them until hot.
    I took the top off and put the synthetic urine in the microwave for about 20 secs.
    Take it out of the microwave and the temp strip should read 98-94 degrees.
    If not just poor a little in your hand to test it. If it’s scorching, let it sit with the top off for a little while until it cools a little and then put the squirt cap on.
    Put one hand warmer on each sides of bottle and tie it with rubberband.
    Now, how people store this on their bodies to keep it at a normal body temp differs. You just have to find what works best for you. Between your legs under your arm pit etc.

    Hope this helps!

  54. Baddie251

    I Used this Upass for the 2nd time and it worked perfectly both times!! As long as the temperature is between 90-100 degrees u will pass!! Good luck !

  55. Anonymous

    Just used 8.4 awaiting results after 12 sec in microwave temp read 98 degrees. Used hand warmers and they worked too good by the time I was in the bathroom and poured it in the temp on the test said 100 degrees. Just blew and waited about 30 sec and nurse checked off for correct temp.

  56. Lucky DOG

    I’ve used U Pass now 6 times ,every month I use it and pass every time they don’t check the Temperature we’re I go and the funny thing Is i can spot all the fake piss from the real stuff so i dont know how i keep getting away with it

  57. TIM

    YO, Upass is the best hands down i’ve used it over 10 times and never failed, I hate how other website want to talk bad about this product because they are trying to sell a overpriced Urine that doesnt even work. I seen a lot of “review type” websites say all kind of stuff about Upass. What i like most about upass is they update the formula before labs catch on to the older version. That is the most important part other brands don’t do that and these labs know which are fake.

  58. Dodge

    About to use upass as i type this im at labcorp ill let yall know if it really works!!!!

  59. Upass

    I used upass today and it worked. All you have to do is open the heat pack about an hour and a half before you have to test and strap it on and bundle it in some socks. When the time is coming up tuck it into your ballsack and wear tight underwear preferably panties or a tight ass pair of white tighties. Dump into cup and the rest is done. Congratulations, you passed. If you fail you’re useless and should get a learn how to live for dummies book.

  60. Dodge

    This dodge reporting back i passed at the labcorp with u pass. I had the heat warmers on sense 7:30-11 it kept it hot but also i could have just left it in my car and it would of been. Warm enough.. But i passed did pass my test in a lab so upass is official!! Oh yeah check my music out on youtube search young dodge

  61. Anonymous

    I just took a dt with upass for a government job …..Stay tuned…..

  62. Themama

    Well I test tomorrow and I’m about to have a stroke! I have Upass and I’m praying it does the trick. The headshop girl recommended it over Quick Fix so idk but I did test it on a home test and it was negative. I hope I can pull this off!!

  63. Nobody

    I used upass nd i failed i guess it wasnt warm enough

  64. upass customer

    on the underside of the upass bot it has a lot number and an Exp that reads 1/2017 I would like to know if this batch is still good to use it does not look cloudy or have strands in it can someone help out on this question ?

  65. Anonymous

    Ok it’s official UPASS work like a charm I even with the government dt


    Used u pass a week ago. Lab corp 10 pannel drug screen/ UA. EVERYTHING CAME BACK NEGATIVE….Complete I9 paper work in the morning, orientation, then traing begins. IT WORKS.

  67. Anonymous Chick

    I had to take a 10 panel pre-employment drug test with Quest Diagnostics today. I used UPass 8.4. I am awaiting my results. I’m quite nervous after reading everything online!
    So what I did was: I took the warmer out and shook it all around, then rubber banded it to the bottle, on the opposite side of the temperature strip, then the side with the temp strip was against my body. I put it in the front part of my boy shorts while I got ready and drove to the facility, which was probably a little over an hour of elapsed time. Once at Quest, I took the warmer off cause surprisingly that little sucker was getting hot! The temp strip said 98-100*F, and I didn’t want it to get too hot. I then slid it between my thighs. For me, personally, I did not walk funny. LOL. My thighs must be just right 😉 They called me in pretty quick. I was surprised. The temp was right, 96*F, so I got that part right. I saved the warmer when I got home to see how long it lasts, and it works for several hours surprisingly. SO NOW I WAIT AND LOSE MY MIND. LOL. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  68. Anonymous Chick

    Just a heads up, I passed!!

  69. Ry

    Can you reheat Upass? went to an interview and thought they would test that day, but the drug test is actually on Wednesday. Can I reheat it and use it then, or could it mess with the formula and not work?

  70. Denots

    Did it waiting will post results…

  71. Anonymous

    It’s good

  72. Sugabear

    Well, I went to test today and was told that it would be a rapid 5 panel so I was not worried; UNTIL she split the specimen into 2 smaller bottles and sealed them . She then told me there policy had changed and they send them to a lab now. Results in 24-48 hours. I will update when I hear back. Used Upass like always, but they have never sent it off to the lab. ,#fingerscrossed

  73. Fredrankie

    Are the bottles supposed to sealed under the cap.

  74. Franko

    Took this test last week for a new job. Passed start beginning of the year. U-Pass works!

  75. LAFLAME92

    I used upass 8.4 and they sent it to the lab i should get the results tomorrow. Give u the results ….!!!

  76. Smiley123


  77. Butterfly0420

    UPass 8.4 works for my friend every time. I’m using it tomorrow for the first time. I will update my results.

  78. Dex

    I took a drug test and was sent to lab, I’m nervous AF

  79. Sugafoot18

    I just bought UPass 8.4, havnt took the test yet…reading the reviews have me somewhat relive but nobody posted there results

  80. Nervious

    I took my yesterday still waiting for result
    Will update stay tune

  81. Chev Boy

    I went and took my drug test today using Upass so we will see if this is ligit

  82. Rob

    So did you guys pass?

  83. Monica

    I used upass last Monday at quest diagnostics. They came back with the results two days later I passed!!! Upass worked, I was negative for everything they tested for (10 panel)

  84. Anonymous

    I took a drug test on April 25th , 2018 for a job using the Upass 8.4 version … they sent it off to Quest Diagnostics the same day so I will know something in 24-48 hours on if I passed or not . I will keep everyone updated . 🤞🏽

  85. Dr. Fob

    It’s probably safe to assume that people who used it and said they would post their results but never did, did not pass. Seem to be a lot of those on here

  86. Anonymous

    Well @ Dr. Fob I’m back here updating like I said I would ! I passed everyone !! & yes it was sent to the lab . So Upass does most definitely works . Good luck .

  87. Anonymous

    U-Pass really works !!!! Make sure it’s the right temperature and you can hold it together while in the room and you’ll do fine ! +++++

  88. Stonedallday

    I took a UA On Monday 4-30-18 at quest diagnostic for a pre employment 5 panel test. Used Upass as instructed. Passed with flying colors. Worked for me.

  89. TheGreenKey

    I used it today… got tested at LabCorp…stressing out so bad because I looked up how it did for passing so far no help at all…there has been people who passed with it and people who failed with it. Please if someone has used it at a LabCorp tell me if you passed…it’ll either calm me down or stress me out more.

  90. Kelzemslo

    Well I just used it on FRIDAY sooo I’ve had the whole weekend to stress and then some days to add it’s Tuesday and I’m still waiting don’t know how long sent out lab results take but I’ll keep you informed

  91. Kelzemslo


  92. Yikes

    Kelzemslo, where did you take your drug test? I took mine Friday morning and still haven’t received the results. I took it with quest diagnostic. I heard mix reviews passing with them using UPASS 8.4.

  93. Kelzemslo

    When I took my test I know they sent it out from the lab me and my friend had two different types his was real mine was the upass … and I have gotten the job RECOMMENDED FOR ANYONE

  94. MDb75

    It really works, used it multiple times, lab tested and all my friends swear by it. JUST MAKE SURE ITS 90-100 degrees

  95. Daze3

    Sooo I used upass today on dot random temp was perfect 👌 waiting in results nervous af…..

  96. Daz3

    Took my drug test Monday still haven’t hear anything I guess no news is good news with that being said!!!! I’ll keep you guys updated till next week!!!!

  97. TokerErsty

    Used UPass today. Like others have said I have to wait the whole weekend to see if it worked with quest diagnostics. I’m super stressed because I’ve seen so many websites trashing this product. I will let everyone know ASAP. Pray for me.

  98. TokerErsty

    Ok so waited and stressed all weekend to hear my results. Read through countless articles of how this product works and fails. Got the call this morning from my job and I passed. Thank god. Just make sure your temp is correct and you should be good. Hoped this helped.

  99. Cj

    I Just Used Upass 8.4 For Drug Screen Get To Tha Place And Realized That They Send There Urine To A Lab 🙄 Now Um Worryin Myself To Death Because Of It . I Did Everything Right Temperature Was Right I’m Just Worried If I’ma Pass Now

  100. Stonerkidd

    I was so nervous about using this product because of all the reviews I seen, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Mind you I have passed with fake urine before however I used a different but I was sure if it still worked since the advancements to look for fake urine. I took the test Tues and was notified Thursday I passed 🙃 … It works despite all the bad reviews just make sure the temperature is right!!

  101. Mamp

    @ Cj did you pass your drug test after it was sent to the lab?

  102. Mike

    Been using UPASS for years, I hate to see all these FAKE reviews by websites trying to sell you another brand, it’s the worst thing for someone waiting for the results and stressing over fake reviews, anyone that has actually used UPASS has nothing but good things to say. Don’t get fooled and relax UPASSED!

  103. Retlaw hards

    I’m only posting to see if the posts you guys are posting are real and if this blog is legit. I have been using purestream urine for lab tests all the time but cant dind it online does upass have creatine and uric acid?

  104. N8

    Used it today at quest diagnostics for a pre employment drug screen. Temp was 96 when I put in into the cup, now I’m just eagerly waiting for the results. I called the company and gave them the lot number and they said there has been no reported issues.


    I used UPass today for a pre employment drug screen. The company Im applying for did a quick test which was in house and they do a lab test. If you’d like, I’ll email you the picture I took of the paper saying negative. I haven’t gotten the lab results back but I will definitely update whenever I hear from the Lab. So far so good!! Just make sure you take a hand warmer that comes In the pack and rubber band it to the bottle, then stick the bottle under your balls in compression shorts

  106. UpassPassed

    Passed a BCRC at Quest Diagnostics on 12/07/18 it looks a bit sketchy but whatever the stuff works!

  107. Daz3

    I have used U passed about 4 times now works like a charm just make sure it’s warm up to the right temp and relax! I also have used quick fix also worked

  108. BLVCJ

    Hey if you’re looking to pass your drug test you pass works. Fr my g I ain’t a boy or sum shit I used you pass early November for a piss test to a job that I really needed to get. I warmed it up to 98 degree wrapped it in heat pads and took the test. I was stressing for a month cause they shipped my results outta state but I heard a week ago I PASSED thank that lord for this shit. Just keep the temp right and UPASS:)

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