Marijuana Laced with Fentanyl Now Hits Tennessee Streets???

Marijuana laced with the fentanylFentanyl laced marijuana hits Tennessee?

Marijuana laced with fentanyl, a deadly opioid, has allegedly hit the market in Tennessee. However several media outlets including High Times and Merry Jane have called these claims flat out lies. True or not one way to approach the problem? Legalize marijuana for adult use in Tennessee and open dispensaries that sell laboratory-tested marijuana that doesn’t contain any deadly chemicals—especially fentanyl.

DA Matthew Stowe says he can’t warn people fast enough about fentanyl laced weed, “It’s absolutely being seen in Tennessee. It’s being seen in West Tennessee, it’s coming in in vast, vast quantities,” he told WKRN in Nashville about what they’re calling a deadly mix of drugs..

This marijuana laced with the fentanyl scare has also caught the attention of the Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security, says WKRN. His office confirmed fentanyl laced with marijuana is a concerning trend they’re starting to see. News 2 also reached out to the Tennessee Highway Patrol who told the station that they have yet to see any weed mixed with fentanyl.

“Parents just need to know how deadly this is. Someone with marijuana laced with fentanyl could light up that joint, and not only would they be dead, but everyone who’s been around it inhaling the smoke could be dead as well in a matter of minutes.”

Sounds like a terrible problem. Nobody should be allowed to sell marijuana laced with fentanyl. Maybe it’s time to put those that do sell marijuana laced with fentanyl behind bars? If not out of business by legalizing marijuana for adult use in Tennessee and regulating its sale to ensure no marijuana that’s sold contains any deadly contaminants. Here in California we’re worried about residual pesticides—couldn’t imagine having to worry about falling over dead after smoking weed laced with the same stuff that killed Michael Jackson. Luckily we can grow our own here and on January 1st purchase it for recreational use.

“There are some marijuana dealers that will tell their clients that I have no doubt there is fentanyl in it and some of the more addictive folks, especially folks that also use other drugs, will get that marijuana laced with fentanyl in hopes of getting a better high.”

This take on the marijuana gateway theory—which has been so debunked that the government doesn’t even believe it anymore—is just another reason for opening licensed marijuana dispensaries. Places that sell legally weed won’t be selling any other drugs—not cigarettes, not beer, not fentanyl.

“The bottom line is, anyone, anywhere could mix fentanyl and marijuana and there’s no way of knowing it until it’s too late,” Stowe warned.

However with laboratory-testing anyone, anywhere would know if their weed contained fentanyl. That’s because labs can take a tiny chunk of weed break it down to molecular-like levels and then list all it’s ingredient in percentages.

“Marijuana laced with fentanyl can be extremely deadly and to anyone who touches it, taste it, smokes it [or] anything else of that nature,” he explained. “If it’s laced with fentanyl, marijuana can be the deadliest drug there is.”

Wha? Deadliest drug there is? So what if those same bad guys laced even more popular drugs with fentanyl? Wouldn’t one of those possibly be “the deadliest drug there is?” More people drink coffee than smoke weed, right? What about sugar? That drug is ubiquitous—every American loves sugar. No wait. They love TV more. Jeez. Just imagine if television ran opioid commercials over and over to convince people that opioids are safe?

Luckily nobody is lacing fig newtons with Fentanyl. However misleading opioid commercials still plague the airwaves. And 91 people die each day from an opioid related overdose. The crisis is so bad that the state of Ohio is suing five big pharma companies because the caused the opioid problem. So DA Matthew Stowe let’s not blame marijuana for any deaths related to the opioid crisis. Marijuana is the solution to the opioid crisis. Blame someone like Chris Christie who is willfully ignoring that solution.

What do you think? Do you believe that this marijuana laced fentanyl really exists? Have you seen it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. timothy hanson

    a BIT Alarmist, if it was fact it would be a Coroner telling you…. trying to get their State
    into the “green Rush” somehow… Fentanyl is out there, the growers, dealers dont want
    to kill they’re client base….. cops have’nt seen it, i dont believe it….

  2. Bree

    The 20 or so people on that corner in Brooklyn convulsing and collapsing en masse was enough for me. It’s real and all law makers and municipalities should head the foretelling of this article as it is among us already.

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